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Long Term Camper Van Rental

  Class B RV Rental

julio 2, 2024 Long Term Camper Van Rental

Renting a camper van (also known as a class B RV) can be a convenient and affordable choice for longer vacations or when you want to embrace a lifestyle of travel for an extended amount of time. You probably have several questions about long-term campervan rental or class B RV rentals. How do you find the best long-term camper van rental companies? What are ways to reduce the costs? This article details everything you should know and prepare for before choosing a rental option.

Long-term camper van rental is increasing in popularity. One of the biggest draws is that Van Life offers an affordable and mobile lifestyle, allowing you to travel wherever and whenever you want. Do you want to visit that popular tourist attraction on a Tuesday afternoon when it’s less busy? Living out of a van will make things more accessible to do just that.

If you’re considering a monthly camper van rental or even a yearlong camper van rental, we offer options to help you do so affordably at Escape Camper Vans. We have 11 locations across the U.S. with over 600 unique hand-painted and wrapped camper vans for you to choose from, so we likely have a vehicle that’ll be a good fit for your needs.

Introduction to Long-Term Camper Van Rentals

What Are the Benefits of Long-Term Camper Van Rentals? 

Here are some of the pros and cons of camper van rentals which include several benefits, including affordability, convenience, and extra mobility. Explore these benefits further to understand why this is a good option. 


One factor often preventing people from traveling more is that paying for transportation, hotel rooms, and restaurant meals feels unaffordable. Camper vans provide several features that help reduce those costs. 

You’ll have transportation and sleeping space when you rent a class B camper van. Most camper vans sleep anywhere from 2-6 people. When you compare long-term RV rental costs to nightly hotel expenses and other modes of transportation like taxi rides, renting a camper van is much cheaper. Here’s more about RV vs Campervans!

Our camper vans at Escape come with propane stoves, refrigerators, and a sink with a water tank to help you store and prepare your meals. Making your food will be much cheaper than eating out at restaurants all the time. 

Flexibility, Freedom, and Convenience

Want to visit Salt Lake City on a whim? Maybe California is more your speed. Either way, a camper van provides a lot of freedom in your travel arrangements. You won’t have to worry about securing hotel rooms during busy travel seasons because a long-term RV rental is secured. If you want to stay in a city longer, you can do so without renewing any rental agreements, rescheduling flights, or spending a ton of extra money. 

You’ll also feel prepared wherever you go. Do you want enough cold beverages when you go to the beach? Your van can store them all in one place, so you only have to walk back to your vehicle and grab them. 

Opportunity to Explore More Places

While planning long-term travel arrangements, you may have noticed that when you fly to each of the primary destinations you want to visit, there are a lot of great cities and attractions in each state that you may miss out on. 

A long-term camper rental that allows you to drive to each new location provides more opportunities to explore local areas and take in all the sights you’d otherwise miss. 

For instance, let’s say you’re looking for a long-term camper van rental near California. When you drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco, there are tons of great cities in between that you can explore, such as Santa Monica, Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara, and Morro Bay. 

Rather than flying straight to the next city, you have the time and opportunity to slow down and take in each new location you pass through. You might just uncover your new favorite travel destination along the way. 

Opportunity to Explore More Places

Avoid Long-Term Commitments and Maintenance Responsibilities

Buying a camper van is a significant investment. Newer vans usually cost $100,000+; even a used van can cost you $60,000+ on average. Even if you choose to lease an RV for a year, it’s still much less of an upfront investment you need to make. 

You also need to consider maintenance costs and responsibilities. When you buy a camper van, you have to handle that alone. Plus, you’ll have to find a place to store it while you aren’t using it. 

Instead, rental companies like Escape Camper Vans can handle your extra responsibilities. That way, you can secure a long-term rental at your convenience and start your trip immediately. All you need to worry about is returning it in good condition. 

What is the Cheapest Way to Rent an RV for a Month? 

When you want to find the cheapest way to rent an RV for a month, you’ll start by comparing options in the city or state where you plan to begin your trip. A great way to do that is by searching for terms like “long-term camper van rental near Texas.” 

From there, you can check for pricing options each rental company offers on monthlong rentals. You’ll also want to compare aspects like insurance coverage, mileage fees, and the fuel efficiency of each company’s vehicles to get a well-rounded overview of expected costs. 

Escape Camper Vans aims to provide an affordable solution for the average person who wants to get away on long trips. We provide excellent service and some of the most fuel-efficient camper van models, and we make sure they’re routinely maintained while keeping daily rental fees low. 

What to Look for in Long-Term RV Rentals by Owner 

While searching for options, you might also find long-term RV rentals by owner. Renting directly from an owner can be a reasonable option. However, you’ll want to consider the vehicle’s condition and how well it’ll be insured during your trip. 

In many cases, the owner’s insurance will not cover you during your trip, so if you choose a rental by owner, you might need to purchase a separate liability package, which will add to the costs. You must check your state’s specific RV insurance and rental regulations. 

Unlike renting from companies, rentals by the owner might also not be maintained as regularly since it’s up to their discretion. So, if you go this route, ask the owner when the vehicle was last serviced and check to ensure all the parts and amenities are operational before putting your money down. 

Travelers often find that renting through a company like Escape Camper Vans provides a more secure and streamlined experience. Rental companies can help provide insurance, and at Escape, we put our vehicles through a detailed maintenance process every 5,000 miles to keep them running smoothly. 

How Much Does a Long-Term RV Rental Cost? 

Long-term RV rental costs will vary by company, the time of year, and the type of vehicle you reserve. Most companies will provide discounts if you can rent it for a longer period. 

The industry average for monthlong camper van rentals ranges from $2,500 to $ 3,500. 

That can seem like a lot at first glance, but when you compare it to the average hotel room, which costs $150 per night or $4,500 monthly, you’re actually saving money on sleeping space alone. 

Industry averages for yearlong camper van rentals range from $20,000-30,000. You’ll want to check with individual companies to see what they can offer for long-term rental options. 

If you rent during offseasons in popular locations, you’re also likely to get better deals because there is less demand. 

How Much Does a Long-Term RV Rental Cost?

Is It Possible to Lease an RV for a Year, and What Are the Considerations?

It is possible to find yearlong RV leases, but they’re much less common. Unlike standard car leases, RVs have more liability and maintenance considerations, so vehicle dealers aren’t as likely to lease them. You’d need to search for options in your area to see if you can find a dealer who’ll agree to a lease. 

Renting an RV for a year is usually the better and easier choice. Companies like Escape Camper Vans are usually better prepared for long-term reservations and the liability involved in the process. If you’re interested, you can contact our service team, and we can help you through the process to ensure you choose the right vehicle and pricing options for your needs. 

Looking for Camper Van Rental Companies? Rent a Camper Van at Escape Camper Vans

When you want to rent a camper van for a long trip or to embrace the flexibility of van life for an extended duration, Escape Camper Vans has you covered. Our camper vans are well-maintained and come in different sizes that can fit up to 5 people to handle varying travel needs. 

Some of the top features our camper vans come equipped with are:

  • Propane stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink with a water tank
  • Foldaway tables and benches
  • Extra storage
  • Queen size beds
  • Bucket seats that don’t need to collapse to make your bed

If you’re ready to plan your trip, you can reserve a camper van today at one of our 11 locations across the U.S. or contact us with any other questions. 

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