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600+ bookings in the last week Your Jersey City Campervan Rental Kicks Off With Escape

Your Jersey City Campervan Rental Kicks Off With Escape

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When you want a Jersey City campervan rental, look towards Escape Camper Vans. Our New York campervan rental location is close by and a great way to begin your next journey. By picking up your campervan in New York, you’re close to Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge, or Acadia National Park. Or head off to a U.S. tour in your tricked-out campervan.

Why Book A Campervan Rental For The Ultimate Road Trip

Your Jersey City campervan rental comes with unstoppable spontaneity. Stay at a state park and stop worrying about what’s it like outside. Then, it’s off to where ever on your own time frame. With an Escape Campervan, you’re wandering as you see fit, knowing that every campervan road trip is epically different.

What makes a campervan adventure so epic? The campervan, of course! All our vehicles are fun to drive and have a bed, a fully functioning kitchen, and a one-of-a-kind paint job. Unlike a cumbersome RV, campervans handle like any car and should fit on most tent camping sites. You can even disperse camp using your Escape Campervan — just remember to abide by the Leave No Trace principles.

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What Jersey City Campervan Rental Is Right For You?

You will have many models when picking out your Jersey City campervan rental. Most choices come down to vehicle size, storage, and where you’re going.

The Mavericks campervan is our most asked about campervan. With the Mavericks, there’s a soft queen-size bed, a fold-away table and benches, a dual-burner propane stove, dual powered refrigerator, and a sink. It’s a safe rental when you want a short trip to Central Park. Still, the Mavericks also is large enough for a week-long camping excursion to Acadia National Park. Tack on a rooftop sleeper, and you can even comfortably sleep five.

The Big Sur campervan is a tad bigger than our other models and offers you more room for your family. You still have a pull-out stove in the back, but you shouldn’t have to move the bucket seats to use the van’s bed. The Big Sur is perfect if you want some more storage space or a comfy ride for expansive excursions out of state.

Want a deluxe bedding set, picnic table, or canopy for your Jersey City campervan rental? Look at all our additional equipment that you can earmark for your drive. And don’t worry, you’ll get excellent customer service and expert roadside assistance as complimentary services!

About Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park protects the natural beauty of the highest rocky headlands along the Atlantic coastline of the United States, an abundance of habitats, and a rich cultural heritage. At 3.5 million visits a year, it’s one of the top 10 most-visited national parks in the United States. Visitors enjoy 27 miles of historic motor roads, 158 miles of hiking trails, and 45 miles of carriage roads.

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Acadia National Park is open year-round. Check our website for park facilities operating hours, such as Hulls Cove Visitor Center.


Acadia National Park

Sunday: All Day
Monday: All Day
Tuesday: All Day
Wednesday: All Day
Thursday: All Day
Friday: All Day
Saturday: All Day

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How To Pick Up Your Jersey City Camper Van Rental In New York

You start your road trip in New York. Go to Marin Rd, right inside the Liberty RV park. The most direct way to the depot from Jersey City is to go east on Marin Blvd until you see NY Waterway. Go until you hit 11 Marin Blvd, and you can leave your vehicle at Liberty Harbor RV Park. Some of our renters use a rideshare app, like Uber or Lyft, to the depot.

Where To Travel To Once You Pick Up Your Jersey City Campervan Rental

Once you get the keys to your ride in New York, head to Central Park by NY-495. Or check out the Brooklyn Bridge that’s only 6 miles away. Then again, you do have a camper van, so it’s perfectly feasible to do both in one trip! Over at the blog, you can find itineraries that show what else is worth visiting around New York and Jersey City.

Some renters want the opportunity to take their Escape camper van on a cross-country trip. It’s a snap to complete when you travel the I-90 route. You can return your rental at any Escape destination and grab a plane back home.

Book Your Escape Campervan To Begin Your Road Trip

To begin your campervan journey, rent a campervan today. Or call us at 1-877-270-8267 to personally talk with our reservations team. We’ll happily answer all your questions and help set up your trip. Then tick off the hours until you can explore the country in your Escape campervan!


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