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Nuestros mejores consejos para ahorrar dinero en un viaje en autocaravana:

By Carrie Willink

Escape opened a new campervan rental location in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2017. So naturally, we had to give you a run-down of the best food and drink places in Phoenix! Check out all of these options from restaurants, breweries and coffee shops from all different price points.


Culinary Dropout


Random fact: there are approximately 620,807 restaurants in America. With that in mind, this was rated in the top 100 by OpenTable! That can tell you how great of an experience you will have.

This place is no joke one of the coolest places — they have just about everything going for them. Right when you walk in the door you’ll have all the best vibes from the unique decor, places for a sit-down meal, places to lounge on a couch by the bar and even an area for some backyard games.

Even the awesome style of the wait staff will make you feel hip and cooler than you really are. The food is delicious and so are the drinks. A little on the pricier side, you are paying for the experience as well as the food. There’s also live music every weekend night!

I recommend the “soft pretzels with provolone fondue.” It will make you a happy person.

Welcome Diner


Get ready to have not only your mind blown, but your taste buds too! I thought this place would be a pretty fun place to eat because of its location and unapologetic atmosphere (if you’re anything like me, this is my favorite kind of place). I mean, at the camper location, if you have to whiz, you have to first wash the dishes. Kidding, but seriously go to the bathroom just for the experience!

I had no idea that the food would absolutely take my breath away. I highly recommend the Big Jim (fried chicken, sausage gravy & cheddar bacon) & Fried Green Tomato Sandwich. Remember to bring a few extra monies and try their in-house whiskey.

Pizzeria Bianco


This place is one of a kind! If you’ve ever visited Italy then you know most pizza is not like here in the States. This is one of the closest we have found to be just like stepping into Italy.

Random: Unless you park down the street, they require you to use their parking valet service.  The nice part is that Pizzeria Bianco will vouch your parking, but it is still a good idea to tip.

Bar Bianco (Wine Bar)


Right next to Pizzeria you will find the most unique wine bar. They know their stuff so just ask what they may think you’d like. Don’t be surprised if they offer something outside of the box. Everything our family tried was delicious and is definitely one of the top food and drink places in Phoenix.

Taco Guild (Church)


Honestly, I’m still unsure what I think of this place. It is an old church-turned-taco-restaurant / bar. So crazy! Our 2-year-old daughter was a bit creeped out the whole time and kept saying there were ghosts. The coolest, kindest staff!

The architecture of the place was so unique and pretty darn cool! But what really matters… the tacos! They were fresh & uniquely delicious! Very reasonably priced.

Waffle Love


My absolute favorite taste in my mouth, of all time, lies within the walls of this place (or food truck). The Strawberries and Cream is my favorite but you can’t go wrong with any of the waffles. Also if you want to light up your life with the  ‘cuteness’ factor the western style at this place is on point!


Four Peaks


Four Peaks is a staple. A local favorite, be sure to try a flight so you can see what you like. This is by far the most popular breweries in the area. I haven’t ever gone when it’s quiet but it will make its mark on you between the amazing brews and uniquely tasty food! Be sure to try the Kilt Lifter, their most popular beer, a Scottish IPA that will blow your mind!



Comfortable and fun for the whole family! This also makes for a fun atmosphere if you have kids. They have all kinds of yard games and even make you feel welcome to bring kids and even dogs! We found this to definitely be one of the must-visit food and drink places in Phoenix.

Coffee Shops (A.K.A. “Life Shops”)

Sip Coffee and Beer House

Sip Coffee and Beer House, located in Old Town Scottsdale, has all the right vibes. Grab a beer, grab a coffee, kick back and enjoy an open mic night or live music on the weekends. This is your classic “cute” coffee house that will give you all of the Instagram photos you could dream of.


If you have knee high socks, over 6 tattoos or a beanie you should fit right in. If not ignore the pretty clear dress code because this coffee is delicious! I grabbed some coffee with Remy in my pack one day.I’m pretty sure they thought I was from a different planet (with my baby growth off of me). She was the most interesting thing anyone there had ever seen. Such a kind staff.This is probably the most laid-back coffee shop I’ve walked into.


If you are looking to get to know that area better, or any area really, look up the “treasure map” app!You can get to know the town/location you are in while playing a game! So fun. Phoenix is such a unique town with so many secret spots and things to do and see!


Get Your Taste Buds Ready

Now get out there and get it, taste it and explore it! Book your campervan trip today to start your journey out to Phoenix, Arizona. You will not want to miss out on these food and drink places while you’re there.

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