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Mavericks vs Big Sur Campervan Model

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February 13, 2023 Mavericks vs Big Sur Campervan Model

It’s time for the ultimate showdown! Our signature Mavericks model takes on our larger Big Sur model. It can be difficult to decide between the Mavericks vs Big Sur. But there are a few key features that can make one a better choice for you depending on your road trip wants and needs.

The Basics

Our Mavericks model is a Ford E-150, with an average age of 2012. The Big Sur is a Ford T-350, avg. age 2017. Both seat 5 and sleep up to 5 (with the rooftop sleeper added). They each get around 17 mpg and are small enough to fit into most tent sites.

The Mavericks is our signature model. It’s the more budget-friendly option, but the Big Sur is newer and has more features. The Big Sur is about 2 ft longer than the Mavericks model. Even though it’s longer, it’s still easy to maneuver because it’s a newer vehicle with back up cameras and sensors.

Escape Mavericks Campervan Model Mt Hood Oregon

Our Mavericks campervan model enjoying the view at Mt. Hood in Oregon.

Escape Big Sur campervan model Canadian Rockies

Our Big Sur model is 2ft longer than the Mavericks, with additional storage space and features.

Want to see more?

Check out our campervan photo galleries of each model (interior and exterior).

Interior Set-Up

The key difference here is that the Big Sur model has bucket seats in the back that stay put even when you’ve converted the “dining room” into a bed. View “bed mode” photos here.

This can be particularly nice for families with small kids because you don’t need to move car seats around in order to make the bed. It’s also better for folks who need extra space for luggage/gear.

Campervan Fitout Table

Our Mavericks campervan model interior has storage space underneath each bench and behind the kitchen in the back. It converts into a queen-sized bed.

Escape Campervan interior

In our Big Sur model, the 3 bucket seats in the back stay put even when the bed is down, which is great for people who need more storage space or have car seats. There are also storage drawers and spaces underneath each bench.

Kitchen Set-Up

This one’s easy! The kitchen is almost exactly the same. 2-burner propane stove, dual-powered fridge, interior roof light, storage space, and 5-gallon pump sink.

Campervan Kitchen Fitout

The kitchen fitout in the back of our Mavericks model.

Campervan kitchen

The kitchen fitout in the back of our Big Sur model.

Other Campervan Features

Compare the Mavericks and Big Sur model fit-outs side by side.

Mavericks Fit-Out Diagram

Escape Mavericks Interior Diagram

Big Sur Fit-Out Diagram

Big Sur Model Diagram

Still not sure which campervan model to rent?

Don’t just take it from us! Read in-depth reviews of each model from past renters who have taken a spin in both. Then go ahead and book your campervan for your next trip.

Renter Review: Mavericks Model

Campervan review and tried-and-true tips from our friend Carly, who has rented both the Mavericks and Big Sur models a couple of times each. She’s basically an Escape pro!

Renter Review: Big Sur Model

Our friend Dawn knows all about campervans. She rented from Escape a few times before building out her own! Dawn wrote up a handy comparison between the Mavericks vs Big Sur after renting the Big Sur for the first time.

2 thoughts on “Mavericks vs Big Sur Campervan Model”

  1. Question:

    On the Big Sur model, does the middle bucket seat fold down? Basically, when parked, can you get from the bed/table zone to bucket seat row saying in the van?

    Or do you need to exit van to go between those zones?

    Please let be know.

    1. No, the middle bucket seat does not fold down. There is a small walkway on the passenger side by the door that allows you to walk between the bed/table zone and the bucket seat row, so you won’t need to exit the van to move around.

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