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By Andre Griner

Years ago, when I was a kid, my family of six went on two road trips across the country. Our perfect family vacation started in Greenville, South Carolina.  We drove to the west coast and back, hitting up as many national parks as we could on both those trips. We had a blue, Dodge, fifteen-passenger van with 4 benches for seating; the last bench was the longest and thus, the envy of all desiring to fully stretch out. 

The road trips were long, boring, and full of uneventful moments. Sure, it was also full of beautiful national parks like Glacier National Park, The Grand Canyon, and many others, but mostly, it was full of long drives between destinations

Campervan on the perfect family vacation

Our Family Discovered The Perfect Family Vacation

But… this is where the magic happened. This is how my family escaped into connection. 

There is something magical that happens when you stuff six people (sometimes more) in an enclosed space, like a campervan, for long periods of time. Weird memories are formed. Bonds are strengthened. Most of my memories from those road trips have nothing to do with the destinations. The memories were formed around the journey and inside of the van. 

The Van Forced A Deeper Connection Amongst Us

The van not only drove us to our destinations but it drove the family into a deeper connection. I believe my family is stronger currently, in part, due to my parent’s decision to cram us in a van and drive across the country. Fast forward to the present day. Now I’m a dad desiring to foster connection with my wife and two kids. 

I don’t have a big blue van but the Escape campervan offered my family and me the perfect opportunity to break out of the mundane and escape into connection. A unique type of connection. A van connection. Will there be challenging times? Absolutely. But the goal of these van adventures is not the destination. It’s not for everything to run smoothly. It’s the connection. The memories. The time together with family or friends.

campervan kitchen campsite next to RV

Book A Campervan And Go On A Perfect Family Vacation

If you’re wondering if booking a camper van trip is worth it, trust me it is. It’s worth the time. It’s worth the money. You don’t have to have every little detail decided. Simply decide this: to connect. 

Make “connection” your aim, your mission. Delight in the bumps along the road.  Don’t rush or entertain yourself or your kids out of the “boring” moments. Many times, it’s these moments that birth creativity and beautiful memories.  So go ahead, find a campervan depot near you, select a van, and prepare for your very own vancation (van vacation). Then… let the van work its magic. 

Campervan in Ohio

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