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Campnab: A Camper’s Tool To Finding Somewhere To Sleep On Your Next Road Trip

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May 21, 2024 Campnab: A Camper’s Tool To Finding Somewhere To Sleep On Your Next Road Trip
Escape Campervan

Many camper van renters have struggled to find campsites at popular parks, like Yosemite National Park and Grand Canyon National Park. So, when we started hearing about their successes with Campnab in our Facebook group called Escape Camper Vans Community, we decided to do some investigation of our own.

What Is Campnab?

Campnab is a tool built by two campers (Eric Shelkie and Eric Karjaluoto) from Canada. Eric Shelkie couldn’t book a campsite because everything was sold out. Then, his wife spotted an opening just by hitting Refresh on the BC Parks booking page. This led him to ask how that opening became available.

He learned that campsite bookings are often canceled. Unfortunately, it’s impractical to reload a website all day long, hoping to spot an opening. So, he built a tool that’d notify him when something suitable opened up. It worked so well that he made it available to all campers.

Use Campnab to Get Campsite Availability Notifications

With Campnab, you create a scan to match your preferred camping experience. You start by noting the park you wish to camp at, and your desired campground. From there you set an arrival date (you can make it flexible) and the number of nights you wish to stay for. You then provide your mobile number so they can text you new availabilities.

You’re also prompted to choose a pay-per-use scan or monthly/annual membership. Eric tells us that memberships offer the best value, as they afford more scans and flexibility at a lower price. Pay-per-use scans cost $10 – $20, whereas, monthly memberships range from $10 – $50 a month depending on the plan you choose.

Does Campnab Work?

Our renters used Campnab to find spots at popular parks. We were curious, though. Is this what most people can expect from Campnab? Eric Karjaluoto explained, “It really depends on the situation and your scan parameters. We don’t control the supply. We only scan for openings.” He continued: “Running multiple (slightly varied) scans, being flexible about your arrival dates, and planning ahead can make a big difference.”

From Campnab’s Review page it appears that many are pleased with the service. Campnab user Glen S., notes: “Without Campnab we would have had to completely change our plans or pay hundreds of dollars to keep our original plan. Campnab is a freaking GENIUS idea and I will absolutely use you again in the future and recommend you to anyone who could use your services.”

Does Campnab Use Bots To Secure A Spot?

Some are apprehensive about using an automated service to find a campsite. We asked Eric Shelkie about his feelings on this point. He explained, “We’ve heard about people using bots to hoard campsite reservations—and then resell those spots. We don’t want any part in that. In fact, we don’t even book spots for our members. We only notify them when openings come available. The rest is up to them.”

So, Campnab provides a legitimate service—and their users appreciate how it works for them. Eric also noted that without a service like Campnab, many of these spots would go unused. He mentioned that in their first year of service, they saw up to 4,000 new spots a day open up in B.C. and Ontario alone. So, otherwise, sold-out campsites do open up all the time.

Let Campnab Guide You To Your Next Adventure

If you have more questions about Campnab, you’ll likely find the answer on their About page or, if you’re ready to create a scan, you can get started on Campnab’s homepage.  No more waiting to secure a campsite spot.  Book your campervan, download the app, and set off on your road adventure today!




2 thoughts on “Campnab: A Camper’s Tool To Finding Somewhere To Sleep On Your Next Road Trip”

  1. Can’t say enough great things about CampNab. We used them this summer to secure 3 nights in Yosemite. Being in the valley made all the difference and without CampNab, it wouldn’t have happened. When we departed LA in our van, we had 2 nights and were still trying to land the last one. When we pulled into Glacier Point, I got an alert and snagged the final night we needed. WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!

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