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Profitez de nos meilleurs conseils pour économiser de l'argent lors d’un voyage en van :

By Megan Hanson

As a person who camps exclusively in her Jeep (I’m just not a fan of tents or sleeping on the ground), I was more than excited to see Escape Camper Vans take car-camping to the next level with their new Jeep camper rentals! The fact is, camping in a Jeep is not only more safe and secure than a tent, but it’s also more comfortable, easier and more sustainable (in my opinion at least) than backpacking or tent alternatives! In celebration of the ultimate car-camp, here are a few tips to make the most of your Jeep camping experience!

Be a comfy camper

Just like in a tent, a sleeping pad makes all the difference. The rooftop sleeper has a thick, foam mattress that is very comfy. It makes sleeping a dream but a mattress like that would be much too bulky and cumbersome for a tent. You could even put a sheet set on it to make it feel just like home. Escape offers a bedding kit with sheets and a comforter for rent. After piling in some pillows and blankets, there are nights I sleep better outside camping than I do in my bedroom. 

jeep camper rooftop tent inside

Bring what you need

The biggest benefit of car-camping over backpacking is your Jeep can carry a whole lot more than you can. That means no more wavering over whether or not to bring that extra pair of hiking boots, or if that third blanket is really necessary. I just load my Jeep up with everything I think I’ll want, and even a little more. Camping in my Jeep means I always have as much water, snacks, safety equipment, and comfort items as I could possibly need. 

jeep camper interior kitchen view

Keep it organized

Just because you can bring more with you when you are camping in a Jeep than a backpacking trip doesn’t mean you want to pile all your gear in the backseat and hit the road. Take it from my personal experience, it will only cause headaches later. I advise getting a couple of small plastic tubs (you can pick them up for fairly cheap at any local Walmart or Target) and organize your gear inside before hitting the road. That way, when you get to camp, you can pull out the tubs, grab what you need, and leave them outside by the Jeep, maximizing space inside while not having to worry about rain or wind compromising your stuff. 

If you’re traveling in bear country and want to keep snacks or other food outside, consider investing in a bear-proof cooler (Yeti Tundras are bear-proof if secured with a lock!) And in the morning, packing up camp is a breeze! With no tent to take down and all my gear neatly in its place, I find I’m far less likely to accidentally leave something behind and can more easily make sure I’ve gathered up all my trash. Pack it in, pack it out! 

What are you waiting for? Before anyone can tell you that car-camping “isn’t real camping” (spoiler alert: it definitely is). Book your jeep camper from our Las Vegas rental site, San Francisco depot, or Los Angeles camper rental location. I can guarantee it will totally transform how you think about camping in a Jeep, and before long that tent will be gathering cobwebs in the corner of your garage. 

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