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Let Winter Roll: Join us for a winter hype event!

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May 21, 2024 Let Winter Roll: Join us for a winter hype event!

We feel that Old Man Winter gets a bad wrap for bringing cold, dark day so many of us dread. It’s not his fault he was given this title and we shouldn’t punish this genial old man with so much disdain. This is why Escape Camper Vans has teamed up with some awesome brands to put on a winter hype event to change your mind of this humble old man!

How, you may ask? By allowing Old Man Winter to get you totally hyped, jacked, stoked, jazzed, elevated… you get the picture!


Let Winter Roll Denver Event

Let’s Start With SNOW!


For roughly 6 months of the year, this magical white dust falls from the sky to blanket the ground. Think Elsa’s frozen castle mixed with a cup of hot chocolate (marshmallows optional). It turns the most desolate places into a wonderland. The beauty is unmatched, untamed, and uncontrollably wild!

Luckily, we have several locations that reap the benefits of this Disney princess wonderland: Denver, Seattle, Portland, New York, Vancouver, and Calgary!  Since our goal is to build (insert hype adjective here) about winter adventures, check out some of the national parks that surround our winter locations.

Regardless, we’re always praying for snow… especially during our Let Winter Roll event. Good thing the event is held indoors, so no need to panic!

Moving Onto COZY NIGHTS!


It’s about bundling up under a warm blanket, crawling into your favorite chair, and indulging on, what we’re perceiving as, delicious chestnuts. In all honesty, not exactly positive what a chestnut tastes like but we do equate them to cozy nights. Without our Old Man Winter, we would have to settle for long clammy nights and under-cooked chestnuts. Remember cozy = comfortable!

Thankfully, Let Winter Roll is a BYOC or Bring Your Own Chair event. This means you’re able to bring that chair that’s perfectly molded to your back end, the one that’s been on all your grand adventures, and yes, that one that is near and dear to your heart. Time to hit you with a cheesy 90’s furniture slogan… when you’re comfortable, we’re comfortable!

Let them SKI!



It would be difficult not to hype up this frigid season without mentioning skiing/snowboarding. We’d love to dive into the rich history of the sport dating back to rugged men and frozen trees, but that seems excessive. Instead, insert epic music, slow-motion shots of powder spray, and a narrator deeply talking about the crunch of snow under the boot, epic powder days, melting and apres beers. Goosebumps yet? Yes, the sport is addicting and can cause serious withdrawals but for those of us who do indulge just remember… we’re all in it together.

Hopefully you were able to read that with legendary music playing in the background. But if you weren’t so lucky, then Let Winter Roll has your back. Tight Loose, by Teton Gravity Research, will be played during the event to continue the hype train!



Let Winter Roll brings together like-minded brands to celebrate all things winter! Regardless if you ski, snowboard, or just choose to explore off the slopes, winter is about getting outside and exploring the unknown, then cuddling up afterward.

Location: RackHouse Pub
Date: November 14, 2019
Time: 6-10 pm

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