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Profitez de nos meilleurs conseils pour économiser de l'argent lors d’un voyage en van :

By Care Willink

So it’s that time of year, all merry and bright and you must be wondering how does Escape Campervan fit into this? Well, we are here to tell you! Whether you are dreaming of a white Christmas, or you’d prefer to avoid Jack Frost nipping at your nose, we are ready to share with YOU how to have the best Christmas in a campervan!

Turn on your favorite Christmas music station, get your stove on and warm up the best cup of coffee or hot cocoa, it’s time to decorate! 

Tips for Decorating Your Campervan for Christmas

Family with campervan and Christmas lights

Adding some string lights to your campervan brings some Christmas cheer.

String Lights: Any string lights that you can find will light up your time in the van. Make sure to get the battery-powered ones to keep it simple. Simple is always better when living the campervan life.

Stockings:  No need to bring anything extra. Use your actual socks (preferably the clean ones) like the good ol’ days and hang those cuties up! It’s the campervan way.

Christmas Tree: Take a little hike, find a large, already fallen, evergreen branch.  This is your perfect mini Christmas tree! Pack a blue Escape Campervan cup filled with dirt to the top.  Put your Tree in the cup packing it in to be sure it’s sturdy. Hang some lightweight string lights!

Toddler with Christmas tree

A Christmas tree doesn't have to be big to bring Christmas cheer.

Ornaments:  Bring along some twine. While hiking, collect tiny pinecones, feathers, and very tiny sticks. Use the twine to hang things on your Christmas branch. For the sticks, break into shapes (ideas: candy cane, ) and tie together.

Fireplace: Well I think this is self-explanatory.  Go outside and have a campfire 🙂 

We are so excited to have put together the best Christmas list for your Campervan Lover! Think of us as Santa’s Escape Campervan’s elves.

Campervan elf here to help

Campervan Gift List:

Rumple Blanket: This is the perfect blanket to pack up and cozy up in any Holiday situation, especially for your campervan trip!  Their colors and vibes are perfect for any style your campervan lover is into!

Personalized Socks  – You’ll have them cracking up with some personalized socks of their face or your own (whoever’s face is funnier lookin’).  Or even better, you could put little Escape Camper vans all over it. Now we’re talking!

Personalized Gift Cards. Plan ahead! Look up the town your campervan lover will be traveling and surprise them with a gift card to a specific home town restaurant, brewery or coffee shop from the town! Now that is just darn thoughtful. 

Cell Phone Case – Often while traveling, your phone can act as your tickets, directions, camera, computer & more! Be sure it’s protected (and stylish:)).

Silicon Wine Glass – This is such a fun easy thing to pack that will make a big difference while camping! You can ever personalize them (put the dates of your favorite Escape Campervan trip!)

Luggage – almost anyone could use a new suitcase or bag for their travels! Check out why Walker family Goods & iFly are our family’s favorite on Pack up and Go blog. 

Games Picnic Blanket – Multiple games to keep you busy on the road and easily packable!

Survival Kit:  Great idea for those who may like to hike a lot while in the campervan. If your campervan lover is flying, be sure they check this in. 🙂 

Escape Campervan Trip: Last, but not least, book them that Escape Campervan trip they’ve been dreaming of! It’s a Christmas gift they will remember for a lifetime.

Hope this helps make your Christmas trip with Escape Campervan even better!

Christmas card with family and campervan

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