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Stephanie L. Ham

Whether you are on a family road trip with the kids, a weekend getaway with the girls, or a cross country trip with friends, there are times when you will want to accommodate more than two to three sleepers in your campervan.  Have you ever thought maybe you should rent a roof top tent?

Rather than booking two separate vans, another option is to consider adding a rooftop tent.  Escape’s roof top tent is a cushy double bed with a memory foam mattress that could double your sleeping capacity.  (Plus, it’s photogenic as heck.)

Family in a roof top tent

Advantages To Roof Top Tent Sleeping

  • Cool, breezy nights.  Unzip the side windows and enjoy a beautiful, airy summer night’s sleep.
  • Keep everyone in one vehicle.  The point of a van trip is, after all, to enjoy a shared experience, right?  
  • More space.  Yes, I just said it’s nice to keep everyone together, but…I think we can agree that at the end of a long day, it’s just plain nice to spread out into your own sleeping quarters.  
  • An even better view.  Perched on top of the van or the Jeep, the windows in the tent give you an even better view of your surroundings. 
  • Make friends.  My rooftop tent is a source of endless inquiries from locals and other campers.  People love to see new ways to do that #vanlife.
  • Kid points.  Your kids will think it’s the coolest private treehouse and (just maybe) will give you some solo time to play cards or sip a cold beverage.

Campervan with a Rooftop

Roof Top Tent Options For Different Campervan Models

The rooftop sleeper is standard on Escape’s Jeep Camper and can be requested on the Mavericks and Big Sur year-round.  With the tent added, you can expect to accommodate the following number of campers:

  • Big Sur: Seats 5, sleeps up to 5 (2-3 in queen bed, 2 in rooftop sleeper).
  • Mavericks: Seats 5, sleeps up to 5 (2-3 in queen bed, 2 in rooftop sleeper).
  • Jeep Camper:  Seats up to 5 (designed for 2) and sleeps 2 (rooftop sleeper).

If you request a rooftop tent from Escape Camper Vans’ menu of extras, the folks there will have it installed for you prior to your arrival.  Although it may feel daunting, opening the tent when you arrive at your destination is a cinch.  

After flipping a latch, you could have the tent fully opened in less than one minute after parking at your site.  No poles, instruction manuals, or separate tent flies (which are worse than fitted sheets, I said what I said.)

View from roof top tent

Book A Campervan But Don’t Forget To Rent A Roof Top Tent

While I have a different model rooftop tent on my personal campervan, it has completely revolutionized our trips.  While my husband and two daughters and I can technically squeeze into the interior of our van in a pinch, we are all so much more comfortable, well rested, and just ultimately have a better trip when we utilize the rooftop tent.   I highly recommend this option – and will personally be taking advantage of it on my next Escape adventure.

Book your next adventure with Escape Camper Vans now – and bring a friend (or four!)

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