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By Carrie Willink

The “where to begin” part of planning a road trip sometimes can seem like an enormous challenge, and possibly the hardest part. This can deter many from even trying to go on a road trip because the question can be too overwhelming-and that’s a crying shame!

We are here to help. We want to give you some practical tips to help you at the beginning stages of planning a road trip in a campervan, and some extra tips to do this with kids in the mix as well.

Pick Your Top 5 Dream Spots

If you are anything like our family, we want to go everywhere, right now! This isn’t always possible because of many variables. So we narrow it down to our favorite locations. You may need a few more than 5 to pick from if you are traveling with kids. Check out the Escape Campervan rental locations

Campervan in Colorado

Before Planning a Road Trip Schedule Your Time Off 

How many days off do you have to be able to make your road trip happen? Are you going to combine all these days or separate them into different road trips?  Is this your only trip of the year or do you want to do more? Once you decide the answers to these questions, get some dates on the calendar to look forward to planning a road trip!

Are You Bringing Kids Along?

Kids or no kids? We love bringing our kids along for every chance we get. However, every five years we like to take a trip alone,  just to be able to make our own unique experiences. This also changes the itinerary of a lot of your road trips. See the Escape blog for some logistics for planning Campervan Trips with Young Kids.

Planning a toad trip check list

Determine Your Budget

Once you’ve decided the above, now put together what you financially can handle. Who knows what could happen as you plan?  Example: You may find that a trip to Canada to be cheaper than right up the road because of flights vs. gas prices. Having a budget in mind will help you decide which of the top 5 dream road trip spots you can go to. 

Decide on Your Location

Now you can choose from the dream spots you picked above. What fits best? Be sure and check out different locations on the Escape Campervan Blog as they have already given so many fantastic ideas. 

Create A Road Trip Itinerary

We start with adventures and things we want to do and then work our way down. This way it helps you be sure you don’t miss anything along your route! Check out some of the amazing Escape itineraries!

  • Where to adventure – make a list of the things you want to see and do. This includes your favorite hikes, vistas, sites, climbs, bike rides/etc.  Keep your budget in mind, that you’ve already made. 
  • Where to stay – planning where to stay along the way will help you map your journey. Keep your budget in mind! 
  • Where to eat – doesn’t always mean restaurants. Once you’ve figured out when and where you want to go it may change what your grocery list looks like.

A woman cooking in the back of an Escape Campervan.

Keep safety in mind while exploring with an Escape Campervan.

Make a Packing List

Thinking about what to pack can be difficult and also fun! Check the weather in that area during the time you are visiting. Think through your activities and adventures! See the Road Trip Campervan Packing Tips on the Escape blog.

You may not believe this but preparing for your travels can be half the fun! We make it a priority to talk about it together ahead of time, look at pictures and get our kids involved. If you have kids or not, be sure and journal ahead of time what you think the trips are going to be like and what you are most excited to see, be sure and tag @escapecamprevan if you do! 

Book Your Campervan Road Trip! 

Let’s go over the list above… 

  1. Select your Escape Campervan
  2. Book your flights and check out Flying with Kids: 5 Tips For Stress-Free Travel!
  3. Book where to stay 
  4. Book your adventures (if you need tickets for any adventures or buy a national park pass/etc.) 
  5. Book your campervan and call 1-877-270-8267 if you need reservations. 

The anticipation as you prepare and dream can be so exciting, now go begin planning that road trip now!


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 In A Campervan”

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