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Need a Car Rental? Rent a Campervan Instead


Mai 21, 2024 Need a Car Rental? Rent a Campervan Instead

There’s a lot that goes into planning a vacation – that’s one thing we know for sure. Throw in a rental car shortage, and things get even harder. Many times an SUV or van rents out quickly, and a compact just doesn’t have the space or ruggedness you need. And if you’re planning on going somewhere more remote, like a national park, then it might be a challenge finding convenient dining and lodging options too. 

This is where we come in: if you’re having trouble finding a car rental that meets your needs, why not rent a campervan? A camper van can go anywhere a car can go, costs roughly the same as a rental car, and acts as a kitchen and hotel. Added bonus? You’ll look pretty cool driving down the road in a hand-painted Escape Campervan.

Banff National Park campervan

It’s Official: Car Rentals Are in Short Supply This Year 

Just like at car dealerships, car rental parking lots are looking emptier these days. Many companies had to sell inventory to make ends meet during the pandemic, leading to the rental car shortage we’re seeing now. With fewer vehicles to choose from, you can no longer count on being able to book a rental car at the last minute. Instead, you’ll need to plan ahead, do your research, and book far in advance to get a car to fit your family. 

Plus: expect to pay more than you used to, as prices have surged due to the low supply. For example, a recent Kayak search shows that a midsize sedan in Orlando can cost up to $550 dollars for a week in June.  That’s almost $100 above an Escape campervan for the same week. Add a rental car fee to the costs of hotels and eating out, and you won’t have much budget left over for all the fun stuff. 


Campervans Do Everything Rental Cars Can And More

Instead of stressing out over renting a car, rent a camper van and add some fun to your adventures. Campervans drive like an ordinary van but have a fold-out bed and kitchen in the back. You can take them anywhere you would take a regular car–from Disney World to Big Sur and every place in between. They handle smoothly on the road, unlike a cumbersome RV, so you can plan on driving your camper van into the city to visit relatives or pick up food at a drive-through.

Right now, your camper van rental may cost roughly the same or less than using a car rental. You may even come out ahead by saving money on your lodging and food. Escape campervans, for instance, are large enough to seat and sleep up to five people. A sink, fridge, and stove in the back let you cook as many meals as you wish. You can cook dinner when you park at night and whip up some breakfast each morning before heading off again. One thing’s for sure – you can’t cook pancakes in a rental car! 

Escape campervan at night with popup

No way around it -- Escape campervans are just cool.

Go With Escape For Your Camper Van Rental

If you find yourself asking “what can you do instead of renting a car?”, rent a campervan for all of your adventures this year instead. Escape Campervan has a vehicle for everything from cross-country trips to weekend getaways. Each campervan is custom hand-painted and outfitted with a queen-sized bed and built-in kitchen. Plus, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride as you explore your travel destination. Find your closest depot and book today!

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