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Camping Music Festival Essentials Packing List


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What to Bring to a Music Festival: A Music Festival Packing List

The start of spring means it’s officially music festival season! And that means it’s time to start thinking about your concert packing list and the best festival things to bring. From Coachella’s desert festivities to four nights of Bonnaroo in Tennessee, there are endless music festivals to look forward to each year.

No matter which festival you’re going to, attending with a camper van is the best way to fully immerse yourself in the experience. To ensure you don’t forget any must-have items, we’ve assembled an essential music festival camping checklist and camping tips for camper van attendees!

Printable Music Festival Camping Essentials List

We have created a festival camping checklist with what to bring to a music festival and all the festival necessities needed to ensure your trip goes smoothly. We recommend you print off this packing list with our music festival must-haves to reference while you pack.

Printable festival essentials packing list for camping music festivals.

Music Festival Essentials

Tickets- Sometimes, the most obvious items are the easiest to forget. Purchase your festival tickets well in advance, and have them with you when you arrive!

Campground Reservations – Whether you plan camping on the festival grounds or at an off-site campground we recommend festival goers reserve your campsite early to get the best possible spot.

Festival Schedule- There’s a lot to experience at any festival, and we’d hate for you to miss out on one of your favorite performers accidentally. Get a hold of the festival calendar before the event and keep it with you so you can easily keep track of the lineup.



Make the festival schedule your lock screen so you can quickly see it during sets.

Camper Van Supplies

Escape Camper Vans makes it easy to ensure that you have all the gear and supplies you’ll need for a memorable (and stress-free) festival. Take a look at our extensive list of extra add-ons to make sure you don’t forget anything from our festival essentials list! Utilizing our extras means less time worrying about what to bring to a music festival and more time thinking about who you are going to see.

Bedding- Depending on which festival you’re attending, the nights could be pretty chilly. Add one of our extra bedding kits to ensure you sleep comfortably.

Portable Chargers- You won’t be able to charge your phone while your camper van is turned off, so packing a few portable chargers will help ensure that you’re always connected.

Rooftop Tent- Depending on how many people you’re camping with, you may need to add a rooftop tent to your camper van rental. With an added tent, many of our vans can comfortably sleep up to five people.

First Aid Kit- While we hope your weekend is filled with nothing but dancing, laughing, and amazing music- sometimes the unexpected happens. Having a first aid kit on hand can help take care of any minor injuries or wounds.

Solar Shower—Festivals can get muddy, and shower facilities can be hard to come by. Add one of these to your camper van rental to freshen up easily and feel your best throughout the event.

Ambiance- Part of the fun of bringing your camper van to a festival is getting to make it your own. Put up some string lights, set up your table and chairs, and bring portable speakers to keep the good vibes going in between heading to the main stage.

Personal Items

Sun protection- You’ll spend almost all your time outside during a summer music festival, so protecting yourself from those UV rays is essential! This makes SPF one of the most important music festival essentials and an essential part of your music festival checklist. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen, and add a door canopy to your vehicle rental to have enough shade when hanging out by your camper van.

Bug Spray-

Nothing kills a festival vibe more than being covered in itchy mosquito bites, so be sure to pack some insect-repellent spray or wipes. Remember to keep your camper van doors shut so you don’t have any buzzing intruders when you turn in for the night. We offer BugSocs (mesh window coverings) so you can leave your windows down without worrying about pesky insects.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste- Once you’re at the festival, it probably won’t be easy or convenient to venture out, so make sure you don’t forget these oral hygiene essentials!

Baby wipes- After a long day of dancing (and sweating) being able to wipe the day’s grime off before hitting the sack is incredibly underrated and will elevate your camping experience.

Towel- A thin, quick-drying towel is always good to have on hand, and it will barely take up any space in the van.

Earplugs- Music festivals are anything but quiet. If you’re a light sleeper, a good pair of ear plugs will make all the difference!

Small Fan- Since most festivals are during the summer, the days can be pretty hot. A small, handheld fan can be a festival essential when camping at a festival and you need to cool down.

Camping chairs- After standing all day and dancing all night you are going to want to have a seat waiting for you at your campsite, so don’t forget to add camping chairs to your festival preparation list. Camping chairs are essential for road trips and music festivals alike. They are available as an extra with your camper van rental.

Paper towels + toilet paper- Just in case.

Food and Drinks

While there will be plenty of food trucks and vendors to choose from at the festival, they’re often pricey and require waiting in long lines. To save time and money, we recommend taking advantage of Escape Camper Vans’ convenient kitchenettes and making easy, camper van-friendly meals.

Kitchen Kit- Grab a kitchen kit from our extra add-ons so that you have all the cooking utensils you’ll need to whip up yummy meals from your camper van.

Camp stove and propane- All Escape Camper Vans come standard with a two-burner propane camp stove. Propane is sold separately and available as an extra.

Water- Load up on plenty of water before the festival to ensure that you’re hydrated enough, especially in extra hot climates. Bring a reusable water bottle as well, so that you can easily refill during the festival.

Coffee- If you need a caffeine fix in the morning to keep your energy up, remember to bring your go-to coffee or tea. There are also tons of portable coffee makers that are perfect for espresso-loving campers. If you opt for the kitchen kit, it comes with a pour-over!

Fruits and Veggies- Load up on your favorite produce, which can easily be stored in the fridge of your camper van.

Snacks- Jerky, granola bars, dried fruit, trail mix, and chips are always great to have on hand! Don’t forget to throw a few in your backpack as well, in case hanger strikes while you’re away from the van.

Easy-to-make meals- From sandwiches to rice-based dishes, our handy kitchenettes make cooking up some of your favorite meals a breeze. If you’re looking for ideas, try out this healthy nacho recipe or check out these easy camper van meal ideas!!

Clothes and Accessories

Shorts, Summer Dresses, T-Shirts- Since most festivals happen during warmer months, classic summer wardrobe staples will probably be the bulk of your packing list. Bring what you’re most comfortable in, and choose items you can easily mix and match to avoid overpacking.

Sneakers- Comfortable shoes are a must-have at any music festival. Between walking around the festival grounds and countless hours spent dancing, the last thing you want is to end up with painful blisters.

Rain Jacket- Packing some waterproof layers is always a good idea when you’re camping in general. Ponchos and ultralight, packable rain jackets are both great space-saving options.

Sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats- Sun protection is one of the most important things to bring to a music festival. These will not only be the perfect addition to your festival outfit, but they’re also great for sun protection—a win-win!

Pajamas- Remember to pack cozy clothes for sleeping or lounging in the morning. For chilly nights, a pair of sweatpants and a warm hoodie are also good ideas.

Backpack or Sling- Having a small bag that doesn’t get in the way while you’re dancing is a necessary festival accessory. For added security, consider choosing a brand that makes convenient anti-theft bags like this one.

As long as you plan ahead and keep this music festival packing list handy, you’ll have an amazing festival season with the knowledge of the best festival camping necessities!

Why Rent a Camper Van for Festival Season?

Safe and secure- Don’t worry about your stuff getting stolen. With a camper van rental you will be able to leave all your valuables inside the locked vehicle.

Easy set-up- Traveling in a camper van makes setting up your camping areas a breeze. You can skip the packing of most of the camping gear–especially if you take advantage of our extras. The interior bed and rooftop sleeper mean you can skip the air mattress, sleeping bags, and tent.

Don’t worry about the little stuff- If you are traveling to your destination, you might not have all the necessary camping gear. Renting an Escape Camper Van means adding all the camping gear you want to your reservation, and thus, no more worrying about what to bring to a music festival. This way, you won’t have to worry about stopping at stores or not being able to get what you need in time.

Rent With Escape Camper Vans for Festival Season

Whether your summer plans involve camping at Bonnaroo or Coachella, Escape Camper vans are the perfect choice for this festival season. Packing for a music festival can be stressful, and we want to help! No more wondering what you need to bring to a music festival. Now that you are armed with our comprehensive packing list of festival essentials for campers, you don’t need to stress over what to bring to a festival or create your own festival checklist for packing.

Remember that our vehicles are approved for on-site camping at festivals, unlike many competitors. If you are looking for Coachella packing tips or Bonnaroo camping tips, check out our festival camping tips for more information on camper van camping.

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