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Seguite i nostri consigli per risparmiare denaro viaggiando in camper:

By Jasmine Burgan

Sometimes you just need some inspiration. Whether you’re in the planning phases of a trip, packing your bags the day before, or already out on the open road – it can be incredibly motivating to hear tales of others out there kicking goals and experiencing new things.

Part of the beauty of being human is in our diversity. Adventure is subjective and can take many different forms–but emotion and connection are universal, and we’re lucky in this day and age to have so many platforms available to share our stories. Practical advice, inspiration or just a good laugh–we all get something different out of other peoples stories, and sometimes we’re surprised by what impacts us the most.

Travel can be beautiful, enlightening, romantic, inspiring….all of the above. But not every adventure is all rainbows and unicorns–things can get hairy out there. However, it’s our triumphs in overcoming complications that usually play a huge part in what makes the memories so special.

And when we’re back at “home,” wherever that may be, dreaming of trudging through new landscapes and dappling in new experiences, we can revel in the fact that there are so many mediums in which we can live vicariously through others doing exactly that.

I thought I’d share some of the podcasts and books I’ve related to or drawn inspiration from recently in case you can get something out of them too. And I even threw in some of the music that’s made up the soundtrack to some of my recent adventures.

Stay safe out there and happy travels!


Women on the Road

Powerful, varied tales from women who are living on the road in many different shapes and forms. Expect to hear everything from practical tips on building your own home on wheels, maintaining relationships on the road, to real life personal accounts of the various issues women have faced in living this lifestyle. I’ve laughed and cried along to this podcast more times than I’m willing to admit!

She Explores

The parent-podcast to Women on the Road, She Explores encompasses a wide variety of topics related to women in the outdoors. Thought-provoking and eloquent, this podcast leaves no stone unturned and can make hours on the road feel like minutes.


Spend an hour learning about something or someone – from history to health, politics to crime, these compelling conversations are always interesting.

Learn a language on Spotify

Because who doesn’t need to know the Spanish word for toilet? You’d be surprised at the language resources you can find on Spotify, and even more surprised at the weird times in life when things like this will come in handy.


Walden on Wheels

By: Ken Ilgunas

Good for: aspiring vanlifers, those interested in saving money

If you’re into #vanlife – this book is for you. Author Ken tells the story of how he lived in his van illegally on his university campus to save money and pay his student debts whilst getting a degree.


By: Cheryl Strayed

Good for: hikers, those wanting inspiration to make a big change

You probably know this story from the movie featuring Reese Witherspoon – it’s a great one. But you don’t need me to tell you that the books are always better! Do yourself a favor and read the full account of Cheryl’s journey.

The Alchemist

By: Paulo Coelho

Good for: dreamers, solo travelers

A book about following your dreams, told as a mystical story but carrying a much deeper message.


By: Robyn Davidson

Good for: animal lovers

Robyn travels 2800km+ across the Australian outback with four camels and a dog.


I highly recommend you download all of your music to your device so that you can listen to it offline – perfect for when you’re on the open road with no service! Browse ready-made playlists or create your own – here are my recommendations.

Classic Acoustic – Mostly older acoustic songs, a cultured and classic vibe.

Roadtripping Across Americana – All American songs both old and new.

Escape – My own travel-inspired collection of favorite songs. You won’t know until you try it!

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