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Always an excellent experience renting with this company, great communication... Read More

Carolyn Mychaluk

Escape was amazing! 1 - Service was great. Our pickup and drop off went really well, and the people working were super helpful and nice. They knew the area well and gave us a lot of tips for our trip. They even saved us a couple hundred dollars by modify our reservation - we didn’t know how many bed sets to order, so they helped us out when we picked up the van. They even threw in a couple things for free! 2 - We got the Bug Sur (biggest van they offer) and it fit 4 comfortably. There was no issue with luggage space, but one of us did need to sleep on the back seats you sit on while you’re driving. The rooftop sleeper says it fits two, which it can, but it’s a tight squeeze. 3 - The amenities shocked us (in a good way) and I would highly recommend almost all the add ons when reserving the van. The cooler was freaking amazing and the propane grill worked like a charm. They are really cool about adding the extra stuff at the last minute. Essentially, you can book the van and then add on whatever you want afterwards. For example - we got chairs and the shower kit on the day we picked up the van. 4 - Getting around the parks near Seattle was a breeze. We took a lot of gravel National Forrest service roads and made it through each one easily. However, their road side assistance service will not assist you if you are on a gravel road. You’re on your own if you break down or get stuck, which is understandable.... Read More

Jacob Larsen

Used an Escape Campervan for our honeymoon! Pros: -Friendly and accommodating staff. Great customer service. Could not stress that enough! -Very very cool designs on the vans. We even got to pick from two different paint jobs upon arrival! We got lots of compliments on the van during our travels, and we really hyped up Escape Campervans to people who asked about it. -The van we got was clean and mechanically sound. We had no issues with it at all during our travels, and our trip was 2 weeks long. -The convenience of having our accommodations and a vehicle wrapped into one was so nice. -Decently affordable! -Allows drivers over 21, which was nice because most other camper van companies we looked at before booking were 25 and over, and I had just turned 25 during our trip and my husband is 22. -Bed is comfortable! -Bug socks were a nice feature for air flow! Basically essential if you’re camping during the summer. -Easy to drive once you get a handle on the size -The solar powered fridge was a god send. It could fit way more than I thought it could. Cons: -As far as campervan conversions go, these are pretty basic. It does seem as though they tried to create the cheapest builds possible and cut costs in a lot of areas. For example, the low roof passenger van type on the Big Sur felt a bit claustrophobic at times and there was a lot of places that didn’t seem to make the most of the space. A few other basic things that would be nice to see are roof fans so that you don’t have to have the doors open to have air flow. A water pump would be nice as well. Stronger solar/electrical system would also be nice. -Due to poor air flow we had to purchase a removable adhesive big screen so that we could leave the back doors open. Would be nice to maybe have something like that included. -The fan we got given with the electrical kit didn’t really work so we didn’t end up using it at all. Ended up buying a tent fan instead. -We got given a broken canopy that we paid to have included, but we were refunded right away for it so no loss there. -The kitchen kit’s can opener did not work at all. Ended up having to jimmy all our canned foods open with one of our own knives. If you are trying to get a peek behind the van life like we were, then you’ll probably be a little disappointed, as this campervan isn’t really representative of that. However, if you’re looking for a camping experience similar to tenting but with more mobility and some more comfort, Escape Campervans is the place to go. Overall a good experience!... Read More

Kay-Lynne Collier

THIS IS A MUST DO! What an amazing experience. We rented the van in Calgary and drive all the way to Vancouver! We even got married on our travels and had the best honeymoon on our van! HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Aaron at the Calgary location who went above and beyond to make sure that we had a nice clean van and even provided us with some extras free of charge as it was our honeymoon! Thank you so much Aaron! Excellent customer service and truly someone who cares about their company. We would recommend this to anyone and can wait to rent another and do it all over again!... Read More

Courtney Hamilton

Moi et ma famille avons passé presque 1 mois à voyager dans le big en road trip dans l'Ouest Canadien. Aaron, à Calgary, nous a super bien accueillis, ses explications étaient claires et ses renseignements précieux. Merci à toute l'équipe d'Escape Campervans, nos vacances étaient mémorables !!!... Read More

Marine Dalmasso

Great rental place, and the staff is awesome. Be aware no sign from the street. Look for the hippie vans after the smoke shop.... Read More

lee preimesberger

Escape Campervans is the clear choice for campervan rentals in the Rockies! The service was excellent. They went above and beyond to make sure we had the best trip experience possible. The van was awesome. We had the Big Sur. It had tonnes of room for 2 people. The fridge fit way more food than I thought it would. The bed was comfortable and so cozy to sleep in at night. I thought the morning light would wake me up but the black curtains kept the van dark. The van handled great on the mountain roads and was a talking point every where we went. Everyone notices the van with the funky mural. The van also fit easily into our campsites and can fit in a standard parking spot in a pinch. I would not hesitate to rent here again and we plan to do just that! Thank you Escape Campervans for making our road trip even more memorable!... Read More

Caitlin Barker

The pick up and check out experience was seamless and quick. Great people and had some great tips for our trip. We had an absolute blast! We did not plan a whole lot, just kind of figured it out as we went. The campervan was perfect for this trip and it made it easy to be spontaneous! Look forward to our next trip.... Read More

Eric Folkers

We rented “Flower Girl” out of Seattle for a 1-week Washington outdoor adventure. First impressions were not great because the total I was being charged was $500 more than what I was quoted and no one could explain why. Luckily I had records to show what the correct total should be. After waiting 30 minutes for the corporate office to call back, we were told there had been a mistake in their system and the original rate would be honored. The folks in Seattle were nice enough to throw in some extras at no charge for the inconvenience so that got our trip off to a much better start. The van itself was much easier to drive and maneuver than expected, and thankfully it had a rear-facing camera to assist with back-in parking. The bed converts easily - we didn’t need to use the interior for seating or dining so we just kept the bed in place for the week. This may be impractical for smaller models but the Big Sur came with a second row of bench seating so our bags and gear went there for easy access. We were blessed with nice weather the entire trip so sleeping in the van was fairly comfortable. The cushions that serve as a mattress were a bit hard, but still more comfortable than tent camping, unless you have an air mattress. One drawback is that none of the back windows open so airflow is non-existent. Our nights were cool enough that this wasn’t a problem but if they hadn’t been or if we were in a warmer climate sleeping would be near impossible inside a stiflingly hot van. Screens for the front windows are not included or available to rent - the nice folks in Seattle let us take some anyway at no charge so that helped out a great deal. We opted for the add-on bedding kit at $40 because who wants to pack pillows, sheets and comforter to take on an airplane? But we passed on the kitchen kit because it seemed exorbitant to pay $40 to rent items we easily bought at a Dollar Store for far less. The solar-powered cooler worked great and kept everything chilled and fresh that we needed. We really enjoyed traveling with a portable kitchen that allowed us to make all our own meals, especially during a statewide burn ban that disallowed campfires everywhere we camped. The hand pump was a bit awkward to use but it was nice having a sink and water supply always at hand. However, the tank ran dry pretty quickly. We question whether it really holds 5 gallons as described. 3 gallons seems more likely. All in all our experience was wonderful and we can highly recommend Escape Campervans to anyone looking to get out and explore the wonderful, wild American landscapes available to us all.... Read More

Matt Merkel

Loved my experience with Escape Campers. Special shout out to the donation area that allows you to use items left from previous camper guests. It’s a great way to start the trip without having to go to the grocery store right away. Through the donation center I secured: paper towels, graham crackers, citronella candles (do they work - unclear), a small fan, bear spray, and ramen!!!... Read More

Gavin Mohrmann

This was our second time renting a camper van with Escape Campervans, our first time was in Las Vegas and the location in Seattle exceeded our expectations. They have a section for reusable camping stuff from other campers which we personally think is a fantastic idea. We are looking forward to seeing if the company decides to open more hubs like Montana.... Read More

Javier del Sol

À quoi s'attendre lorsqu’on loue un van ?

Plus de 16 ans d’expérience
12 sites de location pratiques aux États-Unis et au Canada
Des vans modernes, confortables et fiables
Designs extérieurs adaptés aux familles et peints de manière unique
Tarifs compétitifs et abordables
Options aller-retour et aller simple
Âge minimum 21 ans et aucun frais pour les jeunes conducteurs
Accessoires de cuisine, literie et autres suppléments disponibles
Assistance routière 24h/24
Service convivial et connaissances locales

12 sites de dépôt en Amérique du Nord

Frequently Asked Questions:

Quel équipement est fourni avec le van ?

Escape inclut gratuitement ce qui suit avec chaque location de van (varie légèrement pour Santa Cruz)

  • Lit convertible aménagé / espace « salle à manger » avec rangements
  • Cuisine aménagée avec évier, réfrigérateur et cuisinière
  • Système à double batterie avec panneau solaire
  • Atlas routier et guide Escape Plan

Nous avons des parures de lit, des ustensiles de cuisine et d’autres équipements à louer en supplément.

Découvrez ici nos conseils pour faire vos bagages.

Comment faire sans salle de bains dans le van ?

Bien que nos modèles Big Sur, Mavericks et Santa Cruz ne disposent pas de salle de bains, nos locataires s’en sortent très bien en utilisant les installations du camping et les toilettes publiques, et appliquent les principes Leave No Trace lorsqu’ils font du camping dispersé. C’est une question de confort, mais la liberté que vous procure un van par rapport aux vans en vaut la peine pour beaucoup !

Combien de personnes peuvent voyager avec moi dans le camper ?

  • Big Sur: 5 sièges, couchage jusqu’à 5 personnes (2-3 en lit «queen», 2 en couchette sur le toit si ajouté).
  • Mavericks: 5 sièges, couchage jusqu’à 5 personnes (2-3 en lit «queen», 2 en couchette sur le toit si ajouté).
  • Santa Cruz: 2 sièges et 2 couchages (1 lit double).

Le nombre de places assises dépend du nombre de ceintures de sécurité disponibles dans chaque véhicule. Vous pouvez toujours ajouter la couchette sur le toit (Big Sur et Mavericks uniquement) ou emporter notre tente de sol pour coucher plus de personnes. Des parures de lit sont disponibles à la location pour accueillir le nombre de personnes dans votre groupe.

Puis-je remorquer quelque chose derrière le van ?

Pour des raisons d’assurance, nous ne pouvons pas vous permettre de remorquer quoi que ce soit derrière nos véhicules.

Vos vans sont-ils des 4×4 ?

Tous nos vans sont à 2 roues motrices. Si vous envisagez de conduire pendant les mois les plus froids, nous vous recommandons de louer des chaînes à neige.

Pourquoi Escape Campervans?

Escape Campervans est la plus grande société de location de vans en Amérique du Nord, avec 12 sites de dépôt pratiques aux États-Unis et au Canada. Nous avons sur la route plus de 600 vans construits sur mesure, chacun d’entre eux étant peints à la main par les plus grands artistes de Los Angeles. Avec des racines néo-zélandaises depuis 2003 et des décennies d’expérience dans le conseil aux voyageurs, nous sommes fiers d’offrir des aventures amusantes et sans tracas à toute la famille.

Nos vans de location sont économiques et faciles à conduire, ce qui vous donne la liberté de sortir des sentiers battus pour vous rendre dans des endroits inaccessibles aux plus grands camping-cars – et sans stress pour conduire en ville. Quel que soit le point de départ ou d’arrivée de votre voyage, votre van Escape vous offre le confort d’une maison sur roues au meilleur prix.

Nous proposons des locations aller-retour et des locations aller simple, pour que vous puissiez venir prendre le van en charge localement ou prendre l’avion pour la destination de vos rêves pour un week-end ou pour un voyage épique à travers le pays. Chaque modèle est entièrement équipé d’un lit et d’une cuisine avec évier, cuisinière et réfrigérateur. Des accessoires de cuisine, des parures de lit et d’autres équipements sont disponibles à la location en supplément. Il suffit de récupérer votre van, de remplir le réfrigérateur et de prendre la route !

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