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We rent their campervans all the time and love them, very comfy and well equipped! good customer service and all.... Read More

skinmeister Googlmail

Jenna & Vanessa asking with Katia are freaking awesome. They did everything promised. Timely & efficient check in & out... Spend no other time shopping around...... Read More

Alli McQuillin

I traveled with my wife and 2 little daughters from Los Angeles to Miami. The trip was in December and January. The van was Mavericks (Ford E Series from 2012, if I recall correctly). Overall experience was great: + The friendliness of Escape staff on both sites was excellent. + The van was very clean, all internal equipment in working order. + Absolutely loved having a fridge in the car! + There was an AUX input on the car radio, where I plugged my Bluetooth receiver. + The paintwork on the car (we had Patchwork) was very aesthetically pleasing (gives a great vibe and looks very interesting in photos); it also made the van very easy to locate in large parking lots, which I found very practical. + There was enough storage space for 2 large suitcases and a plethora of small bagging: we did not sleep in the van due to cold winter weather, so the luggage did not interfere with the beds (it will though if you plan on sleeping inside). + I have been able to securely attach 2 child seats in the back (there's space for 3 in Mavericks). + The gas stove made possible very nice picnicking with hot food. Note the MPG of the van is 17. Don't know if this is a lot or not for this type of car. During my cross-USA trip I fueled for $25 per day on average. There have been a couple of downsides though. 1. The van had been used quite a bit: - With every crack in the road I heard rattling and creaking, which I had not been able to locate and remediate (I think the back door was creaking, among others). - The suspension of the van was quite rigid, and the van was therefore a bit jumpy, so traveling on unpaved roads is extremely rattly, and after driving on one we never used such roads again. - The window wipers did not always manage to do their job, which made an evening trip to Grand Canyon during a heavy snowfall quite a journey: snow piled up on the windshield. - I was also not sure if we had winter or summer tires -- seems to me we had all-season ones, so the van floated a couple of times on snowy interstates in colder areas (national parks around CA, NV, AZ, CO). If you have some experience driving on snow, you should be fine on snowy roads though, just drive extremely carefully. - Air conditioning was very weak, which had not been a problem up to GA and FL where the temp was 30C / 86F. Lucky I did not drive in summer because I had not double checked the AC during the van pickup. 2. I purchased 100 miles per day package for $19, and 10 days into the trip realized that I have exceeded the allowed miles already. So I asked the Escape support whether it would be possible to change the type of my mileage setup for unlimited miles for $35 per day. It was not, because it's a "legally binding" rental agreement. I think any legally binding agreement can be amended for the sake of client's convenience. This didn't work, however, and as a result I had to pay over $800 for the overrun. Other than those, it was a very easygoing experience, and I am glad I chose Escape. I even recommend you to choose Escape -- albeit with some prep: make sure you double check the small things mentioned above, test-drive your van if possible, and you are good to go!... Read More

Igor Zhilin

Our van was great and the staff was fantastic! Thanks Katia

Matt Roller

Great van and very friendly and helpful staff. Would definitely hire again!

Martin Breheny

I have been a fan of this company for over 8 years. They have been such a great company that i keep coming back! I have travelled cross-country, up-country, to the deserts and beaches, and beyond. Thank you for your awesome roadside help and fun loving attitudes . With Escape, you can truly do so on your travels....... instead of stressin and messin with problems and logistics..... thanks for being so accommodating and communicative with my ever changing plans and needs.....❤️❤️❤️... Read More

Ajna Wilson

Quick Turnaround on the check out and check in. Great equipment. Very comfortable and affordable. Perfect headquarters for a climbing trip.... Read More

Chris Jones

I just got back from a winter adventure in one of the Newport campers. I rented a Maverick for my trip to Death Valley last year, but wanted something with a few more amenities including heat. I took the camper up to Bryce Canyon for some cross country skiing. The weather was a bit colder than expected and I had trouble with the heater, but in the end I had a wonderful trip. I called the number for road service and was very impressed with the response. I can't say enough good things about Danielle and how quick she was to get things sorted out. The Newport is more complex than the other vans, so there is more that could go wrong, but the support is great. I have read reviews from other companies where renters had a problem and were left with a bad experience. I understand things don't always go as planned, but my quick inquiry about my problem was met just as quickly with a response from Escape and even though the trip didn't go exactly as imagined, I had a wonderful time and am already thinking about my next rental.... Read More

Emerald Estock

Great option. Their people are super friendly and helpful, and the rates are pretty unreal. Heads up for the winter campers: make sure to rent the ice scraper (i.e. doesn't come with one).... Read More

Owen Skipper-Horton

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