We pride ourselves on taking the confusion and clutter out of campervan rental rates so that you can focus on the fun parts – planning your route, researching stops, and getting excited!


In America, most campervan rental companies often offer a cheap “daily rate” and then add on all the extras such as mileage charges, compulsory insurance, living equipment, starter packs, extra drivers etc.

At Escape, our daily rate includes mileage, a comfy bed and linens, cookware, utensils, propane, utensils, camping chairs, 24/7 roadside assistance, AND the best part? Exclusive, secret locals-only tips around.

Escape Tip

Make sure you research exactly what is being offered. We wouldn’t want excited travelers to be fooled by the initial day rate companies show, only to find they end up paying sometimes over twice the original rate. With Escape, you won’t find any unpleasant surprises before or after your camper holiday with us.

Over the years, we have developed user-friendly rental terms, uncomplicated rates, and motorhome insurance options with a NO HIDDEN COSTS policy.

What’s Included in the Escape Rate?

  • 100 free miles per day. (This is a huge savings. You should calculate $25-$35 per day addition to any other Campervan quote)
  • No Motorhome preparation fee.
  • Free bedding and warm Duvets/Comforters/Dooners.
  • No compulsory insurance charge on top of the daily rate.
  • No charge for picnic chairs or kitchen and living equipment.
  • No charge for extra drivers.
  • Escape Campervans only charge a US$200 deposit. You pay the balance when you collect your camper.
  • We have a “No hidden costs” policy.


  • Rates are calculated per night.
  • Nightly rates change according to the season, as well as the length of your trip.
  • The longer you rent, the cheaper it gets: enjoy price breaks when you hit certain numbers of days.
  • We don’t charge for the drop off day as long as you return by 10 am.


Your nightly rate comes with 100 free miles per day. If you plan on covering some serious ground, not to worry. Check out our flexible mileage options below!

  1. FREE: 100 miles/day (averaged over your trip). The cost of additional miles is 25 cents per mile.
  2. $15/DAY: 200 miles/day (averaged over your trip). Applies to 7+ day rentals only. For any miles that go over 200/day, we charge 25 cents per mile.
  3. $25/DAY: UNLIMITED MILES. Applies to 14+ day rentals only. No overage charges.


Escape Campervans include standard liability insurance in the daily rate. We also do not collect a bond, freeze your credit card, or force you into taking extra insurance. For all the insurance details, please click here.


Our website quotes a minimum 3 days for Los Angeles, San Francisco and, Las Vegas. These short bookings will have a higher daily rate than a 7 day+ rental. During our peak period, the minimum rental days will be 5 and sometimes 7 days.


The longer you rent, the cheaper it gets.

  • 3 Days
  • 4 – 6 Days
  • 7 – 13 Days
  • 14 – 20 Days
  • 21 – 34 Days
  • 35 – 83 Days
  • 84+ Days

We do not publish our rates as they are constantly changing, but much like an airline, the further in advance you book, the more likely you will receive a cheaper price. Also, check out our specials page for great discounts and campervan relocation deals.


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