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As you begin to plan your campervan road trip adventure, you may be having trouble deciding on what camper van model to rent. Every Escape campervan rental comes with a comfortable bed and a kitchen with a stove, sink, and fridge — and they are all wrapped up in one-of-a-kind artwork. But each model also has some unique features that may fit your trip needs better than the other vans. So, which campervan is right for you?

To make your decision a bit easier, we have curated some suggestions from past renters (please note that certain models may not be available at all Escape Camper Vans rental locations).

Solo Trippers

Woman in jacket walking by campervan

When traveling by yourself, look for something sleek and compact.

When traveling alone, many of our renters opt for the smaller Santa Cruz model. Everything is placed just right for one person to feel comfortable and safe. The double bed is the perfect size for a good night’s sleep, and the one-burner stove and attached fridge work well for smaller meals. (Note: the Santa Cruz also works well for couples that don’t mind the smaller space!)

Romantic Getaways:

Couple on romantic road trip in campervan.

While the Mavericks are great for couples, any size van can work for your romantic getaway! Credit: James Bonanno

It’s amazing how many of our renters use their vans for engagements, elopements, and honeymoons. These newlyweds usually go for the more intimate Santa Cruz. Other couples who want to take more gear with them tend to gravitate to the larger Mavericks. With the larger van, they get the roomier queen-size bed, but can still stay cozy (it’s still a campervan, after all!) They also can make more use of the larger kitchen, as the two-burner Coleman stove makes it easier to feed 2, and get creative with your meals!

Family Vacations:

Family watching balloon festival from campervan.

There's no better vacation to bond with your kids than a campervan road trip.

Unfortunately, Escape doesn’t offer the green wood-paneled station wagon of the Griswalds. Still, families can enjoy their campervan vacation in our Mavericks model. With the rooftop sleeper, you can sleep up to 5 and still have room for all your stuff. The fold-away table and benches are great for enjoying family dinners together.

Large Families With Small Kids:

Big Sur campervan in Rocky Mountain National Park

In our Big Sur model, you don't have to take out the back seats to fold down the bed.

Those with really little ones prefer the Big Sur. About 2 feet longer than the Mavericks but newer and still easy to drive, the Big Sur has more room for squirly kids to bounce around while waiting for the outside fun to begin.

The extra room is also needed when you are waiting out inclement weather patterns or if your family road trip includes your four-legged furry friends. Parents love that you don’t have to fold away the bucket seats when you put down the bed, so any car seats can stay put for the entire vacation!

Friends Forever Road Trip:

Escape Campervan in Rockies.

Take a road trip through the mountains with your best friends.

When you’re traveling with a pack of friends, it’s important to feel like everyone is part of the group while still having enough individual space so that everyone stays happy on the long highway stretches. The Big Sur is large enough to accomplish just that. It comfortably seats 5 and has enough room to store your surfboards, mountain bikes or festival supplies both in and on the van.

Music Festivals And Other Group Camping Destinations:

Group of friends camping at musical festival with campervan.

A Mavericks van is the perfect way to experience Coachella or Bonnaroo.

While camping at a national park will always be popular, our renters also take our vans to festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo. Other group camping destinations like marathons and races, theme parks, tailgates, and fairs have seen an uptick. Past renters find campervans are much more convenient than larger RV’s or tents. The comfy bed is much appreciated after a long day (or night) of activity, and the kitchen provides a great break from the usual overpriced and unhealthy festival food. Plus, your camper van can fit in most tent sites or parking lots, which usually gets you closer to the action and saves you a ton of cash.

To pack as many people as possible with a reasonable width and length, renters look at the Mavericks with a rooftop sleeper. Just don’t be surprised when the custom paint job attracts a whole lot of new friends.

Glamping It Up:

Inside of Escape Van Newport Camper.

If you want all the amenities and still fit in a small footprint, look for something like our Newport Camper.

Some want all the amenities without the hassle of a full-sized motorhome. For them, the Newport Camper is the way to go. Here they get a toilet, shower, microwave, and AC, but they can still fit into most tent camping sites. It’s perfect for extended road trips, winter camping, or when you travel to places where the public amenities may be crowded. The truck campers do need to be plugged in overnight for all systems to function properly, so you will need to take that into consideration when choosing a campsite.

Just remember, the Newport Camper only sleeps 3, so if you travel with a group, some will need other arrangements for the night. You can always bring an extra tent and draw straws to see who has to sleep on the ground – good luck!

Man walking outside Newport Camper.

The Newport Camper is still compact enough to go where you want to go.

Escape Can Help You Choose The Perfect Van For Your Road Trip

We want to help you make the most of your trip by getting you in the right campervan model.  Start your booking online or call us at (877) 270-8267. We’ll be happy to talk you through your plans and which campervan rental will work best for your vacation needs. Then, it’s up to you to do the hard part — waiting for your campervan road trip to begin.

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  1. I am in the very begining stage of planning a 1 to 2 week roadtrip in Nov. 2 adults 1 teen from Vancouver. WA to Southern Cali. And back we r on a tight budget. Any suggestions?

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