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Profitez de nos meilleurs conseils pour économiser de l'argent lors d’un voyage en van :

Jetting off on a road trip in a campervan can be both comfortable and affordable. Our budget travel tips have been collected from travel experts and previous Escape customers alike, and are great for the budget-friendly traveler.

Our Top 9 Cost-Saving Travel Tips

  1. Buy a National Park Pass. For a mere $80, you can purchase an annual pass that’ll allow you to enter as many US National Parks as you can handle for up to one year. Individually, each park can cost $20 per entry.
  2. Get stocked up on food and gas BEFORE you head into the National Parks. Most parks have supermarkets on site, but they charge a premium for having the convenience of beer and eggs right on the edge of the Grand Canyon.
  3. Take advantage of the dispersed camping available in US National Forests. Nearly every National Park is surrounded, in part, by a National Forest buffer zone. It’s legal to car camp in them for free!
  4. While touring National Parks, make use of their public transit system. Especially in the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Zion, we recommend parking the campervan for a few days and letting the US National Parks Service do the driving.
  5. Another great option is to rent a bicycle–there’s no better way to see the parks than cruising on a two-wheeler.
  6. Make use of your kitchen. Each Escape campervan comes with everything you need to make 5-star meals at a 5 dollar price.
  7. Shorten your “must-see” list. There’s one rule here: Miles = $. While planning your road trip, don’t attempt to cram everything you want to see into a frenetic, unmanageable death march. Tap the brakes, take a deep breath, and enjoy your surroundings. Our Escape depot travel experts are happy to assist in letting you know what is a manageable trip and what isn’t.
  8. Make it a group road trip. More fellow travelers in your campervan means a smaller split of the gas and expenses. We offer vans that can comfortably seat up to 5, and sleep up to 5 with a rooftop sleeper.
  9. Look out for specials! Visit our specials page, sign up for our email list, and join our Escape Specials Facebook Group to be in the know. Then go ahead and book your campervan.

Want to add your own budget travel tips to our list? Get in touch on social media or contact us.

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