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One of the top questions we get from Escape renters is how to stay warm in your campervan when it’s cold outside.

The winter and shoulder seasons can be a great time to take a campervan trip. We offer off-season rates and campgrounds are less busy. But, while we provide extra comforters and heaters (with extension cords) free of charge, nights can still get chilly. Here are a few tips for staying warm in your Escape rental.

Family campervan trip bed

Pack down and wool layers

When you’re packing for your escape, leave room in your suitcase for a down jacket, blanket, and wool layers. Down blankets and jackets can be stuffed into your bag without taking up much room. Add wool socks, hat and base layers to your packing list so you’ll have options to bundle up for extra warmth.

Try air-activated body warmers

You can find air-activated hand, feet, and body warmers at most sporting goods stores. These non-toxic and compact warmers can be held in your hands or tucked in your clothing for extra warmth, plus they last up to 12 hours.

Sleep with a warm water bottle

Fill your wide-mouthed, reusable water bottle with hot water and put it in your bedding to keep you warm through the night. You can also pick up a classic rubber water bottle from drug and wellness stores, which doubles as a home remedy to treat aches and pains.

Consume warm beverages and soups

When you are buying groceries for your Escape van, don’t forget the warm beverages and hearty soups that will warm you to the core. You can even get creative making gourmet cocoa for dessert!

Other tips for staying warm in your campervan

Before you go to sleep, it also helps to turn on the heat for a few minutes (after you’ve closed the doors and windows) to heat up the back of the van. And of course, snuggling with your pooch or partner will always keep you toasty at night!

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