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by Kim Merryman

If you’re like me, you have a few friends or family members who don’t love getting their hands dirty, have a 7-step skincare routine, do all their exercising inside a gym, and keep a lint roller in their bag. They might be the same ones you ask to go camping who respond with, “I love not camping,” as my best friend Whitney likes to say. What do you do if that person is your best friend, your partner, or your kid? 

Renting an Escape Campervan is the perfect way to introduce the more indoorsy, clean freaks of your crew to the pleasures of camping and road-tripping. Here are some reasons and resources to help keep those fastidious friends happy out in nature with an Escape Campervan. 

Camping in campervan Yosemite Valley

Campervans Are A Good Way To Shelter From the Storm (and other scary things)

Escape Camper Vans provide more shelter, warmth, and security than the flimsy tent your friends might be imagining when they hear the word, “camping.” I’ve camped in snow, rain, and wind in Escape Camper Vans and felt cozy and warm. In fact, Escape Camper Vans have allowed me to camp when the weather wouldn’t otherwise allow it. 

Worried about wild animals? Bears and raccoons are not going to make it inside of your campervan. You also get to lock your food inside so they don’t ransack your provisions while you’re sleeping. Scared of other humans? Locked campervan with privacy curtains to the rescue!

Built-In Sanitization Station

All Escape Camper Vans have a built-in, pump-operated sink with refillable fresh water and an emptiable gray-water tank. Brush your teeth, wash your hands and face, and rinse out your water bottle like you would at home. Hooray! If it will be warm where you’re camping, you can purchase a solar shower from Escape Camper Vans. Fill it with water, hang it in the sun while you’re out adventuring in the day, and when you get back, Voila: warm shower!

Electronics Can Come, Too!

If your travel buddies are hooked on their socials or have to do a little work while on the road, Escape Camper Vans can let them enjoy the outdoors with their technology. Bring a cigarette lighter charger or buy one from Escape when you book or pick up the campervan. If you’ll be at a campsite with hookups, rent the electric kit from Escape so you can plug in laptops. Instant portable office! 

Resources on the Road

For bigger jobs, like showering, washing dishes, and washing clothes there are plenty of places to stay fresh and clean on the road. Here are a few of my favorites.

RV Campgrounds and Resorts

At RV campgrounds and resorts, there are usually showers, laundry facilities, and sometimes dishwashing sinks for those who stay there. I like to book a spot at an RV resort for a one-night mid-trip to clean up and relax a bit before the next leg of the adventure. They cost a little more than a campsite and might not feel very outdoorsy, but it’s a perfect way to revive those neatnik travel companions who don’t have any clean underwear left. 

Developed Campgrounds in Popular Destinations

Many developed campgrounds at national parks and other popular destinations have great amenities. Campground websites usually list the amenities that often include dishwashing sinks, running water and flush toilets, and every once in a while, showers. Instead of introducing your friend to camping with pit toilets, let them think taking coin-operated showers and washing dishes in an outdoor sink is roughing it.

Cooking in back of campervan at Yosemite

The Benefit of Recreational Centers and Gyms

Local recreation centers are a great place for a quick shower. Look for rec centers along your route or near your destination. Pay a daily entrance fee for access to everything they have, most importantly, the showers. Maybe even take a yoga class while you’re there. If you have a chain gym membership, check to see if there’s a branch along the way.


Most towns near popular outdoors destinations have a couple of laundromats. Take a couple hours to wash your clothes and write some postcards. 

What to Pack Your Indoorsy Friends

  • Sandals that can get wet for public showers
  • Travel-size laundry soap in case the laundry facilities are out of it
  • Quarters for showers and laundry
  • Portable chargers 
  • Mobile WiFi hotspot for those who need to work on their laptops 
  • Environmentally friendly soap, like Campsuds, Dr. Bronner’s, or Wilderness Wash for bathing, laundry, and dishes in nature.
  • Low-Dish or No-Dish meals. Find tips and recipes on our blog.

Tunnel View Yosemite National Park Campervan

Book A Campervan and Get Your Indoorsy Friends Outside

Now that you know how to keep things clean and comfortable for your indoorsy buddies on the road, book an Escape Campervan today!

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