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My wife and I went on a 1-week road trip between Calgary and Jasper and we had a lot of fun with our minivan. The staff was friendly. The equipment was in good standing.... Read More

Charles Martel

Great experience with Escape Campervans. Staff was super helpful and very friendly. Answering all my questions within a quick delay. I would definitely book again with this company.... Read More

Monica Groulx

We had the best trip w/ our Santa Cruz van from Escape! We picked up at the Las Vegas depot, which was super easy and didn't take long (we did the pickup work electronically before we got there, which helped a lot!). The van drove super smoothly, got great gas mileage and felt clean and safe. We did have enough space to fit everything, but we ended up moving our luggage from the bed area to the front seats for sleeping. The only complaint is that the storage drawers and sink were definitely difficult to open and close... make sure you have someone at pickup explain them well before you leave. We will definitely be renting again! :)... Read More

Sarah Henry

Great times! Great people work at their Inglewood location. Remember these are mostly camper vans, so if you have high standards be sure to check the van out before you drive away. I've rented Escape camper vans twice and Jucy vans once and will be returning to Escape each time! Nothing against Jucy but escape provides customers with a lot more options for their journey. Can't wait for out next trip!... Read More

david fornelli

Our trip (me and my wife) started out in LA and we planned to drive to Denver and camp along the way at or near several national parks. We were looking to rent from a rental company which had camping vans available which allowed us to return the van at an alternate location. There a very few providers of this type of rental. Was not sure what to expect as we've never done anything like this. The drop-off to a different location from pickup does add an addiitional fee to the bill. One of our concerns were the age of the vans. We opted for the Maverick (2012 Ford E150), but they are on the older side. Our vehicle had over 200k miles on it and this was on the lower side when we were given options for this model. Normally the checkout process might take a while but we called ahead and they were nice enough to let us come in earlier to get it done ahead of our scheduled time. We almost went for the Big Sur model (Ford 2017 model) which are newer, but they are a bit bigger (has an extra row of seats) and more expensive than what we needed. They gave us a briefing on the vehicle and showed us how everything works. It's all very simple and straight forward. We also opted for some of the extras like the kitchen kit, bedding kit and electrical kit. The bedding kit came with pillows and sheets. The kitchen kit came with pots, cups, kitchen implements, plus $5 for a propane cannister to be used with the propane stove in the back. Finally, the electrical kit came with a long extension cord, power strip and a portable fan. It is just meant to be plugged into outlets to power your phone or lights. Out of all the kits we got, this was probably the most unnecessary. Seemed a bit overpriced and we could have just bought our own cords and be good at any campsite which offered electrical hookups. We also made sure to bring our own car electrical adapters (the ones with USB connections which plug into the cigarette lighter) with us so we can charge our devices on the road. This vehicle does not have USB ports. We also opted to get the full insurance which covered almost any issue which we might run into. We had very few issues with the van. A couple of things we ran into were the sink in the back section of the van did not always work correctly. We had to have the water reservoir almost completely full in order to be able to get the manual pump on the sink to work. Another minor issue was that when we hit roads which were going to high elevations, the van struggled a little bit, but we never had any mechanical problems. It pulled through just fine. We had a blast travelling on this van through the southwest. If you're not used to driving such a big vehicle, it was not difficult or intimidating. I even managed to parellel park the thing while we were in a city. Our van was an unforgettable part of our trip. We definitely plan on going on these types of trips again. Escape Vans were a good introduction to campervanning. Overall, a great experience. Keep in mind that the additions to the van we got such as alternate drop off location, insurance, the additional kits, mileage overage fees, gas, food, supplies and camp site costs do add up to the total, more than you might expect. Give them a try if you'd like to go on a camper van Adventure.... Read More

Shajib Azad

Voyager avec un campervan Escape est merveilleux. Il permet de sauver temps et argent. Les vans sont spacieux et bien équipés. Facile à conduire. C'est comme avoir sa maison avec soi en tout temps! Nous avons adorés les 4600 km parcourus avec Escape :) Le seul hic c'est la cuisine à l'arrière que nous oblige à sortir à lextérieur pour y avoir accès.... Read More

Claudine Courcy

Great experience! We rented the Maverick for a week and explored New England. Since it was only 2 of us, we left the van in “night mode” the entire trip. We found there to be more than enough storage between the bed and kitchen, under the bed, in the kitchen, and between the front 2 seats to comfortably fit enough food and belongings for a week. The car drove great! The only issue we had was the sink leaked. However, the Escape team was incredibly responsive to the issue and worked with us to ensure we were satisfied. HIGHLY recommend renting, we are already dreaming about renting again!!... Read More

Hannah Sclarsky

We had an outstanding experience with EscapeCampervan. We booked a 7 day trip to go to Banff and Jasper. Everything was very well organized and we had an amazing time. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to experience traveling with a campervan. Excellent customer service with Aaron in Calgary.... Read More

Jason Lam

Vraiment bonne expérience avec escape campervan pour notre séjour à Calgary/Rocheuses canadiennes! Personnel attentionné et très bon service reçu!... Read More

Frédéric Durand

Awesome and super helpful! Very friendly and great setup.

Caitlin Long

Easy and simple booking. Rates amazing cheaper then what we planned for. Outstanding service from Aaron! ✨ We had the option to select the van design and decided on the maple syrup... Read More

Oksana Yomans

Great van! Reliable, Clean and drove great. Slept 2 people comfortably, the pull out kitchen worked well especially in good weather. 11 days on the road through Utah’s mighty 5 parks + Grand Staircase-Escalante. No showers or bathrooms in the van, have to do campsites n such for that. Or potty outside ; ) Would definitely rent these again! Such a fun adventure! Sad it’s over.. until next time.... Read More

Brittany Montes

Cannot espress enough how amazing our trip was with our escape campervan. My husband and I had a two week trip planned to Italy for our honeymoon but postponed that due to the pandemic. We opted for a road trip to see the west side of the country for two weeks. We picked up our Big Sur van in San Francisco and dropped it off two weeks later in Denver. Both offices were so helpful and kind during our checkin and checkout process. We were able to change plans quickly as far as what parks and areas we wanted to visit due to covid and the CA wildfires. Staying in the camper van, we were able to quickly change plans as needed and still have an amazing time. We loved cooking all of our meals in the van and enjoyed the comfort of staying cool while sleeping in the van as well. Highly recommend adding on the kitchen and bedding equipment. Can’t wait to rent another van for our next adventure!!... Read More

Megan Brown

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