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Fall Foliage Prediction Map 2020: When and Where to Rent Your Campervan

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febrero 22, 2021 Fall Foliage Prediction Map 2020: When and Where to Rent Your Campervan

It’s almost one of our favorite times of the year: FALL! Crowds have disappeared, peak summer prices have gone down, the colors are beautiful, the weather is mild, and the food is amazing. The only thing that could make fall even better? A fall foliage road trip by campervan.

But when is the best time to go? And what is the best location to rent a campervan from to see fall colors? Thanks to smokymountains.com, which posts a fall foliage prediction map every year, you can plan out the perfect fall colors campervan road trip. The 2020 map will be out soon, but we estimated these dates based on The Farmers’ Almanac data.

Plan Your Trip Around Fall Foliage

You can visit their site to use their interactive fall foliage prediction tool, or you can scroll down to see where we’ve already done the work for you.

Smoky Mountains Fall Foliage Prediction Map 2019
"The 2020 Fall Foliage Map is the ultimate visual planning guide to the annual progressive changing of the leaves. While no tool can be 100% accurate, this tool is meant to help travelers better time their trips to have the best opportunity of catching peak color each year." - smokymountains.com
Upstate New York Fall Road Trip

Where and When to Rent a Campervan to See Peak Fall Foliage Colors

Escape New York Camper Van Rental Site

September 28 – October 28 will be prime time in the Northeast! Check out this interactive map of New England for more precise predictions. This is one of the most popular areas to visit in the fall, and for good reason. Be sure to book your campervan from our NY depot before we’re sold out. Visit these blog posts for where to go:

Escape Denver Camper Van Rental Site

October 5-14 should be the best time to see fall colors in Colorado this year. Be sure to check out the Maroon Bells followed by Kebler Pass, home to one of the largest aspen groves in the United States.

Escape Portland & Seattle Camper Van Rental Sites

October 12-28 is when you’ll want to come to the Pacific Northwest. Visit Mt. Rainier earlier on, then head south toward the Mt Hood National Forest. Silver Falls State Park is exceptionally beautiful. Here’s another fun route from the blog:

Escape San Francisco & Los Angeles Camper Van Rental Sites

Believe it or not, California has some stunning fall colors! You’ll want to drive east to the Sierras. Visit Mammoth and June Lakes, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and Napa. Colors should peak around October 15-31 and later the further south you get.

Escape Miami Camper Van Rental Site

Our Miami depot is the perfect launching point to explore the southeast and get to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This year, it’s looking like colors in the park will peak right around October 12-28. Fall colors near the coast are looking like they’ll peak between October 19-November 4. Here’s where to go from the blog:

Great Smoky Mountains Fall Colors

Why Rent a Campervan for a Fall Foliage Road Trip

  1. Peak summer season rates have gone down, meaning you get to rent a campervan for cheap.
  2. Fall foliage is hard to predict with 100% certainty! Renting a campervan gives you more flexibility to chase the best fall colors (and the best weather) compared to having to be stuck with a hotel booking.
  3. We offer bedding kits and electric kits with space heaters for rent so you can stay warm at night! If it looks like it’s going to be extra chilly, you can book a campsite with a hookup to use the electric kit with the space heater.

Upstate New York Fall Road Trip

Quote your fall foliage campervan trip today and prepare to see fall at its best.

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