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The Big Sur Campervan Provides Big Adventure For Up To 5 People

An update to our classic Mavericks model, the Big Sur provides our standard amenities of a kitchen and queen-sized bed with a streamlined design and extra storage space.

All of our campervans for rent are fully-equipped, custom-built, and hand-painted. They’re perfect for long weekend getaways, cross country bucket list road trips, and national park tours. When you compare campervans to RVs, our small campervans provide functional comforts and the flexibility and freedom to get off the beaten path.

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(19) mpg
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Sleeps up to 5 with rooftop sleeper
Seats 5
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Optional Rooftop Sleeper

The Big Sur is about 2 feet longer than our Mavericks model, so you can keep the rear bucket seats up when you put the bed down (perfect for families with car seats). Drawers and compartments underneath the back benches provide extra storage and organization.

Kay-Lynne C.
Kay-Lynne C.
17:50 27 Jul 21
Used an Escape Campervan for our honeymoon!Pros:-Friendly and accommodating staff. Great customer service. Could not stress that enough!-Very very cool designs on the vans. We even got to pick from two different paint jobs upon arrival! We got lots of compliments on the van during our travels, and we really hyped up Escape Campervans to people who asked about it.-The van we got was clean and mechanically sound. We had no issues with it at all during our travels, and our trip was 2 weeks long.-The convenience of having our accommodations and a vehicle wrapped into one was so nice.-Decently affordable!-Allows drivers over 21, which was nice because most other camper van companies we looked at before booking were 25 and over, and I had just turned 25 during our trip and my husband is 22.-Bed is comfortable!-Bug socks were a nice feature for air flow! Basically essential if you’re camping during the summer.-Easy to drive once you get a handle on the size-The solar powered fridge was a god send. It could fit way more than I thought it could.Cons:-As far as campervan conversions go, these are pretty basic. It does seem as though they tried to create the cheapest builds possible and cut costs in a lot of areas. For example, the low roof passenger van type on the Big Sur felt a bit claustrophobic at times and there was a lot of places that didn’t seem to make the most of the space. A few other basic things that would be nice to see are roof fans so that you don’t have to have the doors open to have air flow. A water pump would be nice as well. Stronger solar/electrical system would also be nice.-Due to poor air flow we had to purchase a removable adhesive big screen so that we could leave the back doors open. Would be nice to maybe have something like that included.-The fan we got given with the electrical kit didn’t really work so we didn’t end up using it at all. Ended up buying a tent fan instead.-We got given a broken canopy that we paid to have included, but we were refunded right away for it so no loss there.-The kitchen kit’s can opener did not work at all. Ended up having to jimmy all our canned foods open with one of our own knives.If you are trying to get a peek behind the van life like we were, then you’ll probably be a little disappointed, as this campervan isn’t really representative of that. However, if you’re looking for a camping experience similar to tenting but with more mobility and some more comfort, Escape Campervans is the place to go. Overall a good experience!
Caitlin B.
Caitlin B.
20:14 25 Jul 21
Escape Campervans is the clear choice for campervan rentals in the Rockies!The service was excellent. They went above and beyond to make sure we had the best trip experience possible.The van was awesome. We had the Big Sur. It had tonnes of room for 2 people. The fridge fit way more food than I thought it would. The bed was comfortable and so cozy to sleep in at night. I thought the morning light would wake me up but the black curtains kept the van dark. The van handled great on the mountain roads and was a talking point every where we went. Everyone notices the van with the funky mural. The van also fit easily into our campsites and can fit in a standard parking spot in a pinch. I would not hesitate to rent here again and we plan to do just that! Thank you Escape Campervans for making our road trip even more memorable!
Matt M.
Matt M.
17:26 25 Jul 21
We rented “Flower Girl” out of Seattle for a 1-week Washington outdoor adventure. First impressions were not great because the total I was being charged was $500 more than what I was quoted and no one could explain why. Luckily I had records to show what the correct total should be. After waiting 30 minutes for the corporate office to call back, we were told there had been a mistake in their system and the original rate would be honored. The folks in Seattle were nice enough to throw in some extras at no charge for the inconvenience so that got our trip off to a much better start.The van itself was much easier to drive and maneuver than expected, and thankfully it had a rear-facing camera to assist with back-in parking. The bed converts easily - we didn’t need to use the interior for seating or dining so we just kept the bed in place for the week. This may be impractical for smaller models but the Big Sur came with a second row of bench seating so our bags and gear went there for easy access.We were blessed with nice weather the entire trip so sleeping in the van was fairly comfortable. The cushions that serve as a mattress were a bit hard, but still more comfortable than tent camping, unless you have an air mattress. One drawback is that none of the back windows open so airflow is non-existent. Our nights were cool enough that this wasn’t a problem but if they hadn’t been or if we were in a warmer climate sleeping would be near impossible inside a stiflingly hot van. Screens for the front windows are not included or available to rent - the nice folks in Seattle let us take some anyway at no charge so that helped out a great deal.We opted for the add-on bedding kit at $40 because who wants to pack pillows, sheets and comforter to take on an airplane? But we passed on the kitchen kit because it seemed exorbitant to pay $40 to rent items we easily bought at a Dollar Store for far less.The solar-powered cooler worked great and kept everything chilled and fresh that we needed. We really enjoyed traveling with a portable kitchen that allowed us to make all our own meals, especially during a statewide burn ban that disallowed campfires everywhere we camped. The hand pump was a bit awkward to use but it was nice having a sink and water supply always at hand. However, the tank ran dry pretty quickly. We question whether it really holds 5 gallons as described. 3 gallons seems more likely.All in all our experience was wonderful and we can highly recommend Escape Campervans to anyone looking to get out and explore the wonderful, wild American landscapes available to us all.
lindsay P.
lindsay P.
16:17 16 Jul 21
We flew to SLC and rented a van for a week to tour Utah. We packed some things we thought we might need and picked up a few things that other renters donated.I was worried about being in the desert during a heat wave! The van had so many AC vents that we froze most of the time, which was awesome. The AC doesn't work when the van isn't cranked though, so we stayed the night in a hotel when temps were 115 degrees.The extras seem to cost more than the van rental itself. We didn't use a lot of things we rented from them- electrical cords, fan, and only used the canopy once. Kitchen kit is a must. Chairs are needed. Bring your own pillows if you can!The van took the mileage like a champ! No issues with overheating the whole time. There's a small fridge drawer that is solar powered and it can literally be a freezer also. We cranked it up on the first day and everything was frozen!The Mavericks are their older fleet and the Big Surs are their newer vans. We rented a Maverick (Rockstar) for 2 adults and 2 kids. The kids loved the rooftop sleeper!We attracted and met so many awesome people along the way bc of this van. We've decided we now want one of our own!

Escape Campervans Big Sur model diagram

Model Ford T-350

Avg. Model Year 2017

Age of Interior 2018

Engine Size 3.7L V6 Cylinder

Fuel Tank Size 25 Gallons

Fuel Type Regular Unleaded

Transmission Automatic

Drive System Rear Wheel Drive

Power Steering Yes

ABS Brakes Yes

Airbags Yes

Curtains Yes, covers all windows

Heating Yes, while running

Air Conditioning Yes, while running

Cruise Control Yes

Dual Battery System Yes (solar panel and car battery power refrigerator)

Back Up Cameras and Sensors Yes

Length 6.04 m (19.83 ft) – fits in most tent sites

Width 2.06 m (6.75 ft)

Height 2.3 m (7.6 ft)

Total Storage Space 35.6 cubic ft

Storage Drawers 22 in x 20 in x 7 in

Storage Chest 41 in x 16 in x 9 in

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