Campervan Rentals: Which one should I choose?

Whether you want to rent a camper or mini RV or are looking to purchase your own, there’s no question that van life is one of the best ways to take a road trip. And when it comes to campervan rentals in North America, we know you have a lot of options to choose from for your summer vacation or weekend getaway.

With our affordable pricing, “no hidden costs” policy, and friendly customer service, Escape’s conversion van rentals are the best value for your next adventure. Experience the freedom of the open road–and your budget–that our camper rentals in the US and Canada have to offer. Hit the road today!

Escape Campervans

Leading Campervan Rental Competitor

Models 2 (different vans) 2 (same van, but one includes rooftop sleeper)
Fleet Size 450+ 200+
Sleeps 2-3 (4-5 with rooftop sleeper) 2-4 (depending on model)
Miles 100 FREE miles per day year-round $12 per day for 100 miles – high season
Kitchen & Cookware FREE year-round $115 per trip – high season
Bedding FREE year-round $50 per trip (per 2 people) – seasonal
Bed Size (ft) Mavericks: 6.25 x 5.5 6 x 3.11
Interior Height (ft) Mavericks: 4.5 4
Interior Size 238 cubic ft 164 cubic ft
Exterior Design Hand-painted by artists in LA Company logo/branding
Gas Mileage +/- 19 mpg, 35 gallon tank +/- 18 mpg, 16 gallon tank
Google Customer Service Ratings 4.8 4.1
Locations 10 3
Open 7 days/week Yes No (closed Sundays)


Portland and Calgary not available until after May 1, 2019

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Why Choose Escape

1. Drive anywhere!

Well, almost anywhere. But really, people love campervan rentals because of the freedom they give you to get off the beaten paths that larger RVs just can’t handle. Parking is a breeze, city driving isn’t stressful, and winding mountain roads are no problem!

2. No hidden costs.

We don’t surprise you by offering a low rate up front just to hit you with additional costs later on. When you rent a camper with Escape, booking is simple, with everything you need to hit the road included in the daily rate.

3. Artwork.

Why have your home on wheels be an advertisement when it can be beautiful artwork? All 450+ of our vans are unique, colorful, and hand-painted by talented local artists in LA. Our designs are family-friendly and eye-catching (in a good way)–you’re sure to make some friends on the road!

4. Fuel efficiency.

Our fleet is among the most fuel-efficient in the US. Compared to RVs, this is going to save you the big bucks in the long run.

5. Roomier vehicles.

Our spacious campervan interior, large bed, and extra storage space make for a more comfortable experience without sacrificing driveability.

Where will your campervan take you?

Portland and Calgary not available until after May 1, 2019


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