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Profitez de nos meilleurs conseils pour économiser de l'argent lors d’un voyage en van :

By Care Willink

Let’s put it bluntly, 2020 hasn’t gone as planned for most people. Beyond the anxiety, fear, and tragedy that has been brought about by the pandemic, there have been several other negative byproducts — one of which is travel. 

So many people have had their dream trip canceled

Our family feels your pain as we have had two dream Escape Campervan trips canceled due to COVID. Since things have started to slowly open we have had some experience camping and traveling with kids during COVID and think it may help in your upcoming Escape Campervan trip. Today I want to pass these tips along to you!

Woman in the PCH Highway.

The Most Important Aspect Of Traveling with Kids During COVID

The main tip I can give is to prepare your children ahead of time! Make sure they know the importance that staying healthy is staying safe. Explain what social distancing is and how important it is to not touch things. While it’s next to impossible to keep children perfectly clean, setting expectations can help you later. 

Thankfully, my kids actually enjoy wearing masks and see them as a fun accessory. But if your kids aren’t there yet, try practicing at home!  Watch a movie with the masks on or go to a local park and have them wear them while playing. This way they can get used to wearing them in different circumstances. 

If you choose to fly be sure and ask your airline how it’s set up.  For example, are there rows of empty seats between you? Many times you’ll have your own row or at least a seat between you and other flyers. Wear your mask (ages 2 and up). Bring sanitizer and use it as much as possible. If possible bring your own snacks for the plane so less handling packaging and food. Many airlines aren’t even handing out snacks at this time. 

Need more tips on flying while traveling with kids during COVID? Check out our blog here “Flying with kids.”

Campervan at the Big Sur Campground.

Search Out Your Travel Plan And Campsites Ahead Of Time

If you are anything like our family, we really enjoy those ‘last minute’ finds while traveling and camping. During this time we are needing to take extra steps to plan in more detail. Some campgrounds have new hours and different site plans. Many require a call ahead of time to book when they normally didn’t require this. Since you will be traveling with kids during COVID, we highly recommend it.

You may even find some places with a campsite between yours totally open. It’s good to know what you are getting into before booking or ‘showing up’ during this time.

Look for campsites that are more secluded and not right next to other campsites. Watch the signs as you enter the campground for rules or read the requirements for the campground you are booking on their website. It will most likely be at the top in red letters “COVID-19 Rules.” 

Toddler in chair eating.

Don’t Forget About Getting Food

Escape Campervan is the perfect route to go to alleviate the food concern. With the refrigerated drawer, we can keep up to 3 days worth of food for our family in it! This helps cut out more interaction with others and we can make our own food while camping.  Not to mention it’s normally the healthier way to go! 

If you do choose to go out to eat at a restaurant, ask if you can sit outside. You’ll most likely be asked to wear your mask to the table. You could even take food to go and eat at a local park or vista. This will give you dinner and a view!

Toddler with a travel mask.

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Bring, Wear and Use a Mask

You may be already aware but most states or localities are requiring masks if you are inside an establishment. Kids sizes are available at most Targets and there are many fun, different options online.  Here are a few of our favorite places to find masks for kids:

Try and Stick To The Great Outdoors 

While most activities are outdoors while on an Escape Campervan trip, be sure and keep it in mind at all times. 

  • Choose to rent bikes over bus rides. 
  • While at a well-known vista, watch to see how many are out of the car and take your turn. 
  • Going to a restaurant? Eat at an outside table or take it to go.

  • Going to a local outdoor attraction with lots of people? Practice social distancing, wear a face mask, and be sure and use sanitizer. 

While travel may look different for a while, it is totally still totally doable! Find more fresh air and less populated places! With the above tips in your pocket, book your Escape campervan and be on your way.  We hope that you and your family take these tips to make a more comfortable traveling experience!

Campervan on the PCH Highway.

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