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By Care Willink

Sequoia National Park has been on our bucket list for years.  After a near trip a few years back we were finally able to make it this last fall and it did not disappoint! We told our five-year-old ahead of time that she would find trees that would blow her mind.  We had no idea to the extent that they would blow all of our minds!

Hiking at Sequoia National Park

Getting To Sequoia National Park 

You are about 4 and a half hours from the Los Angeles Escape Camper Vans location or about 4 hours from San Francisco’s Escape Campervan depot. You’ll find mostly highways either way and have many beautiful landscapes including many wineries!  Not many towns along these routes so plan ahead on food and gas. 

Camping At Sequoia National Park

We were staying on the coast near Hollywood and drove up early that morning. We then made a light night drive back down towards a campground in town so we could go to Kings Canyon the next day.  This was called  Cold Springs Campground.  It had bathrooms, electricity and got us going for the next night of moon docking.  But if you want to stay closer to the park here are some options: 

*Buckeye Flat Campground 

*Dorst Creek Campground

General Sherman Tree Sequoia National Park

Hiking & Exploring Sequoia National Park

The drive on “Kings Canyon Scenic Byway” will take your breath away. There are a few vistas to pull over on your way up that are just gorgeous. Once you make it into the park it’ll be a $30.00 park pass, covering both King Canyon National Park & Sequoia National Park. It is $30.00 for the day to enter the park. 

For a few dollars, you can purchase a handy trail guide at the trailhead that was put together by the Sequoia Natural History Association and includes 15 entries that correspond with numbered markers along the trail. There is also a shuttle that you can take for $20 dollars a day.

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The parks are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rarely, extreme weather conditions may cause roads into the parks to be closed.


Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Sunday: All Day
Monday: All Day
Tuesday: All Day
Wednesday: All Day
Thursday: All Day
Friday: All Day
Saturday: All Day

Grant Grove (General Sherman Tree) 

You’ll find a place to park with food, souvenir shops, and a paved .5 mile trail leading you down to the largest tree in the world “General Sherman.”  The tree stands 275 feet tall and 36 diameters at the base!  The trail keeps going on meeting up with other trails which have beautiful sequoia trees. You can even walk between them on certain parts of the trail. You’ll feel like you are in a whole different world.   

Walk Through The Tunnel 

This tree is along Moro Rock Road. While you can not drive through it with most of the Escape campervans, there is a place to park and walk through on foot. Such an awesome experience! So unique to see small cars drive through. Truly gives a unique perspective to how massive these trees really are!  This is a great stop on your way to the next location…

Moro Rock Trail Is Short And Sweet 

This short, steep 1/4-mile staircase brings you to an amazing summit with amazing views and you can see the Great Western Divide! It will feel like you are on top of the world. The kids will feel so accomplished by reaching the top so quickly. All this info is changing daily so be sure and keep updated on the National Parks website. 

Sequoia National Park Hiking

Book A Campervan And Go

Hope you are excited to be inspired and truly have your “mind blown” too!  Book an Escape Campervan and plan your trip to Sequoia National Park today!


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