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We love all things camping and special moments seem to happen while you are on campervan trips. Whether you are driving, hanging out by the campfire, or calming down for the evening, we have listed some road trip games that will add laughter and magic to your already wonderful time in the campervan!

Kids in a campervan on a road trip

Road Trip Games That Can Be Played Along The Way

Magical Music:  Plan ahead of time on your favorite music playing device your favorite music. Make a playlist and have something fun for everything you do! (Example: Campfire playlist” “road trip playlist.”

Magical Fires:  There is a really cool way to make your fire stand out! Check out these packs you can safely throw into your fire, and it changes the colors of your fire! 

Magical S’mores:  Start with your basic chocolate, graham crackers & marshmallows… but now pick from the list below for your very own magical s’more:

  • Strawberries (jam or fresh)
  • Carmel & salt (salted caramel s’more)
  • Peanut Butter (crunchy or creamy)
  • Bacon (yes. do it) 
  • Cinnamon 

 Or swap out graham crackers for the following: 

  • Waffles (swap out for graham crackers)
  • Rice Crispy Treat 
  • Oreos

Smores on a road trip

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Magical Sparklers: (make sure it’s in a safe area for fire.) We like to pretend that the sparklers have a magic potion to spread around the campsite to help us sleep well and have magical dreams.

Magical Bubbles:  We love these extra-large bubble makers HERE. But any bubbles will do!

Paint Supplies: Grab a small canvas and paint supplies. Sit outside the campervan at your favorite vista and paint what you see. You’ll have this moment magically painted, and the moment you were there will mean so much more; some may even say magical moments will occur.

Magical Lights:  We love to bring along battery-operated lights for inside the campervan. Adds a calming vibe for the kids to fall asleep as well as a magical one!

Glow Sticks: No matter your age this is a great way to light up the campsite! So fun for kids in the campervan as well!

Animal Masks: Hide an animal mask in your luggage – scare people or have him be the photo-bomber in all your trip pictures!

Telescope: Use a telescope along with your favorite star app to find and learn about the stars. 

Bird Identifier App: No matter where you are, you can learn and enjoy learning too! This is our favorite bird app. 

Binoculars: Great for hiking. Also great for passengers during long drives. We suggest using them to see animals and not what your neighbors are cooking for dinner. 

Walkie Talkies: These are especially fun when camping with friends and great to keep kids busy.

Flashlights:  Great to go to the restroom in a magical way (not falling and all) but also great for a flashlight scavenger hunt!

Waterproof Cameras: Get the kids involved and let them take pictures too!

Journal and Chat: Grab some notepads and pens and sit with the family or camping buddy. Chat about your favorite things you did that day and the best moments. Write it down or document it in a video… You’ll have the best time laughing about moments you might have otherwise forgotten! 

Picture Journal: We like to journal/draw pictures as we go. Sometimes the pictures are of amazing mountain tops and awesome vistas we see. Other drawings showed when we got sprayed in the face by a water bottle. Maybe both at the moment don’t seem as important, but both make for some magical memories! (Use any notebook, but we love the one published about the National Parks). 

campervan kitchen

Some Fun Camping Game Ideas Once Your Are Parked

Name that Song: Go around the circle, letting each camp member find a song. Play it for one second – see who can guess the song. If your members don’t know the song, play one more second. Keep playing until someone guesses it!  

Play Charades: One person to act out the title of a play, song, book, TV show, or movie to the rest of the group. However, they are not allowed to speak or make any noises whatsoever! If you’re not sure of the rules, you can find them on Google.

Try a Game of Wink:  One person, the ‘detective’, leaves the campfire so that they are out of earshot. The rest of the group chooses one person to be the ‘murderer.’ Everyone should know who this person is. The detective is invited back to join the circle to observe as a dramatic crime scene unfolds around them. The murderer ‘kills’ other members of the group by winking at them. 

If the victim sees the murderer winking at them, they must ‘die.’ This can be done as dramatically as the victim pleases! Or they can just close their eyes and let their head droop to the side. The detective must get to work quickly to figure out who the murderer is before the whole group has been eradicated! If they do this, then they win the game, and a new detective is chosen. If the murderer manages to wipe out the whole group without being found out, then they win the game and become the next detective.

A couple of other games to try from Amazon:

  • Go find it!
  • Toasted or Roasted
  • Portable Corn Hole
  • Bocce Ball

road trip games in a campervan

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Book A Campervan and Plan Your Road Trip Games Today!

We hope these ideas not only make your trip more magical but make it one of the best campervan trips ever! This games will make your drive to your campground much more enjoyable for the whole family. Go ahead and book your campervan and experience the magic of a wonderful time on your adventure!

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