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Class B RV Rental


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You’ve been searching for adventure and decided to plan a camping trip. However, now you’re stuck trying to find the best transportation and sleeping options. You’ve come to the right place!

At Escape Camper Vans, we aim to provide you with the best experience on your getaways. With four different models, we’ve got something for everyone. If you’ve recently come across class B RV rentals and are wondering if they’re the right option, this guide will break it all down for you. 

What Does Class B Mean for RV?

A class B RV is a small motorhome. While this is a compact class of RVs, they still have some great amenities for renters. The main benefit of class B RV rental over larger options like class C RVs is their smaller size. It makes them more fuel-efficient and much easier for most people to drive and manage. 

Those looking for something fuel-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to drive will appreciate the camper vans we offer at Escape Camper Vans. At Escape, we aim to provide a budget-friendly option that still has premium features like a kitchen and comfortable sleeping spaces. Our streamlined, condensed camper vans are perfect for those who are looking to get away for a nice vacation without hassle. 

What Does Class B Mean for RV?

Is a Class B Considered a Van or RV?

Technically speaking, the term RV (recreational vehicle) covers most oversized vehicles like large vans, trailers, and campers that can be towed. Many people refer to class B RVs as camper vans since they’re essentially a hybrid between the two. These are usually RVs that were built on van chassis, so they take on some of the appearance and shape of a van with a larger size and a few more features. 

When searching for a luxury class B RV rental near me, you’ll likely notice they don’t look exactly like what you’d imagine when you hear the term “RV.” Most people think of Class C RVs when they hear the term, which are the big, clunky motorhomes.  

While larger options will have some extra features, most people find them more challenging to manage. Specifically, large-class C RVs are very hard to drive. It feels like you’re driving something like a bus or a truck with a larger trailer. You’ll encounter lager blind spots on the sides and behind you, which make it harder to change lanes, back into your campsite, or park. 

That’s why we’ve made our camper vans at Escape much more nimble. They’re great for the average person who wants to get out on the road. Driving our camper vans will feel pretty similar to driving a larger car; you can navigate and set up in your campsite without issues.   

Is Class B the Smallest RV?

Class B is the smallest RV and is usually the best size for most people. While searching for recreational vehicle rental agencies near the United States, you’ll find many classes of RVs available. Other larger options include:

  • Class A RVs: These are the biggest type of RV. They come with several premium features like king-size beds, a full bathroom, washers and dryers, and even sometimes mobile garages that can hold a car. However, these are very expensive to rent and difficult to drive when you aren’t familiar with operating an oversized vehicle. 
  • Class C RVs: Class C is the more common type of RV. It’s smaller than class A but still larger than class B RVs. You’ll still get premium features like a defined bathroom area, storage cabinets, and larger beds in some cases. However, class C is still pretty expensive for the average person to rent and harder to drive than class B. 
  • Class B+ RVs: Certain types of class B RVs can also be classified as class B+. These will typically have more premium features than a standard camper van. Those searching for a class B RV rental near me with bathroom or class B RV with largest bathroom may gravitate toward this option. That said, they can be costly given the extra features. 

Is Class B the Smallest RV?

At Escape, we’ve found our customers appreciate the compact and minimalist nature of our camper vans. You won’t have all the features like a bathroom or shower in your van, but some of those can cause more issues than benefits. For example, if you plan to rent your camper for a longer amount of time, you’ll likely have to empty the toilet’s holding tank, which can be unfavorable, or you may encounter more maintenance issues. 

So, while looking for something like the smallest class B motorhome with a shower and toilet can sound like a good idea, it may detract from your relaxation in the long run. After all, when you go camping, you just want to relax and enjoy your time in nature.

Is There a Bathroom in a Class B RV?

Some class B RVs do come with a bathroom. With this size vehicle, it’s most common to see a class B RV with dry baths; however, some may have a full bathroom with running water. 

However, as mentioned, these bathrooms can be a hassle when you have to empty holding tanks or deal with maintenance issues that come up with compact plumbing. 

Plus, while searching for van rental agencies near the United States, you’ll usually find the ones offering class B vans with bathrooms cost much more. Class B rentals with a full bathroom usually run you 2-3x more than an Escape Camper Van.

So, those who are looking for a nice getwaey in a easy-to-use van, will find exactly what they need at Escape. If you’re looking for a bathroom, many campgrounds have bathrooms or showers that you can use. Campers can always get by practicing leave-no-trace principles

Can You Stand Up in a Class B RV?

While searching for a luxury class B RV rental, you’ll probably be concerned about maneuvering around your unit. Fortunately, someone of average height can stand up inside many class B RV models. 

Many of these camper vans are built with a raised roof and dropped floor to make it easier to walk around them when parked. The average interior height of a Class B RV is around 74 inches. That means anyone under 6’2” could stand up in the average-sized camper van. 

If you’re taller, something like our Del Mar pop-up camper van at Escape would be a great choice. With its pop-up top extended, it goes up to 8.1 feet, so you can easily stand up in it.   

Can You Stand Up in a Class B RV?

Why Are Class B RV So Popular?

When you see an RV class B rental near me advertised frequently, you might wonder why it’s so popular. The main reason is because they’re the easiest to drive and use. Driving a camper van is pretty similar to what you’d experience operating most larger cars, trucks, or vans. So, the average person will find it easy to maneuver. 

Some other reasons why B RVs are so popular:

  • They’re affordable: When you’re on a budget, it can feel challenging to spring for a nice vacation. Class B RVs are less expensive than larger options like Class A or C RVs. Class B RVs allow for easy transportation and sleeping space at a low cost per night while camping, making htem an ideal choice. 
  • Streamlined feel: While camper vans are compact, they generally have an easily accessible layout that anyone can operate. At Escape, our camper vans feature rear bucket seats that you don’t have to collapse to set up your bed, making everything feel more manageable.   
  • Amenities: A class B camper van has a few more amenities than your regular van or tent. While it won’t have all the bells and whistles of larger RVs, you’ll get everything you need with our vans from Escape. This includes a 2-burner propane stove, fridge, water tank, sink, and storage space. 
  • Fuel efficiency: When you compare luxury class B RV rental costs to bigger options like class A or C RVs, fuel efficiency stands out. These compact units don’t take as much energy to run, so you won’t be stuck filling up at the gas station all the time as you drive around during your trip. 
  • Safety: Sleeping in a nice camper van will feel much safer than sleeping in a tent, which leaves you more exposed if a storm comes through. You’ll also be safer while driving since you’ll have more visibility around you compared to larger RVs.  

Campers can rest assured they’ll have a great experience with our vans from Escape. We ensure they stay well-maintained and are ready to go when you pick them up for your trip. 

What Are the Cons of Class B RV?

While class B RVs have many benefits, there are still some cons that won’t make them right for everyone. That includes:

  • Size: The main drawback some people will find with class B RVs is they’re smaller than other options. You won’t have as much living space to walk around inside, and many won’t have space for amenities like a full bathroom and shower. 
  • Storage: While our camper vans at Escape have storage inside, they don’t have as many storage options as bigger units like Class A or C RVs. However, some of the best camping experiences are the more minimalistic ones, where you can disconnect and enjoy nature. So, it depends on the experience you’re seeking. 
  • Setup and teardown: While it’s not too much of a hassle, smaller campers require a little extra setup and teardown. For instance, you’ll have to extend the pop-top and set up the kitchen equipment in the back or prop up external items like sunshades. However, you’ll get used to the process quickly, so it’s not too bad considering the other benefits.  

Though there are a few cons, when you compare pricing, camper vans are an excellent choice for most. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Class B RV?

On average, class B RV pricing can range from about $100-200 per night, depending on the location, time of year, and length of your trip. Escape Camper Vans offers affordable rates that vary depending on the season. Those looking to get the most bang for their buck should consider taking a winter or spring trip.

If you’re searching for an RV with more extensive amenities like a full bathroom and shower, you may be looking at something that costs more than $200 per day. However, the average person who wants some features will find that Class B RV are more than enough for a great camping experience. 

While renting a camper van, you’ll also want to consider other expenses like gas and mileage fees that are common with these types of rentals. Mileage fees typically are around $0.30-0.40 cents per mile you drive. While you may find the occasional class B RV rental unlimited miles listing posted somewhere, the daily cost is higher to account for this. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Class B RV?

How Much to Rent a Small RV for a Week?

Generally, small RVs or camper vans cost around $100 per day to rent. So, expect to spend between $700 and $1,000 on the vehicle when you rent one for a full week. 

When you compare that to a class C RV that will cost around $300 per night to rent or $2,100 per week, you’re getting a pretty good deal overall. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV for 3 Months?

When you plan to rent a class B RV for a month or longer, companies typically offer a discount on the daily price. For a 3-month rental, the average class B RV or camper van could cost closer to $75 per night, which would total around $6,750. 

How Much Does it Cost to Lease an RV for a Year?

With a yearlong lease on a camper or RV, you could again expect a discount on the daily price since you’re giving a longer commitment. It would usually end up being around $50-60 per night, which would equal out to around $19,000 in total on average. 

If you’re looking into a longer lease on a camper van, you can contact someone from our in-house customer service team at Escape Camper Vans for help working out a deal or picking the right option for your needs. 

Why Are Class B Motorhomes so Expensive?

While class B motorhomes are less expensive than bigger RVs, some may still wonder what goes into calculating the nightly expense. The main reason motorhome and camper van rentals cost as much as they do is the maintenance and service that companies provide.

At Escape Camper Vans, we aim to ensure that all our vehicles are well-maintained, cleaned, and ready to go when you pick them up. That means less hassle for you since they’ll operate smoothly, and you’ll have a lower chance of encountering issues during your trip. 

We also have a full in-house service team to help you with all your needs. We want to help you get set up and have the best experience throughout your trip, so we’ll be there to assist if you need anything. 

Is a Class B RV Worth the Money?

Most people find that class B RV or camper van rentals are worth the money. When you compare them to bigger RVs, it’s pretty clear that it’s not a bad deal. Not to mention, renting a camper van is much easier and safer than setting up a tent when you’re camping. Plus, you get some nice amenities. 

While it is true that RV owners sometimes regret purchasing RVs, renting a class B RV is the perfect way to enjoy all of the benefits without having owning an asset that can be costly to maintain over the long term.

Is a Class B RV Worth the Money?

Why Renting a Camper Van from Escape Camper Vans is the Right Choice

Escape Camper Vans is the ideal choice when you’re looking for a vehicle and sleeping solution for your next camping trip or your next national parks visit. 

We operate out of 11 different locations across the U.S. and have over 600 vans available to rent. One of the things our customers think stands out the most about our camper vans is their uniquely painted designs. Many find it to be a great conversation piece when interacting with other tourists or locals while traveling.

Other great amenities that make our camper vans stand out are:

  • Uniquely handpainted designs
  • Frequently maintained and tested for reliability
  • Queen size beds
  • Foldaway benches and tables
  • Pull-out propane stove
  • Water tanks and sinks
  • Refrigerator
  • Extra storage

If you’re ready to plan your next trip in a camper van rental, you can reserve yours today or contact us with any other questions you have. 

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