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4.8 / 5
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I cannot say enough great things about our campervan experience! Our family of four (kids aged 7 and almost 4) traveled for ten days in a Big Sur model with a rooftop tent and it was amazing. First things first, if you are like me and hate driving large vehicles, I promise you can drive this van. I was dreading it, and I mean DREADING it. But thanks to getting motion sick, I'm always the driver in our family. The van was crazy easy to drive, even up curvy CA mountain sides, it handled very well. So don't be scared, you can do this! We are typically tent campers so the van was actually an upgrade in terms of amenities -- the fridge being my favorite. It didn't take long to get the hang of setting up and breaking down the inside bed or the rooftop tent (although it typically took three adults to get the tent down ... two could do it but I basically had to lay on top to get it completely closed!) For the most part the van has everything you need but we did end up buying a few things, specifically a tarp (because it rained for a solid 5 days on our trip) and a small broom and dust pan. I also greatly missed a nice kitchen knife as the one provided wasn't that great. We packed our own flashlights, rope, hooks, etc. and I'm so glad that we did! Prior to our arrival the staff were always great about answering my questions (in case you are curious, a map is provided, bedding comes with the tent rental and you cannot pickup the van early haha!) Pickup was easy but be prepared to wait, we got there at 1:30 and were 9th in line ... while it only took 15/20 minutes to actually get the van, I don't think we left the depot until around 3. It also wasn't super clear what to do when we got there, if someone else that was waiting didn't tell us to put our name on a board I wouldn't have known. There was also an area with random items that we later found out were up for grabs, had I known, I wouldn't have bought trash bags as there were plenty in the pile. Drop off was also super easy, they check our milage and gas, we emptied the van and off we went. Again, it was amazing experience and gave us a chance to hop from campsite to campsite without hauling all of our gear across the country! We'll absolutely plan to rent again for future trips!... Read More

Rebecca Dole

Yesterday I went to Jersey City Escape Campervans office to test drive a Maverick. Sean Bradley was informative, helpful, generous with his time and patient. Sean, thanks for a great experience!... Read More

Susan Harris

Staff was knowledgeable and courteous. Vehicle was stocked as advertised. Will definitely use again, was surprised they have one way options. i do wish the time of pick up and drop off was more detailed during the reservation process. could have booked better flights to coordinate.... Read More


We loved our two-week trip in an Escape Campervan!! The van was a great way to travel both the coast and national parks of California comfortably. The vans are well-designed and enjoyable to travel in, and accommodated our family of four quite well. We traveled with family who took a separate van, so we were picking up 2 Escape vans at the same time. Our only hiccup we opted to all use their van for the demo of how everything worked upon pick-up. As a result, several things were missed in our van that we would have noticed had we done a separate demo of ours (missing table leg, bedding still in rooftop camper from last use, sun tent missing stakes, and emergency jack out of place.) We had a bit of skepticism from Escape when contacting them upon discovery, and then some hassle trying to arrange a pick-up replacement table leg. None of these things were a big deal, but when you’re on a 2-week trip they become a bigger nuisance. My advice would be to check everything thoroughly when you pick up your van, and if you travel with another crew to go through each van separately. All of that said, we would absolutely rent an Escape campervan again in a heartbeat and are already scheming our next adventure!... Read More

Meghan Rezac

We just finish our second trip with Escape. We did a 3 weeks road trip and like the first time, it was awesome. Thank you very much to Reagan, the pick up and drop off process were very easy and quick. Our Van Creamcicle was perfect. We can't wait for the next trip ! Elodie and Jerome from France.... Read More

Jérôme Ventosa

Good experience all the way around. Sooo glad we asked for and were given an extra comforter. We'd have been icicles with just the single comforter. Happy to recommend and use Escape in the future.... Read More

Eric Ode

Camping in our van was so easy! I was nervous to drive a larger vehicle, but had no problem, even on curvy Hwy 1 near Big Sur. The kitchen was well stocked and easy to use. Storage wise, we did great -- even with 2 50lb duffle bags full of moving-home-from-college stuff! We did have some problems -- our fuel bottles were only half full, we had to back track 3 hours to have a fuse replaced on the fridge (which was not working), and a piece on the van that was supposed to be secured by 4 straps, only had two. Mid trip, one of the remaining two fell off and we had to secure the whole thing to the bumper with rope. Also the van was on empty when we picked it up, which was somewhat inconvenient. Even with those issues, we will rent again as it's so much easier to camp in the van than in a tent. We really enjoyed our trip!... Read More

Rachelle Mee-Chapman

The people treated me very well, very friendly. The vans work very amazingly However one complaint, whenever I tried to use a credit card, their machines decline it for some reason. (It was working when paid for gasoline.) Never the less. I highly recommend this business. See you next time... Read More

Mark Galloway

We had such a great trip. This company is very professional and the van comes equiped with everything you need. It's easy to drive and oh so cosy at night. Highly recommend.... Read More

Tim Ronayne

This was our 4th trip 4 years with Escape, each time exploring a different part of Utah. The design of their vans, equipment, and customer service are excellent. Hopefully they can continue their great service and pricing as they expand across North America.... Read More


Super nice experience with Escape Campervans. We have rent a van for 2 weeks for a roadtrip around California and National Parks. It was full of fun and we had not any issue. Thanks!... Read More

Pf Lucet

After booking a 7 day trip for $600 total I feel so-so in my experience. The vehicle I received had 300,000 miles on it, a malfunctioning gas gauge(had to guess how much gas to put in vehicle), and dents and scratches throughout. Overall the vehicle drove well and gave no problems mechanically however I wouldn't have booked the vehicle if I knew the overall condition.... Read More

Tyler Dane

What to expect when renting a campervan

Over 16 years of experience
12 convenient rental locations across the United States and Canada
Modern, comfortable, and reliable campervans
Family-friendly uniquely-painted exterior designs
Competitive and affordable rates
Round-trip and one-way options
Minimum age 21 and no young driver fees
Kitchen supplies, bedding, & other extras available
24-hour roadside assistance
Friendly service and local knowledge

12 depot locations in North America

Escape Campervans Rental Depot Locations in the US and Canada

Frequently Asked Questions:

What make & model are your campervans?

We currently have 4 models in our fleet:

These are among the most economical in North America and are easy to drive and park.

What equipment comes with the campervan?

Escape includes the following free of charge with every campervan rental (varies slightly for Santa Cruz and Indie Camper). 

  • Convertible bed fit out / “dining room” area with storage space
  • Kitchen fit out with sink, refrigerator, and stove
  • Dual battery system with solar panel
  • Road Atlas and Escape Plan Guidebook

We have bedding sets, kitchen kits, and other Extras available for rent.

Read about our packing tips here.

Who paints your campervans?

We employ a range of talented artists, many of whom have achieved international acclaim. Each artist has his or her own style that adds to our unique fleet. If you are visiting our Los Angeles Escape depot in the winter and spring, you may see our artists in action. Learn more about our artists here.

Can I request a certain van design before pick up?

As campervans are coming in and out of our depots from all over the country every day, it is extremely difficult for us to guarantee a certain van design prior to pick up–especially during the busy summer season. While we cannot reserve certain van designs in advance, you are welcome to mention which style of artwork you prefer when you book, and you can choose from the vans that have been cleaned, serviced, and are ready to go on the lot at pick up.

All artwork is happy, creative and friendly. We do not have political, aggressive, or offensive designs. We will do everything we can to get you in a van you love!

Are the campervan transmissions manual or automatic?

We provide automatic transmission campervans. If you have not driven an automatic before, don’t worry as it’s very easy and we will give you a quick lesson before departure.

Why Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans Founder Rob Mewton

Escape Campervans is the largest campervan rental company in North America, with 12 convenient depot locations in the US and Canada. We have more than 600 custom-built campervans on the road, each uniquely hand-painted by top artists in Los Angeles. With New Zealand roots since 2003 and decades of experience guiding travelers, we pride ourselves on offering fun, hassle-free adventures for all.

A family with their campervan at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park

Our campervan rentals are economical and easy to drive, giving you the freedom to get off the beaten path into places that are inaccessible to larger motorhomes and RVs—and no stress driving through the city. No matter where your journey starts or ends, your Escape campervan gives you the comforts of a home on wheels for the best value.

A man on his laptop sitting at the table in a campervan at night

We offer round trip and one-way rentals, so you can pick up locally or fly into your dream destination for a weekend away or an epic cross-country road trip. Each model comes fully-equipped with a bed and kitchen with sink, stove, and refrigerator, and we have kitchen supplies, bedding kits, and other extras available for rent. Just pick up your camper, stock up the refrigerator, and hit the road!

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