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By Andre Griner

When I was in elementary school, my aunt and uncle moved from Michigan to Orlando, Florida, and home to an Escape Campervan depot!  Yep, huge climate change. I couldn’t believe it! I had extended family moving to the home of Disney World – the coolest place on earth! And not only Disney world, all sorts of other amazing theme parks as well. In addition to the theme parks, did you know that Florida was home to many naturally occurring springs?

Weeki Wachee River Florida kayaking

Orlando is Typically Known As Being A Theme Park Mecca! 

To my great joy, we started visiting my extended family on a bi-yearly basis. Orlando vacations were my favorite. Each time we visited, we hit up super cool water parks and coaster parks. I even remember going to a water park on Christmas Eve!

If you haven’t ever been to Florida, it’s hot. All the time. Like super-humid, sticky kind of hot. You sweat just walking from your house to the car. And you know what, as a kid, my family didn’t really ENJOY the heat. One of my older brothers would increasingly grow more irritable the hotter and sticker he got. It was fun to annoy him during these times. You know, poke him in the head and get extra close to him to make him feel even hotter and stickier. 


Theme Parks Are Not the Only Thing To Do In Florida

Anyways, because Florida is so hot, my family was always looking for ways to cool down. We are not really the stay indoors type, so when my aunt told us about the natural springs around Orlando, we were instantly curious. But of course, we had to ensure she wasn’t talking about hot springs because that would just be torture. 

We were surprised and delighted to find out that Florida had a lot of naturally occurring springs not too far from Orlando. We had never been to a natural Florida spring before but we liked the idea of cool, crystal clear water, surrounded by jungle-like forest.

We were seriously blown away the first time we went to a natural spring.  The water was so clear, even twenty feet below the surface. You could climb rocks around the spring and jump into the water. There were tubes you could rent to float down the river (which is also part of the spring). As we floated down the river, we saw river otters. River otters! It was so cool. We even went to a spring that manatees would migrate through on a yearly basis. 

St Marks National Wildlife Refuge Florida

Rent A Campervan and Visit A Few Natural Florida Springs

These springs quickly became our favorite attraction in Orlando and the surrounding area.  The best about visiting the natural Florida springs is: that there were so many to choose from; most of them accommodate camping, and the best part, they allow CAMPER VANS! 

Seriously, these springs are the perfect place to park your campervan. So what are you waiting for? The weather is warming up (seriously warm in Florida). Bump the theme parks. Do some research on natural springs around Orlanda (there are at least ten). Book a campervan and hit the road in a campervan today!

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