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4.8 / 5
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My wife and I rented a campervan from Escape Campervans to drive from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR. We rented the Maverick, named "Tug", and had an absolute blast. The van was a bit older, but it was clean, dependable, and a pleasure to drive. It was certainly a talking point with people we met along the way. Also, it was fun seeing all the other Escape Vans on the road as we waved at each other passing by.... Read More


We had a great time on this trip. The campervan was a great way to camp. Only reasons this is not a 5 star rating: 1) the refrigerator broke down on day 5 of 7 - but they gave us a credit of $40 for the malfunction and we just put ice in to keep food cold, 2) the tires were low on air on day 2 and we had to add air, 3) the one small skillet included had major scratches in the teflon and there was no spatula or large spoon. Also, the lighter stopped working on day 4. Overall, the van is designed very well and comes generally well equipped. Next time, we will get the optional rooftop tent for sleeping because the bed in the van is very comfortable but is a pain to put up and down.... Read More

Kathy Winsted

Amazing service! Thank you Claudia & Sean! When there was a sheet missing I got excellent service to see how we could resolve it! The ease of pick up and drop off was awesome! If there was nothing & the kitchen supplies can be better secured it would be 5* total! Service full marks though!... Read More

Sebastian Weesjes

An awesome trip and part of this success was the VAN!!! Very practical with plenty of space for storage it helped us going through the freezing nights in Yellowstone and kept us "cool" once back in lower elevations... The kitchenette is very practical. The big + for us was the small fridge hooked to the solar panel and therefore we could have fresh produce yet with no need to be plugged in. Escape staff has been very nice and friendly.... Read More

Ivan Hiltpold

Loved our experience. Great van and great service

Karine Chapman

They look like nice vans but the prices are expensive for what you get. I don't see many out on the road but I'm sure if the prices could be lowered they would be more likely to rent more. I'm not sure if I could sleep comfortably in one of these, my personal opinion.... Read More

Robert R

Booked a van for 2 weeks. I have never rented a van before. But it was one of the best trips I've ever done. Staff is super friendly and helpful. It takes a little to get to the venue for picking up the van but it's definitely worth it! I would recommend this place to anybody or would also come back my own and take a van there. Our van got a new name "GOATEE".... Read More

Mary Wegi

Aaron at escape campervans was awesome, I will come back to this company just for his customer service quality. They have a very well thought out van infrastructure. The housekeeping of the car was also top notch. Overall customer experience, road support, and hygiene of the vehicle was speckless. I have no complaints.... Read More

Senthil Sevugan

What to expect when renting a campervan

Over 16 years of experience
12 convenient rental locations across the United States and Canada
Modern, comfortable, and reliable campervans
Family-friendly uniquely-painted exterior designs
Competitive and affordable rates
Round-trip and one-way options
Minimum age 21 and no young driver fees
Kitchen supplies, bedding, & other extras available
24-hour roadside assistance
Friendly service and local knowledge

12 depot locations in North America

Escape Campervans Rental Depot Locations in the US and Canada

Frequently Asked Questions:

What make & model are your campervans?

We currently have 4 models in our fleet:

These are among the most economical in North America and are easy to drive and park.

What equipment comes with the campervan?

Escape includes the following free of charge with every campervan rental (varies slightly for Santa Cruz and Indie Camper). 

  • Convertible bed fit out / “dining room” area with storage space
  • Kitchen fit out with sink, refrigerator, and stove
  • Dual battery system with solar panel
  • Road Atlas and Escape Plan Guidebook

We have bedding sets, kitchen kits, and other Extras available for rent.

Read about our packing tips here.

How will I get by without a bathroom in the campervan?

While our Big Sur, Mavericks, and Santa Cruz models don’t have bathrooms, our renters do just fine using campground facilities and public restrooms and practicing Leave No Trace principles when dispersed camping. It is a matter of your own comfort level, but the freedom that campervan travel gives you compared to RVs is worth it for many!

If you’d still prefer to have a bathroom, our new Indie Campers have a toilet, sink, and indoor and outdoor shower.

How many people can travel in the camper with me?

  • Indie Camper: Seats 6, sleeps 3 (one queen bed and one twin).
  • Big Sur: Seats 5, sleeps up to 5 (2-3 in queen bed, 2 in rooftop sleeper if added).
  • Mavericks: Seats 5, sleeps up to 5 (2-3 in queen bed, 2 in rooftop sleeper if added).
  • Santa Cruz: Seats and sleeps 2 (1 double bed).

Seating is according to how many seat belts are available in each vehicle. You can always add the rooftop sleeper (Big Sur and Mavericks only) or bring along our ground tent accessory to sleep more people. Bedding kits are available for rent to accommodate the number of people in your party.

Can I buy the van?

We occasionally sell our more “experienced” campervans—fit out, paint job, and all! Learn more about our used campervans for sale listed on our website, or contact to inquire about buying a campervan. Sign up for our email list or follow us on social media for the most recent updates.

Why Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans Founder Rob Mewton

Escape Campervans is the largest campervan rental company in North America, with 12 convenient depot locations in the US and Canada. We have more than 600 custom-built campervans on the road, each uniquely hand-painted by top artists in Los Angeles. With New Zealand roots since 2003 and decades of experience guiding travelers, we pride ourselves on offering fun, hassle-free adventures for all.

A family with their campervan at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park

Our campervan rentals are economical and easy to drive, giving you the freedom to get off the beaten path into places that are inaccessible to larger motorhomes and RVs—and no stress driving through the city. No matter where your journey starts or ends, your Escape campervan gives you the comforts of a home on wheels for the best value.

A man on his laptop sitting at the table in a campervan at night

We offer round trip and one-way rentals, so you can pick up locally or fly into your dream destination for a weekend away or an epic cross-country road trip. Each model comes fully-equipped with a bed and kitchen with sink, stove, and refrigerator, and we have kitchen supplies, bedding kits, and other extras available for rent. Just pick up your camper, stock up the refrigerator, and hit the road!

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