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Professional owner. Enjoyed their business.

H Bodn

An awesome experience for anyone looking to escape from their normal lives for a bit! Stayed in the Van for two weeks straight in a variety of climates and had no complaints. They provide you with the basic needs of travel/adventure, then you get to create all the memories that come with it. Would use Escape again in the future!!... Read More

Nigel Reiff

Our trip with Escape was great. The van was perfect for 2 people and carted us around Arizona and Utah. The people at the office were polite and professional. We highly recommend them!... Read More

Jonathan D Dear

Escape Campervans was everything we ever dreamed of. Our van “Penelope” was fully loaded & made our trip memorable. The 9 day adventure from Phoenix AZ to Las Vegas was only possible because of Escape Campervans. We are already planning our next trip with them. Check them out, they’re everything you need for your next adventure!... Read More

Joshua Gonzalez

Laura from the Seattle location was wonderful!! The Maverick I rented, a couple minor issues aside, was absolutely perfect for our camping trip in low 20’s, high teens temperatures.... Read More

Chris Cooper

Great rental for camping! Worked well with our trip which included campgrounds with additional amenities.... Read More


It was our first experience with van camping and Escape Campervans made it easy! The LA location was easy to pick up from and staff were helpful and followed COVID protocols. Although it's not a fancy custom van, our rental (Maverick) had plenty of room, the main cabin converted into a queen-sized bed and was equipped with sink/grill etc. The van was pretty easy to drive and even had an audio system that allowed us to plug in via USB. Over a week's time, we drove 1300 miles and visited 3 national parks. Would definitely recommend. Happy travels!... Read More

Tonya An

We had a great 6 day trip up the Northern California coast. We (my wife, our 3.5 year old daughter and our dog) rented a maverick van which was certainly cozy but worked out fine. Being able to cook and do dishes in the back was great. It was nice to be able to convert the seating area to a table as well—we had a couple of nice lunches with great views of the pacific. I would definitely recommend doing this.... Read More

Andrew Horwitz

The Santa Cruz was very reliable and functional vehicle to spend a week in. Easy to drive, big windshield to see the views, plenty of storage for 2 people, and a smooth ride were a few of the highlights. We were glad we brought an extra blanket. The winter bedding upgrade seems a little excessive and the summer bedding was not enough and did not come with a sheet. The van itself kept us pretty warm overnight when the temperature dropped. Also, I wish I would have brought my own Coleman stove. The one in the van only has one burner, no wind guards, and seemed like it leaked propane at times because we went through it too quickly. Check in and out was easy and efficient. If I was going for longer than a week I would definitely upgrade to a maverick or have something with 4wd. We almost rented the Jeep, but decided on this once when we saw how cold it was going to be overnight and we didn’t want to be in a tent. I did a lot of research before booking and after our experience I would still recommend this company as one of the best and something everyone should experience for a week!... Read More

Lydia Peachey

Campervanning is a wonderful experience! Renting from Escape Campervans in Phoenix was outstanding. Katia pleasantly answered our questions the day we dropped in to scope things out in-person prior to renting (Surprise! LOL). The pickup was efficient. We had completed the express checkin using the link in the reservation confirmation email. Katia and a trainee did a van walk-around to document dings and show us features. Take the time you need to ask how things work. The return was also efficient and surprisingly quick. Our trip was 8 days/1400 miles to Zion, Bryce Canyon, and a few other places. We camped in a state park, a national park, a Walmart parking lot, and a national forest dispersed area. We loved the flexibility the campervan provided to be on the move to another destination or stay put. The rooftop tent was sensational and comfy. Be sure to heed advice on packing tips and info from travelers on the website. Thanks to the “Guest Blog: 51 Van Life Tips to Make the Most of Your Escape” we were organized, properly equipped, and relaxed. We are already envisioning our next Escape Campervan excursion!... Read More

B Thomas

Very easy rental. The van was great. It had everything we needed for a long road trip. The staff was great from the beginning to the end... Read More

Bob Drennan

I would say the Escape campervan was everything we needed—no frills. We slept in it 7 nights which may have been too many nights considering the comfort of the bed. By the end of the week my back was aching. The van did allow us to see many beautiful sites in Arizona and Utah. We would consider again but need to take into account the sleeping comfort first.... Read More

Linda Lopes Lemieux

Finding a place that was affordable, pet friendly, and which rented to individuals under the age of 25 was tough, but Im glad I found Escape Campervans because they met all of the above. We rented a Maverick for 2 and a half weeks and it was a very enjoyable experience! There were 2 of us plus a larger dog and it was a bit tight for space, but that’s to be expected when you’re sleeping in a vehicle. I think without a dog 3 people would’ve been the max we could’ve fit comfortably (sleeping arrangement wise) for anybody wondering about space. As others have said it is a bit uncomfortable to sleep on since you’re basically just rearranging the seat cushions and thus have a lot of gaps, but we got used to it. The van was given to us very clean and well prepped for the journey, and we were given a thorough explanation of how everything worked before we took off. Our only complaint (which really is minor) is that you don’t get too choose the van design, so you get so you may get stuck with something that doesn’t suit your taste. The staff were still very helpful about this and let us choose a more preferable van - we just had to wait a few hours for them to clean it - but it was much appreciated since we were going to be living in it for the next 18 days and we didn’t want one with fighting robots on the side of it. Overall a great experience and if i ever get the free time to do this again I would rent from Escape a second time!... Read More

Katie B

I had an excellent experience renting from Escape Campervans. I rented the vehicle for a job which required me to be in New York City during the pandemic, so my business partner and I decided to drive there rather than fly. This was both for the experience and our safety. This was a pretty last minute decision and we were able to secure a vehicle that met our needs just 3 days before we departed. Jenna, a salesperson based in Denver, helped coordinate everything and get us a great deal for our rental, which was over 30 days. We rented the Big Sur and it was very easy to drive. This is why we put over 7400 miles on it! I would definitely recommend getting the additional insurance for any long trip, since we were surprised to find our vehicle had been hit while it was parked in NY. Reporting the accident was easy and we weren't liable for any additional costs for what occurred. The bed inside is very comfortable and quite large! We also really enjoyed the rooftop camper, though it was hard to use once I was driving solo for the last part of the trip, so I opted to sleep inside. The fridge was great and stayed super cold and the sink came in handy for washing dishes and brushing our teeth. Some of the issues that I had with the van were with the construction of the a few things. The latches to hold the bed in place while driving weren't exactly aligned, so it kept coming loose and sliding open while we were on the road. The smaller bench cushion wouldn't stay in place while driving either, so eventually we used some of our own velcro to secure it. Otherwise, it was sliding all around the back. Our table was kind of wobbly and the propane stove didn't stay exactly in place when we hit any bumps. Also, it would have been nice if the curtains were installed just a bit higher above the windows for keeping the light out. We used some velcro for those as well. Finally, while we would always get electricity on campsites, I would have loved the option for some kind of portable generator or inverter in the van for powering the space heater and other items. If we decided to pull off to sleep in a discreet location, we were out of luck as far as running power to anything, unless the van was on. Chrissy, based in LA, made it really easy to check in and out the vehicle and I was even reimbursed for an oil change that I had to get while on the road. I think I would rent from Escape again in the future, but I would probably get a smaller more affordable vehicle next time around. I was sad to turn back in the Lotus!... Read More

Rachel Skidmore

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