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https://www.escapecampervans.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/chicago-lakefront-1.jpg Rent Your Camper Van from Escape Camper Vans Chicago, Illinois

Rent Your Camper Van from Escape Camper Vans Chicago, Illinois

Ready to turn your travel dreams into reality? There’s no better place to start than the vibrant, bustling heart of the Midwest—Chicago, Illinois. When you rent a camper van from Escape Camper Vans, you’re not just getting a set of wheels; you’re securing a passport to freedom. Our Chicago hub is a launching pad for adventures that go beyond the skyline, leading you to hidden gems and iconic landmarks. Whether it’s cruising alongside the Great Lakes, winding down historic Route 66, or embracing the natural beauty of local parks, your journey starts here.

Our Chicago Rental Location

735 N Yale Ave, Villa Park, IL 60181, United States

Located in the Villa Park neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, our Chicago hub is easily accessible from both O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport via Uber or Lyft. The ride from O’Hare should take less than 30 minutes, depending on traffic, and the ride from Midway may take closer to an hour. We’re also a short drive away from nearby cities such as Indianapolis, Madison, and Milwaukee.


735 N. Yale Ave

Villa Park, IL 60181

Directions Tips:

How To Get To Escape Camper Vans From O’Hare International Airport

After you’ve grabbed your bags and you’re ready to start your adventure, getting to our Villa Park location from O’Hare International Airport is a breeze. You have a few options for transportation:

  • Uber or Lyft: Simply follow the airport signs to the designated Rideshare Pickup zone to request a ride. Make sure to check O’Hare’s official website for the most up-to-date pickup information.
  • Taxi: Taxi ranks can be found outside each terminal. Simply follow the signs or ask a staff member for directions.
  • Public Transport: For the budget-conscious traveler, the ‘L’ train does go in the direction of Villa Park, although it’s a bit of a trek. Detailed train routes can be found on the CTA’s website.

How To Get To Escape Camper Vans From Chicago Midway International Airport 

Arriving at Midway? You’re not too far away from kicking off your dream road trip. Here’s how you can reach us:

  • Uber or Lyft: After collecting your baggage, make your way to the Rideshare Pickup zones near the terminal. Consult Midway’s official website for exact pickup locations.
  • Taxi: Like O’Hare, Midway has clearly marked taxi ranks outside the terminal, making it simple to grab a cab to our location.
  • Public Transport: The CTA Orange Line is available from Midway to Downtown, where you can switch to other public transport options to reach Villa Park. Visit the CTA’s website for more info.

Important Notice: Please note that long-term parking is not available at our Villa Park location. Plan your travel logistics accordingly.

Camper Vans Available for Reservation in Chicago, IL

A Fleet Tailored to Your Wanderlust

At Escape Camper Vans Chicago, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. That’s why our curated fleet is designed to meet the individual tastes and needs of every intrepid traveler. Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic getaway, a family wanting quality time in nature, or a group of friends yearning for a road trip of a lifetime, we have the perfect camper van just for you.

Mavericks: The Ultimate Getaway Vehicle

Craving a cozy, intimate road trip with all the practicalities you could ask for? Meet Mavericks, your ultimate home-away-from-home on wheels. This gem is perfect not only for couples but also for small families and friend groups. The Mavericks comes fully equipped with:

  • A luxurious, queen-sized bed.
  • A functional kitchen that boasts a 2-burner propane stove, dual-powered refrigerator, and a handy sink.
  • Ample storage space for all your road trip essentials and souvenirs.
  • A foldaway in-van table and benches, converting easily into your big comfy bed for the night.
  • Fuel efficiency of 14-17 mpg and a range of technical specs that guarantee a smooth ride.
  • An optional rooftop sleeper.

Mesa: When More is Merrier

Traveling with a bigger crew or a family that needs a little extra room? Say hello to Mesa, the expanded, tricked-out sibling to our beloved Mavericks model. Perfect for those who never want to compromise on space or amenities, Mesa is about two feet longer than the Mavericks, allowing you to keep the rear bucket seats up even when the bed is down—ideal for families with car seats. When traveling in the Mesa, you’ll have the following at your disposal:

  • A queen-sized bed that promises sound sleep under the stars.
  • Advanced kitchen facilities featuring a 2-burner propane stove, a dual-powered refrigerator, and a sink with a 5-gallon water tank.
  • Additional drawers and compartments underneath the back benches offer extra storage and organization.
  • Aux and Bluetooth capabilities, allow you to curate the soundtrack for your adventure. 
  • Optional rooftop sleeper accommodations.
  • Fuel efficiency of 14-17 mpg.

Camper Van Road Trip Ideas From Chicago, IL

Wondering how far the road ahead can take you? Here’s a sneak peek at some iconic destinations and the time it’ll take you to get there from our Chicago hub:

The Great Lakes

Chicago’s proximity to the Great Lakes makes it a prime starting point for a waterside adventure. Picture this: you, your crew, and your camper van parked next to a sparkling lake as the sun sets. Whether it’s kayaking in Lake Michigan or enjoying beach bonfires in Lake Erie, the Great Lakes region offers myriad experiences to make your road trip truly epic.

Route 66

If you’ve ever fantasized about cruising down America’s most iconic highway, now’s your chance. Pick up your camper van in Chicago and head off into the sunset on Route 66. From the kitsch and the quirky to the absolutely breathtaking, the “Mother Road” is an unforgettable journey through America’s heartland.

Major Destinations Near Chicago, IL

Lake Geneva, WI

Just a 1.5-hour drive from our Chicago hub, Lake Geneva is a veritable playground for water enthusiasts. From jet-skiing to paddleboarding, this lake offers a wide array of aquatic activities. Looking for a slower pace? Anchor down at a secluded spot and let the day drift away with a book in hand. For the perfect end to your day, enjoy the panoramic sunset views that this destination is famous for. 

Starved Rock State Park, IL

If you’re after a more earthbound adventure, point your camper van toward Starved Rock State Park. Just two hours away, this park offers 18 canyons, seasonal waterfalls, and over 13 miles of hiking trails that lead to breathtaking overlooks. This is the kind of place where your camera roll fills up quickly but the memories last even longer. 

Traverse City, MI

Wine aficionados, rejoice! A 5-hour drive will get you to Traverse City, Michigan—a region peppered with vineyards producing world-class vintages. And that’s not all; the city is also renowned for its pristine beaches where you can sip the local wines as you listen to the calming sounds of the waves. Your perfect day is just a drive away. 

Nashville, TN 

Dust off your boots and head down to Nashville to experience the rich culture and southern charm of Nashville. Music lovers can immerse themselves in the country music scene with visits to the Country Music Hall of Fame and an array of music venues with lots of local talent. Whether you are drawn to the endless music experiences or the lush landscapes of Tennessee, this is an unforgettable experience for all visitors. 

Camper Van-Friendly Campgrounds Near Chicago

Illinois Beach State Park
1 Lake Front Dr, Zion, IL 60099

Imagine waking up to the tranquil sounds of Lake Michigan—this dream becomes reality at Illinois Beach State Park. Offering camper van-friendly sites, this park is just an hour’s drive from Chicago. 

Kettle Moraine State Forest, WI
W7796 Kettle Moraine Drive, WI 53190

If you’re willing to cross state lines for your camping experience, Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin is well worth the trip. From hiking and mountain biking to fishing and kayaking, this campground offers a buffet of outdoor activities. And the best part? It’s camper van-friendly, ensuring you’ll have all the amenities you need. 

Indiana Dunes National Park
Porter, IN 46304

Less than two hours away from our Chicago hub, Indiana Dunes National Park offers a unique blend of beach and forest. Surf on Lake Michigan’s waves by day and stargaze amidst the quiet rustling of forest leaves by night!

Grocery and Liquor Stores Near Chicago To Stock Up For Your Van Trip

345 W Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL 60148

With one of their stores a short drive away from our Chicago location, Mariano’s offers a vast selection of fresh produce, quality meats, and a delightful array of baked goods. Whether you’re looking for organic veggies, gourmet cheese, or locally sourced meats, Mariano’s is the go-to spot to fill your campervan’s pantry. Plan a stop here to ensure you’re fully equipped with everything you’ll need for your culinary road trip adventures. 

Binny’s Beverage Depot
1500 16th St, Oak Brook, IL 60523

No road trip is complete without your favorite beverages to sip around the campfire. Binny’s Beverage Depot, located conveniently near our hub, offers an impressive selection of craft beers, fine wines, and spirits. From local brews to international labels, Binny’s is your libation destination, allowing you to toast to the good times ahead.

Outdoor Stores in Chicago For Your Van Adventure

REI Lincoln Park
905 W Eastman St, Chicago, IL 60642

Did you forget your portable stove or need a new pair of hiking boots? No worries. REI Lincoln Park comes packed with a comprehensive selection of top-notch outdoor gear. From cookware to clothing and everything in between, REI is the adventurer’s dream store. And if you’re a newbie to camping, their knowledgeable staff can guide you through your purchases.

1901 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Situated in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, Moosejaw offers a quirky and fun environment along with top-notch outdoor gear. Whether you’re an avid mountaineer or a weekend camper, Moosejaw has a wide selection of gear that can accommodate any outdoor activity. The staff is always eager to share their expertise, so you’ll not only leave with the right gear but also with a wealth of useful information for your upcoming journey. Don’t miss their climbing gear section if you’re looking to add some vertical adventures to your road trip.

How much does it cost to rent a camper in Illinois?

The typical daily cost to rent a camper in Illinois is $65-150. For $65, you’ll get a more compact camper van that will be best for those traveling with less than five people. As you get closer to $150, you’ll find campers that are roomier and have more premium features. These prices can vary depending on demand and the time of year. Illinois gets the most tourists and campers coming to the state in the summer when it’s the warmest, so prices to rent campers could be higher during that time of the year. You also need to consider other costs associated with renting a camper, like gas and mileage fees. Most campers have mileage fees of $0.30-0.40 cents per mile you drive.

How old do you have to be to rent a camper in Illinois?

The legal age to rent a camper in Illinois is 18. However, pretty much every company offering RV and camper rentals requires drivers to be at least 21, and in some cases, you’ll have to be at least 25. Check individual company policies before planning your camping trip. The reason why companies rarely rent campers to drivers under 21 is due to liability and insurance expenses. Younger drivers have much higher insurance premiums since they’re inexperienced and may have a tendency to drive more recklessly. Those high premiums would make it unprofitable for companies to rent to a young driver, along with the already high liability associated with vehicle rentals.

Book Your Van With Escape Camper Vans Today

At Escape Camper Vans Chicago, we aim to make your journey as smooth as possible, right from the get-go. That includes pointing you in the direction of all the essentials you’ll need along the way. So, fill your cart, pack up, and hit the road. Your dream road trip awaits – so book your van today!

What To Expect:

Escape Camper Vans
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Kat ThigpenKat Thigpen
15:47 29 Aug 23
Such an amazing experience!!! We drove to Yellowstone and back from Chicago and had the greatest time. The van drove great, it was so nice to have the option to fold out the bed in the back plus a sink and solar powered refrigerator. We did have to get the oil changed on our trip but we also drove a really long way so it made sense and they completely reimbursed us for it. They also gave us the option of going to any Jiffy Lube in the country where they have an account and it would have been covered but unfortunately there weren't any where we were. The other reviews complaining about this are super annoying IMO as why would they change the oil between every single camper if it isn't due yet? Any car driving that distance would need an oil change. They go well above and beyond to accommodate for it. They also went through every inch of the van before we left to ensure both parties knew if and where any damage was present (slight scratches or dings) and they made us feel so welcome and comfortable. They offer 24/7 roadside assistance with the rental and even offered to reimburse us if we decided we wanted an extra key to the van. How kind is that? We compared and shopped other companies and Escape Camper Vans by far was the best deal that included 100 mi per day in the rental! All others charged for every mile and the daily rate was way higher. We did have an older van but honestly that was so much better because we weren't worried about causing any additional damage and the insurance rates were super reasonable as well. Highly recommend and will 100% be renting again in the future. Thanks for the most magical experience 🙂
Hardy MeteorHardy Meteor
16:22 06 Aug 23
Rental station western part of Chicago, can be reached by public transport (1 km foot walk from railway station).Manager very friendly and helpful. The RV is painted in its typical way (quite colorful) but one has to put up with that. In general the RV was satisfying and all worked properly. The RV might be used for several persons but in my opinion more than two makes it uncomfortable. Equipment is fine and satisfactory.However, a few issues:1) I have ordered a GPS system which costs 7 $/day. The system was provided without any fitting meaning, you have to held it in your hand when driving. No go ! I have bought a hook-and-loop fastener which solved the problem more or less.2) The sun canopy needs the open doors in the rear which makes it rather impractical.3) The indoor table is totally impractical.4) The rental station has service hours and you need to apply for a certain time when to take over the RV. Its company policy not to serve the customer before that time even when he shows up hours before. This is not service friendly.
Chrissy ThirlawayChrissy Thirlaway
10:32 22 Jul 23
I just got back from a brilliant three week Route 66 trip in a Maverick Escape van. The Escape team were friendly and informative in Chicago and LA. The support information was great both about the van and the advice about the route, camping and safety. The cooler worked - kind of. As long as the motor was running it cooled but it warmed up pretty fast if we were camping. Suggest a separate cooler box would be useful that can be ice-filled on the way.We hit all kinds of weather - high winds, thunder and lightening storms with torrential rain in the north and 118 degrees in the south. We were safe and dry in the rain but the heat was a challenge. While the motor was on the air conditioning was a help but overnight the fan we opted for didn't make any difference. We resorted to finding campsites with a pool and spending late nights in the water and sleeping with the doors open wild-life or not.Some campsites did have wildlife - raccoons, opossums and coyotes mainly who were brazen and stole anything they could find - toilet rolls, bottles and cans, clothes - so beware!We loved our trip and we loved our van who became 'Bessie' and served us loyally. Thanks Escape team.
Nicholas YonkeNicholas Yonke
22:05 01 Jul 23
Perfect experience; rented the Maverick for Electric Forest. We picked up and returned in Chicago, and the staff was always relaxed, but still quick and on top of everything. They even had a nice cache of items to use/borrow for free that others had left behind and were accommodating to our unexpected after-hours drop-off. Definitely coming back next year.
Dominic OrrDominic Orr
16:17 27 Jun 23
This was one of the most pleasant rental experiences I have ever dealt with. The workers setting up our van were so helpful with everything, explaining how everything works and the ease getting my group in the van, and on the road. We had a hick up on the end of our trip with the battery and all we had to do is flick a switch and the van jumped itself. If you go to e Forrest definitely get the vans from Chicago, since it’s only three hours from the venue, and if you just want to go on a nice camping trip, please get from here.
Eliot KershnerEliot Kershner
19:08 02 Jun 23
What a great experience we had. Laina was so accommodating and available at all times for our needs. We experienced an issue with the sink and Laina was very helpful in giving us tricks to get the water started. Though we still had trouble with it on our trip, she refunded us for the water which was greatly appreciated. I would 10/10 recommend Escape Camper Vans Chicago to anyone looking for a mini midwest escape!


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