Conversion Vans, or Rental Campervans do not need to be difficult to understand. At Escape, we like to make things as simple and as easy as possible for you. From the booking process to the operation of the Camper to the Terms and Conditions, we aim for simplification and honesty.

There will always be a few uncertainties though, so below are the most frequent questions we are asked.

Unlike other companies, Escape allow you to travel to every State in the US and also up to Canada for no extra cost.
There is also no maximum hire length, so you can travel for as long as you like and our Roadside Cover will be available in all parts of America and Canada should you require assistance.


You have 3 options when you book your trip.

  1. Stay with our standard mileage included with the rental at 100/day (This is averaged over your trip) 
    The cost of additional miles is 25 cents per mile. 
  2. IF you rent for longer than 7 days:
    1. You can purchase an additional 100 miles/day for $15/Day (giving you a total of 200 miles/day
      The cost of additional miles is 25 cents per mile if you go over the 200 miles per day averaged over your trip
    2. You can purchase unlimited miles at the start of your trip for only $25 per day (or $19/day if you're renting for more than 14 days).

Campsites are of a very high standard in America with powered sites, full kitchens, TV and entertainment rooms, hot showers etc. Escape will supply you with a Campsite directory free of charge at the beginning of your trip. Prices range from approximately $7-$25PP/Night.

In America, most Campervan rental companies often offer a cheap lead in price and then add on all the extras such as mileage charges, compulsory insurance, living equipment, starter packs, extra drivers etc.
If you receive a cheaper quote than Escape offer, we advise that you research exactly what is being offered.

The unwary can get caught out by grabbing the cheap quote from another company only to find they end up paying over twice what they had initially budgeted on.
Escape Campervans have NO hidden charges. 

Standard liability insurance and 100 free miles per day are included in your daily rate along with extra driver fees, all equipment, roadside support service, credit card fees etc.

California is simply one of the best places in the world to explore by Campervan. The roads offer easy driving, there are fantastic beaches, excellent campsites and state parks, first class facilities, friendly locals and no set itinerary make the Campervan trip the perfect holiday.

Escape are one of the first companies to fill up and even in the low season, vehicles are in high demand. For the high season months, it is advisable to book a couple of months ahead and in the low season at least a couple of weeks. If you are not that organised, contact us anyway as we often have things change at the last minute.

When you book, list in the comments section the style or Genre of Art you like. Either 'Scenic', 'Cartoon' or 'Abstract' it will allow us a better chance of lining you up with a Campervan in the style you like. When you arrive to collect your Campervan, we will generally have several Campervans ready for you to choose from. All Artwork is happy, creative and friendly. We do not have political, aggressive, or provocative designs.

Escape supply all the following free of charge with every rental. We supply enough stock for the number of travelers with each Campervan rental.

2 Pots, 1 Pan, Bowls,  plates, cups, spoons, knives, forks, Misc cooking utensils (Fish slice, wooden spoon, can opener, bottle opener, sharp knife, chopping board)
110v Power chord and campground adapter, Extension chord and multi plug strip, 2 Burner gas stove (with 2 gas canisters and a box of matches) 
Picnic chairs 
Clean sheets, duvets, covers, pillows and pillow cases
Road Atlas and State parks camping guide.

We employ a range of very talented local artists who have achieved international acclaim. Each artist has their own style which ads to the variety of flavors in our fleet. If you are collecting or returning a Camper Van between March and June from or to Los Angeles, you may well see our artists in action.

Our fleet is among the newest of any budget fleet in America.
The Ventura has an average age of 2011 with a 2012+ Refit.
The Mavericks has an average age of 2010 with a 2011+ Refit

All our Campers are serviced to a very high standard every 5000 miles.

Our fleet consist of Ford E150(Mavericks) and Dodge Caravan (Ventura). These Campervans are among the most economical of any Van in the United States and are well appointed and easy to drive and park.

The beauty of traveling in an Escape Campervan in America is the total freedom it gives you, allowing you to access some of the most beautiful and unique places in America. The Department of Conservation runs a network of basic campsites set in some of the most stunning locations in America and Top 10 Holiday Parks offer world class campground facilities. We do ask that if you do free camp refer to individual Cities laws relating to free Camping, please check for any 'No parking' or 'No Camping signs', respect the environment, the locals and leave only footprints. Check our links page for State Parks and Camping ground listings and when you book, you will receive access to our 'Trip Ideas' Page that gives you a lot of information on both Free Camping and the best Camping grounds in the USA.

Yes, we provide personal itinerary advice at the start of your trip along with our very own 'Escape Plan' Guidebook.
The guidebook is packed with a huge amount of useful information, from Trip itineraries to money saving and free camping tips.

You will receive a copy of the 'Escape Plan' guidebook at pick up, but we also have the information in web format on our Trip Ideas pages which help you pre-plan.
When you book, you will receive the code to access the trip ideas pages.

  • Free Camping USA
  • Itineraries
  • Keeping it Green
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Best Road trip Apps


As a foreign tourist coming to the U.S., you need a valid driver's license from your home country and it is also highly recommended to have an International drivers license, especially if you intend to be covered by our SLI (Suplimentary Liability Insurance)

Office hours:
Open 7 Days.
8.30am – 4.30pm
(Closed Christmas day, Memorial day, Labor Day, New Years day,Thanks giving day and Independence day)
Pick up and drop off hours: 
Escape Campervans are the most flexible for pick up times. You can collect your Camper between 11am and 4.30pm.
New York and Miami pick up times must be aranged 48 hours prior to Campervan collection. 

Like a Hotel, we charge by the night and not the drop off day. Vehicles must be returned by 10:00 a.m. on the agreed drop-off
date. A full-day rental charge will be applied once the vehicle is more than 1 hour late. You can request an extra day charge for a late drop off when you book, or you can wait until you are on tour and call us the day prior to drop off. If we don't need the Camper back by 10am the following day, we can usually allow a slightly later drop off at no extra charge.

Travel light if possible

The Malibu Campervan has approx 100 litres of storage space.
The Mavericks Campervan has 510 litres of storage space and the Ventura has 432 litres of space. 
We do recommend you bring soft bags instead of hard cases. If you can't fit everything in, we can store bags in a secure lockup at certain depots free of charge. 

We don't offer boring White Campervans sorry. Surprisingly, locals and other travellers will assume you are a local who has painted their own Campervan, and hence the artwork allows you to blend in with the local community and the environment. (The people who stand out as tourists are in white box Campervans)
Our clients experience positive and friendly contact with other travellers and locals through the artwork.

Depending on the time of the Year, the minimum Rental will range from 3 days to 7 days. The longer you rent, the bigger the discount applied and auto calculated through our online quote and booking system.

Escape only requires a USD$200 deposit to reserve a Campervan. The balance is not payable until you collect your Campervan. (Most companies require full payment 4 weeks prior to travel).

Yes. A secure server is used when you are entering and processing your credit card details. You can check this is active by looking for the padlock symbol in your browser during processing. This means your data is being encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

You need to be 21 Years of age. You will need to have a full drivers license to hire an Escape Campervan.

Unlike most other Companies, Escape do not charge a young driver fee.

Each of our 3 Models have a different sized tank. See the Specs on each Model from the Campervans Page.
The typical size is 27 Gallon (103L). Depending on the driving terrain and your driving style, you can travel up to 600 Miles on a tank!! (Approx 1000km)

The price of fuel is constantly changing. As a general rule, it's approximately a third of the price of fuel in the UK or Europe. Gas is currently at a 5 Year low in the USA and in many states is currently less than $2.50/Gallon. As there are 4 litres/Gallon, this means you only pay 50 Euro Cents/Litre or 0.41 GBP/Litre!

Here is a link to current fuel prices in the USA

The Mavericks model can safely seat 5 people including the driver.
The Ventura model can seat 4 people. We stock the Campervan with enough sleeping and kitchen equipment for every person travelling.

As the rear seat has 2 very secure, 3 point seat belts where child seats can be securely fitted, we have had many happy young families travelling with Escape. We also supply child seats for $30 to save you having to bring your own. Here is a link to some Happy Campers who recently took their 12 Month old around America:

No. Our costs include multiple drivers.

The daily rate includes 3rd party and liability cover to the levels set by the individual States. If your own travel insurance does not include liability cover to US$1,000,000, we can offer this to you for an additional $12.25/day. (This is totally optional) 
For all the details on Campervan and 3rd part liability Insurance, please click here

We provide automatic transmission Campervans. If you have not driven an Automatic before, don't worry as it's very easy and we will give you a quick lesson before departure.

You most certainly will. All our campers have heaters and two warm winter comforters/Duvets. Most other companies charge extra for these items, but Escape include these for free. 

Yes, all campers have CD players with MP3 and Ipod hookups and AM/FM stereo. To run your iPod or MP3 player through the Stereo, you should bring a 3.5mm line to line chord to plug into the front face. These are available to buy from our depots for $5 if you don't have your own.

Clean sheets, duvets, covers, pillows and pillow cases along with cutlery, pots, pans, cooking elements are all provided FREE, all you need is your clothes and a towel.

Generally no, however if you are traveling between 1st June and 1st September, you may have to book the more popular sites in advance. You can pre-book Camping sites at the following links:

Reserve America is the biggest campground management/booking site in the US. It’s utilized for all National and State Parks nationwide.  http://www.reserveamerica.com/  
Recreation.gov is another federal gov site to assist with bookings. http://www.recreation.gov

Campground Views is a small start-up booking private campgrounds. They include photos and videos of each campsite.  http://www.campgroundviews.com/

Hipcamp is a VC Funded campground aggregator that is small but growing fast. http://hipcamp.com

Escape Campervans fit in a standard tent site, saving you $$.
You may not need a powered site unless you plan on plugging in the Heater supplied or any other major appliances.

If you do want a powered site, you can choose the minimum voltage power site: 15 or 20amps is ample and the cheapest. You may also need to specify the length of the Campervan which is 16ft.

Yes, we hire picnic tables, Snow Chains, Picnic tables, GPS navigation, Tents, Awnings, solar showers and child seats. Please see our Accessories page.

In America we drive on the Right hand side of the road. The Land Transport America website has a page dedicated to informing overseas drivers about USA driving laws. 
For more information, click on the following link. http://www.americadrives.com/

We pride ourselves in having a very high standard of response times to bookings and questions.
Please be aware that we are not a huge multinational Company and so do not have a 24 hour call Centre, but our own staff who work within Escape will respond to your questions and booking requests as soon as possible.
Here is a guideline for expected response times across the various media:
1) Phones: You can call our main office number or freephone number and speak to staff between 8.00am and 9pm 7 days.(USA Pacific std time)
2) Email: The reservations emails team replies to emails from 8am to 9pm PST 7 days a week.(Allow up to 12 hours for a reply)24 hours at the longest.
3) Online booking: Confirmation within 24 hours
4) Facebook and other SM: Our social media guru Jeff is available to answer you enquiries from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week. Allow 4 hours response time on average)
International phone: +1 310 672-9909   
   Free Call within USA: 1877- 270-8267    email: bookings@escapecampervans.com     Skype: escapecampervans   Facebook: EscapeCampervansUSA

In the shoulder and low season (Outside July, August and September), we do allow Pets to travel in our Campervans.

As we need to remove all traces of your Canine or Feline friend after travel and as many people are allergic to animal hair, we do need to have the Campervan professionally groomed after you return.

The cost for this is $150 which is added to the booking.
If you plan to bring a pet, please advise this in the booking notes at the time of booking.


The State of Florida no longer utilizes manned tolling booths on their highways. A camera takes a photo of the vehicle license plate and mails the bill to the owner of the vehicle (in this case, Escape Campervans). It is impossible to pay these tolls in person! The tolls, additional charges, and delinquency fees can quickly cost you hundreds of dollars in unexpected trip expenses.  

To simplify this process, the Miami depot of Escape Campervans is offering each renter a Florida SunPass for $5.  If you’re driving through (or dropping off) in Florida, we HIGHLY recommend you purchase a SunPass immediately upon entering the State. This pass, synced with your credit card, will ensure your compliance with the new Florida tolling system procedure. Each time you pass a toll station, the charge will simply be applied to your credit card – no hassles, no late payment charge, no worries. 

How it works:

1.)  Purchase a SunPass upon entering Florida (CVS Pharmacies or Publix Supermarkets) or pick one up from the Escape Campervans Miami Depot

2.)  Go online and add a credit card to the Sunpass account

3.)  Enjoy your trip

4.)  Make sure you remove the SunPass at the end of your adventure

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