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The Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

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February 23, 2021 The Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

By Dawn S

Right now is a great time to unplug, escape from the modern world, and spend some time in nature by taking a little trip into the outdoors. An Escape Campervan makes taking a break and getting out into nature easy and comfortable. Here are some thoughts on why and what an escape into the woods feels like to me.  

I hope this inspires you to seek out your own natural place for some solitude, reflection, or quiet time with someone you love. 

Hiking at Carter Lake.

Spending Time in Nature Instills Peace

Spending time alone in nature is refreshing. You can more easily connect with others without the distractions of modern life. When the people and boats leave, it is so quiet, you can hear the breeze on the leaves in the trees. Waiting for the sunrise or the sunset reminds me to slow down and to learn patience.

Kayaking on Cooper Lake.

Wild Places Can Inspire You to Contemplate and Pray

When you spend time in nature you can take your time and notice the little things, like the dew on a spider’s web and the tiny thorns on the berry bushes.  Or, the way the sun reflects on the surface of the water along with the shape of the clouds.

Be still and listen to the chirp of a bird or the rustle of a small vole in the underbrush and the scraping of a branch in the wind.  Close your eyes and take in the sound of the lapping of waves, the trickle of a brook, or the roaring of a waterfall.

Man fishing at Spring Creek.

Some Activities to Enjoy While Out In The Wilderness

Do a little fishing – pinch the line, open the bail, the methodical cast, the drop of the line, close the bail and wait.  Then, listen to the rhythm of reel-reel-pull, reel-reel-pull, reel-reel-pull as it becomes automated.  Your thoughts will relax and your senses engage, taking in the smell of the salty air, the sound of the waves, the screech of the gull, and the call of the eagles.

Hike a Summit – the aching thigh and calf muscles, the burning lungs and heavy breathing, the perspiration stinging your eyes, and the question of how much further? It all vanishes at the summit and is quickly replaced with the exhilaration of achievement.

You will be in awe at the stunning beauty of the sweeping meadow, brisk air, sounds of rushing water, and the spectacular views of the landscape below. This experience can only be followed by gratitude, humility, and appreciation. 

Ready to Spend Some Time in Nature?

Taking a moment to spend some time in nature is a refreshing and fantastic way to mentally reset. Book your campervan from one of the many camper van rental locations, and plan your ESCAPE into nature today!

Sunset on the Oregon Coast.

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