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Mavericks Campervan Model: Review and Tips from a Past Renter

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October 2, 2023 Mavericks Campervan Model: Review and Tips from a Past Renter

By Carly Eisley

The flagship model in the Escape campervan model lineup is the Mavericks. The Mavericks model is based on a Ford E-150 platform and seats 5/sleeps up to four people. This van is the perfect size for a couple and more than adequate for a group of four.

**Tip – this setup is easiest for four people without the need for a car seat; removing and storing a car seat every night to make the bed is doable, but a bit of a pain. The Mesa model  or Del Mar Pop Top with permanent back seats is much easier in this scenario.**

Mavericks Campervan Zion National Park

Mavericks Camper Van Model Exterior

The best thing about these vans is their size. Easy to maneuver on busy highways and winding mountain roads alike, and can fit in a normal parking spot wherever you may adventure. In campgrounds, the Mavericks fit in tent sites, which are usually much more secluded (and cheaper!) than an RV site. To easily expand the sleeping arrangements to accommodate 4 people, add on the rooftop tent. I have taken several road trips both as a couple and with a group of 4 adults in the Mavericks campervan, and both scenarios were great.

Mavericks Campervan Bed

Mavericks Camper Van Model Interior

The inside of the van is set up with a bench seat in the rear with seat belts for three. There is a table for dining, playing games in rainy weather, adventure planning…. you name it. The table stows away and the bench seat folds down futon-style; with some additional cushions, it makes a queen-sized bed. There are storage bins behind the front seats and behind the rear seats – perfect for stowing away gear and groceries.

Mavericks Campervan Kitchen

Mavericks Camper Van Model Kitchen

The Mavericks and Mesa models share a similar kitchen setup, with a pump sink, drawer fridge, and two-burner propane stove. The fridge has ample room for perishable food for 4 people for several days.

Kitchen Confidential

  • Have extra stuff you want to keep cold? Pick up a small cooler and fill it with ice, then leave the cooler at the depot for future renters to re-use!We found that the styrofoam type keeps things colder longer (Just don’t leave them out where critters can get them, or you may return from a hike to find that crows have pecked your cooler to bits and you will be running around a desert campsite cleaning up little white pieces. Ask me how I know this).
  • If you are traveling with more than 2 people, I highly recommend upgrading your kitchen a bit.  For $10-ish bucks you can seriously elevate your kitchen game and make mealtime prep a breeze. Pick up a (cheap) larger stockpot if you are planning on making pasta/rice regularly and a wok (we found a cheap one for $5 that did the trick). It is so much easier to cook a larger meal this way (especially the wok – we will never do a group trip without one again!). Add a sharp knife for chopping up veggies, etc as well.
  • Grab a flat box to put small food items in and slide it on top of the stove; this creates an additional “shelf” of storage to keep things from rolling around and getting lost.

Campervan fitout bed in Yosemite National Park

Mavericks Camper Van Model Bed

Sweet Dreams

  • Leave the bedding and pillows in the rooftop sleeper when you close it up.  There is plenty of room for it as long as everything is laying flat, and it is one less thing to worry about storing and not getting dirty. Take that one level up by leaving your pajamas (and anything else that is small and bedtime related) in there too! You won’t have to spend time searching around for them once you’re ready to hit the sack.
  • Traveling solo or as a duo? Do yourself a favor and leave the back in “bed mode” during the day unless you really need to access the table. After a long day of exploring, it is so nice to not have to maneuver everything out of the way to convert the seats and get into bed. Take that ease to the next level and rent the rooftop sleeper. Keep your bedroom and living/dining room separate!
  • Keep that Ikea tote bag handy to stuff the interior bedding into for daytime storage. This keeps everything together and out of the way until needed. Stuff it behind the seats or into the storage bin until it’s time to snooze.

Mavericks Campervan Interior Table

Mavericks Van Organization: Tips and Tricks

  • Organization is key! Pick a spot for each category of “thing” (i.e. non-refrigerated groceries, bedding, clothing/gear) and stick with it. We like using the large bin behind the front seats for food storage. Canned goods, chips, peanut butter, bread, drinks…. all the bulky stuff goes in there. Out of sight, yet easy to reach by the backseat passengers when you need a snack on the go.
  • Bring some small, pack-able re-usable grocery bags. Stay environmentally friendly when shopping, and then assign one to each person to keep shower stuff/toiletries organized and ready to go.
  • Create a “pharmacy” space for medications, first aid supplies, etc. to keep things easily findable and accessible. A zipper pouch in the glove box works, or the storage pocket on the front passenger door is a good spot to keep things like band-aids, Tylenol, ibuprofen, Benadryl, cold meds…. anything that the (adult – obviously don’t leave medications laying in easy reach of younger children) group members might need.
  • Pack for the trip in something soft-sided like a duffel bag. You can unpack your clothes into a storage bin and stow the bag easily, or leave everything in there and stack them up out of the way. We tend to stack them behind the rear seats, on top of the storage bin there; out of the way for driving, and they can stay there when the bed is made up.
  • A gear line helps to keep small frequently used items at the ready. I love the Nite Ize gear line for this, but you could easily create your own with some paracord and carabiners/clothespins.
  • Pick up a larger flat box if they are available at the grocery store, etc. and use this as a tray to store shoes. Slide it under the seat/bed and keep dirty soles (somewhat) contained.
  • Have a pair of dedicated camp shoes and leave them on the little ledge/step in the entry of the rear doors – always at the ready when you are climbing out of bed.
  • Bring a cigarette lighter-type charger with multiple USB ports on it to charge phones, cameras, etc. while driving, so you don’t need to worry about swapping out cords and devices.

Mavericks Campervan Yosemite National Park

So there you have it. An overview and some “van hacks” to make a great adventure mobile even better. Whatever model you choose, rest assured your Escape campervan trip will create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy exploring!

Can’t decide between the Mavericks and Mesa models? Read our Mesa model review from a past renter or go even bigger with our newest model the Del Mar!

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