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The van was a great way to explore a few national parks in California. I’m giving it 4 stars for a few reasons like the storage system being difficult to open and a one burner stove that doesn’t have a way to protect from the wind. The one thing to watch out for is the daily mileage average of 100 miles that doesn’t get you very far during a 2 week road trip.... Read More

Anastasia Lanz

My friend and I rented an escape van to head to a couple CA national parks and we cannot say enough good things about this rental! Spacious, comfortable, convenient and the employees were super nice to work with. We did buy the pop out chairs and one was broken, so it's worth a double check before you drive away just in case! Would 100% recommend this company and cannot wait to use them again!... Read More

Jessica Braun

Escape Campervans gave us the most fun, affordable and adventurous vacation we could ask for!! Booking soon for next year... Read More

Megan Stokes

We highly recommend Escape Camper Vans! We picked up our van in Orlando, FL and the staff was upbeat, friendly and knowledgeable; Richard & Sean are a fantastic team. The website shows the Miami Beach location, which we were told is by appointment only, for long term rentals...which Google doesn’t say here ... Read More

Carlie M

Check in process was painful. Only 1 group ahead of me and took 2 hours to get the van (this was with an exact pick up reservation too). The van I had reserved at booking was not available and the person said we have to wait for denver office to assign a new van. They did throw in a free propane tank for all my waiting. Car ran great no problems, just an annoying tire sensor fault message the whole trip. Drop off was very smooth only took a few minutes. They had some more help.... Read More

Todd A

You get exactly what you're signing up for here. The chat on the site if helpful, as is everyone at the office. Make sure you carefully consider what "extras" you need for your trip, but there are no real tricks here.... Read More

Chris Cook

Excellent! Great customer service, van great mileage, had plenty of power, and was in great shape. Why "only" four stars? Maximum miles were a little skimpy, resulting in significant mileage charges for a trip to the state next door. Also the ergonomics of the camper van were not five-star - Good, but not amazingly great. Bottom line: I would use Escape Campervans again in a second.... Read More

Lew Funk

My partner and I absolutely loved our experience with Escape overall! They have been so accommodating and ahead of the game when it comes to COVID precautions. We originally booked back in March but had to cancel and they made the cancelling and rebooking process so easy and simple for us. We had one of the older model vans so we knew there would be a few ups and downs with it (solar light went out, a lot of miles on the van and some wear and tear) but honestly we just can't wait to rent again and get back out of the road! I would suggest maybe updating the paint jobs on some of the older vans to be more inclusive and having a comprehensive checklist for your staff to follow at check-in so they don't forget to tell us anything.... Read More

Sam Sadlier

We had a good experience with the Escape Company. The van ran and drove well and was pretty clean. THe bedding was nice, however we were given the wrong size sheet. We made it work. The kitchen kit could have used bigger coffee cups but that is getting a little picky on my part. Just take a look at any equipment you rent to make sure it is all in working condition. We did have a broken camp chair and a stove that was finicky. We did not like the set up inside the van as it was a little difficult to move around. Over all everyone we felt with at the company was friendly and helpful. Give them a try if you ever need a camper van... Read More

Lee Breton

I must say I was a bit skeptical about driving cross country to spend time with my daughter in California (from New York) and my ten-month old twin granddaughters, but renting from Escape Campervans was the best thing I could have done! Easy transaction, well-equipped, -serviced vehicle, easy to drive without restrictions on where you can park or stop to rest. Will be driving back after the holidays, too! Especially during covid times, this is definitely a safe route to go ... no hotels needed, drive through food, or bring your own to limit human contact. So much beautiful country to see during a time when we need to feel the feels!... Read More

Rhona Zeytoonian

Super easy process, staff at the Las Vegas location were great! Loved the Santa Cruz, very manageable to drive and plenty of room for storage and sleeping.... Read More

Braden Sherwood

We loved our van and had a great experience at the pickup location! Our flight arrived early but they were able to help us get the van earlier than our scheduled time which was very helpful. Only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because there were some important aspects of the van's mechanics that weren't explained to us at the dropoff location and we had to call the help line to get a few questions answered.... Read More

Theresa Chiarenza

We had an amazing time renting our Fishtank Mavericks from Escape Campervans. On our trip we saw Valley of Fire, Zion, Bryce Canyon then we ended back near Vegas to see Red Rocks Canyon. Having the van was a huge part of our trip since we didn't have to reserve hotels/campsites and stick to a strict schedule. The weather forced us to make some adjustments so having a standard rental car and hotel would have been an issue. Also renting the Mavericks is over 50% cheaper than any RV rentals we saw between gas & rental fees. We also had plenty of space to store 3 luggage cases and all the food we purchased from the grocery store. My only complaint on the van is converting the table to bed was tedious. We did leave it in bed mode during the whole trip and ate our meals either in the front seat or on the bed. We had a great experience on this trip renting through escape, and we would 100% rent though them again. Perhaps a Yosemite trip is in the horizon.... Read More

Andrew Gelston

Cosa aspettarsi quando si noleggia un camper

Oltre 16 anni di esperienza
12 comodi punti di noleggio negli Stati Uniti e in Canada
Camper moderni, confortevoli e affidabili
Design esterni verniciati in modo unico e adatti alle famiglie
Tariffe competitive e convenienti
Opzioni di andata e ritorno e di sola andata
Età minima 21 anni e nessuna tassa di guida per ragazzi
Utensili da cucina, biancheria da letto e altri extra disponibili
Assistenza stradale 24 ore su 24
Pronta assistenza e conoscenza del territorio

12 depositi camper in Nord America

Frequently Asked Questions:

Quale attrezzatura viene fornita con il camper?

Escape include i seguenti servizi gratuiti per ogni camper (sono previste piccole modifiche per i modelli Santa Cruz e Indie).

  • Letto trasformabile/zona “pranzo” con vano portaoggetti
  • Cucina attrezzata con lavello, frigorifero e fornello
  • Sistema a doppia batteria con pannello solare
  • Mappa stradale e guida di Escape

Abbiamo set di biancheria da letto, kit da cucina e altri Extra disponibili a noleggio.

Seguite i nostri consigli per l’imballaggio qui.

Come ci si organizza in assenza di toilette nel camper?

Poiché i nostri modelli Big Sur, Mavericks, e Santa Cruz non dispongono di toilette, i nostri noleggiatori devono utilizzare le strutture del campeggio e i servizi igienici pubblici, nonché seguire la buona prassi di Non lasciare tracce quando ci si trova in un campeggio libero. Dipende dal vostro livello di comfort, ma la libertà che offre il viaggio in camper rispetto a quello in caravan non la offre nessuno!

Se invece preferite avere servizi igienici, i nostri nuovi camper Indie sono dotati di toilette, lavandino e doccia sia interna che esterna.

Quante persone possono viaggiare in camper?

  • Camper Indie: 6 sedili, 3 posti letto (un letto matrimoniale e uno singolo) .
  • Big Sur: 5 sedili, fino a 5 posti letto (2-3 nel letto matrimoniale, 2 nella tenda da tetto, se aggiunta).
  • Mavericks: 5 sedili, fino a 5 posti letto (2-3 nel letto matrimoniale, 2 nella tenda da tetto, se aggiunta).
  • Santa Cruz: 2 sedili e 2 posti letto (1 letto matrimoniale).

I posti a sedere dipendono dal numero di cinture di sicurezza disponibili in ogni veicolo. Potete sempre aggiungere la tenda da tetto (solo per il Big Sur e il Mavericks) o utilizzare la nostra classica tenda da campeggio con relativi accessori per far dormire più persone. I kit biancheria da letto sono disponibili a noleggio per ospitare tutte le persone del vostro gruppo.

È possibile trainare rimorchi con il camper?

Per motivi assicurativi, non possiamo consentire il traino di rimorchi dietro i nostri veicoli.

I vostri camper sono a trazione integrale?

Tutti i nostri veicoli sono a due ruote motrici. Se avete intenzione di guidare nei mesi più freddi, vi consigliamo il noleggio di catene da neve.

Perché Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans è la più grande azienda di noleggio camper del Nord America, con 12 comodi depositi negli Stati Uniti e in Canada. Disponiamo di oltre 600 camper personalizzati, ognuno dei quali è stato dipinto a mano dai migliori artisti di Los Angeles. Con radici neozelandesi dal 2003 e decenni di esperienza nella guida di viaggiatori, siamo orgogliosi di proporre divertimento e avventure per tutti.

I nostri camper sono economici e facili da guidare e consentono di uscire dai sentieri battuti per raggiungere luoghi inaccessibili a caravan e camper più grandi – senza stress anche quando si guida in città. Non importa dove inizia o finisce il viaggio, il camper Escape offre il comfort di una casa su ruote per al miglior prezzo.

Offriamo viaggi di andata e ritorno e di sola andata, in modo che da ritirare il camper in loco o raggiungere la destinazione dei propri sogni per un weekend fuori porta o per una gita epica in campagna. Ogni modello è completamente attrezzato con un letto e una cucina con lavello, fornello e frigorifero, utensili da cucina, kit di biancheria da letto e altri extra disponibili a noleggio. Ritira il camper, rifornisci il frigo e parti!

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