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I just got back from a winter adventure in one of the Newport campers. I rented a Maverick for my trip to Death Valley last year, but wanted something with a few more amenities including heat. I took the camper up to Bryce Canyon for some cross country skiing. The weather was a bit colder than expected and I had trouble with the heater, but in the end I had a wonderful trip. I called the number for road service and was very impressed with the response. I can't say enough good things about Danielle and how quick she was to get things sorted out. The Newport is more complex than the other vans, so there is more that could go wrong, but the support is great. I have read reviews from other companies where renters had a problem and were left with a bad experience. I understand things don't always go as planned, but my quick inquiry about my problem was met just as quickly with a response from Escape and even though the trip didn't go exactly as imagined, I had a wonderful time and am already thinking about my next rental.... Read More

Emerald Estock

Great option. Their people are super friendly and helpful, and the rates are pretty unreal. Heads up for the winter campers: make sure to rent the ice scraper (i.e. doesn't come with one).... Read More

Owen Skipper-Horton

Had a great experience exploring AZ with my escape Campervan. Transportation and housing in one convenient package. Loved the freedom it gave me to go wherever I wanted without having to worry about finding something to eat (camp stove in the van!) and a place to sleep. Reservations, Pick up and drop off were simple and quick. Highly recommend.... Read More

Lauren Napoli

Friendly staff - great spacious Campervans that are well looked after. Highly recommended... Read More

Fabienne&David Connet

We rented a van in Seattle and handed it back in LA after 3 weeks and it was absolutely amazing! Can highly recommend - the van was nice and easy to drive, had plenty of space and allowed such freedom in regards to planning!... Read More

Luisa Pennacchio

Very affordable place to rent a camper van for a weekend away. These vans are pretty barebones, so do not expect much in way of extravagant amenities, but was nice in the winter when tent camping would be miserable. Van ran great and everything ran as it should, although would've liked more of a walkthrough on the bed construction, as we didn't realize one crucial piece was hiding under the pull-out bed.... Read More

Jacob Bell

Amazing customer service

r davis

To start, I would like to say that almost everyone at Escape that we dealt with went above and beyond for us at both the Las Vegas and Phoenix locations. We had a few issues but they were all super helpful. We picked up our Maverick in Las Vegas for a 10 day road trip. I don't remember her name, but the woman who checked us in and sent us off with our van was lovely, and explained everything we needed to know about the van prior to our departure. Once on the road, our vehicle would get up to about 55 MPH and start shaking. I'm talking violent shaking that made it difficult to drive for long periods of time. We called the main line since we were still so close, I figured we'd be able to just take it back and get it taken care of. However, upon calling the main line and explaining, the woman on the phone told me "all of the vans shake when you get up to those speeds" I tried to explain it felt unsafe but she assured me every van did it. This was upsetting but I thought, what could we do? That was until we were 100 miles into the desert and some dreaded dash-lights came on. It was quite stressful, since there was no service, nor were we near anything. In hindsight, I should have called road side first, because the woman that helped us, Danielle, was phenomenal. We explained the situation. She said that she couldn't believe someone told us the vans normally shook like that, and for us to call road side and ask for her specifically if we had any other problems. She notified us that we didn't have many options in the area we were in, and if we felt unsafe driving, let us know where the nearest shop she could find was. Alternatively, we made it to Phoenix where Escape has another depot. Since we had spotty service driving through the desert and calls kept dropping, Danielle texted us to make sure everything was alright. Danielle coordinated with the Phoenix depot while keeping us updated, and got us into another Maverick. Although we had to detour our trip, and lose the better half of a day, Finesse at the Phoenix location was amazing as well. He was extremely apologetic, helpful, and even gave us some great suggestions of things to do in the area because he knew we took a detour to get there. After that, it was smooth sailing. The bed in the van was awesome and spacious, we used the stove many nights, and while at first I was a bit intimidated to drive that big a vehicle by the end of our trip I was taking it up and down some pretty narrow mountain passes with ease. It was also a lot better on gas than either of us had expected. Our trip was from Vegas to Joshua Tree National Park, to Palm Springs, to Phoenix, to Jerome, to Sedona, to Flagstaff and our last stop was the Grand Canyon where my now fiance proposed! Upon getting back to the Vegas Depot we were greeted immediately and asked about our trip. Upon bringing up the issues we had everyone was quick to help us out and we were reimbursed for lost time and miles from having to detour to Phoenix. Based on the experience, and the great customer service, I'd recommend Escape camper vans, and I'd definitely take another trip in one!... Read More

Felicia Rustico

great. perfect for me and my two little ones. We explored SoCal easily with the van. Great price. Only option for the carseats is the seat belt, which is okay. But seat is so smooshy that there is a lot of give and toddler seat kept on falling side to side despite the belt tightened all the way. So had to use a plastic board under the seat to stop this from happening. Otherwise great!... Read More

Lily Peacock

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