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We welcome travelers from over 35 countries (and counting!) – from expert campers to first-timers, from students to young families to baby boomers. That’s why we have a flexible, easy-to-understand rate structure that can cater to all levels, capabilities & preferences. We pride ourselves on being transparent about what goes into our rates.

Escape vs Traditional RV Companies

At Escape, our campervans start with a daily rate that includes everything you need to get things kicked off. Then, depending on what you’re looking for, your experience, and comfort levels, we have all sorts of packages and extras that cater to your needs. PLUS, the best part? Every rental will receive top-quality service (avg. 4.8/5 customer rating) and exclusive local tips & trip recommendations.

Look out for hidden costs

As you do your research, make sure you look carefully at exactly what is included in the daily rate and what is not. It is best if you can look at your options apples-to-apples.

Over the years, we have developed user-friendly rental terms, uncomplicated rates, and flexible insurance options with transparent costs.

What’s Included in the Escape Rate?

  • Guaranteed unique exteriors featuring hand-painted artwork.
  • Custom-built bed fit out (with storage space).
  • Kitchen fit out (w/ sink, refrigerator & propane stove).
  • Dual battery system (with solar panel).
  • Roadside assistance (24/7).
  • No van preparation fee.
  • No compulsory insurance charge on top of the daily rate.
  • No charge for extra drivers (up to 4 drivers free).
  • No young driver fees – must be 21 years old to rent.
  • Escape Camper Vans only charges a US$250 deposit for pick-ups at US locations. You pay the balance when you collect your camper.

Rates Calculation

  • Rates are calculated by night.
  • Nightly rates change according to the season, as well as the length of your trip.
  • The daily rate decreases the longer you rent: enjoy price breaks when you hit certain trip lengths (eg. 7, 14, 21 days).
  • We don’t charge for the drop-off day as long as you return by 10 am.

Mileage – US

There will be an estimated mileage deposit at the time of pick up for 100 miles/day. The per-mile rate charged is according to your van model.

Miles are taxable and will be charged at drop off. 

At drop-off, if you have driven less than the amount covered by your deposit, you will be refunded at the corresponding mileage rate. At drop-off, if you have driven more than the amount covered by the deposit, you will be charged for excess miles at the rate that corresponds with your vehicle model.

Santa Cruz & Mavericks: the $30/day deposit covers 100 miles per day, averaged over your trip. Excess miles are charged or unused miles are refunded at $0.30 cents per mile.

Mesa & Jeep Camper: the $33/day deposit covers 100 miles per day, averaged over your trip. Excess miles are charged or unused miles are refunded at $0.33 cents per mile.

Del Mar (Pop Top): the $36/day deposit covers 100 miles per day, averaged over your trip. Excess miles are charged or unused miles are refunded at $0.36 cents per mile.


Included in the daily rate in the US is minimum liability insurance (please note, however, that state minimums vary, and usually only cover a very nominal amount). We do not collect a bond, freeze your credit card, or force you into taking extra insurance. For all the insurance details, please click here.

Minimum Days

Our website quotes a minimum of 3 days for all locations. These short bookings will have a higher daily rate than a 7-day+ rental. One-way rentals will have a minimum length of hire depending on the route.

Rates Price Breaks

The daily rate decreases the longer you rent.

  • 3 Days
  • 4 – 6 Days
  • 7 – 13 Days
  • 14 – 20 Days
  • 21 – 34 Days
  • 35+

We do not publish our rates as they are constantly changing, but much like an airline, the further in advance you book, the more likely you will receive a cheaper price. Also, check out our specials page for great discounts and campervan relocation deals.

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