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By Carrie Willink

Are you ready for your next adventure but do you want something a bit more epic? A winter road trip in a campervan is where it’s at! We are going to be honest, while our family loves adventures and trying new things, one of the scariest things we’ve tried is getting an Escape Campervan in the winter. 

With lots of snow too in the middle of Colorado, we had no idea how it was going to turn out. However, we ended up having one of the best experiences and memories ever during our chilly trip!   With that being said, we wanted to share with you tips to not only help you out while you plan- but also to get excited about it as well!

Winter road trip in a campervan

You May Wonder Why Even Plan A Campervan Road Trip?


  • Many places you visit will have little to no people.
  • Many vistas and sites you will see have a unique, dramatic look that you can only find during the winter season.
  • Different adventures that you can’t do in other seasons: Such as ice skating, sledding, skiing & more.
  • Some campgrounds may let you camp for free (keep in mind, this does mean some of the facilities may be closed). 
  • So many snowmen and snow fights to be had on the side of mountains, while you wait for your hot cocoa that’s heating on the campervan stove 🙂 Yes, this is just as amazing as it sounds!


  • The weather is very unpredictable and could actually cancel some of your plans (this is the same for any other season).
  • There may be some mountain roads you can’t make it up with the van for safety. 
  • Some campgrounds may be closed so you may need to plan where to stay out a bit more ahead of time. 

Winter road trip

After You’ve Found A Place To Go During Your Winter Road Trip

So, you’ve found your location and time and decided where to go on a winter road trip. Now what? Here are some of our tips to make your time a memorable one.

Look up road closures and cancellations ahead of time, you may not get to the tippy top of every mountain, vista, or trail but there is still so much adventure to be had. Setting these expectations and knowing ahead of time will help your trip go more smoothly.

  • Hook Ups-Look for campsites with hookups so you can use the heater that Escape Camper Vans provide. Also, many campgrounds with hookups mean you may have a washer/dryer.  Having a dryer to throw things in to warm up is very nice to have during winter adventures. And best yet, some campgrounds with hookups means you’ll have hot showers:)
  • BlanketsEscape Camper Vans offer many extras including wonderfully warm blankets for your trip which is great! They may even be able to give you another one if you’d prefer. If you aren’t flying and have the space – be sure and bring along a heated blanket and you can plugin! 
  • Coats, Hats, Gloves & Boots- While this may seem like a given, having the right kind of gear in these areas can be a game-changer in having a good time. Make sure your items are breathable but waterproof. Quick-drying and wool. For babies, to toddlers, we love the one-piece snowsuits for all of the above reasons also because we love getting them off and on quickly.
  • Wear Thermal Layers- Many times you think of the winter basics above but forget under layers. Be sure and think through what gets the coldest for you and plan to get something cozy for sleep and adventures. For adults, we like the under-layer thermal wear you can find on Amazon. For kids, we love all things Reima here, as they are safer for your kids, environment and are extremely comfortable.
  • Carry A Thermos and Hot Drinks- Be sure and bring along your favorite thermos. Having a warm drink on hand at all times will help clearly, warm up your insides and also put a smile on your face:) Here is our favorite thermos.
  • Purchase Food that Easily Warms Up- If you find a warmer time of your trip cook up some foods ahead of time, do! We found that the worst part was when we weren’t prepared and had to cook from raw in below zero temps.
  • Bring A Boot Bag- We suggest this for any season, cuz let’s be honest feet stink! But we think it’s even great for winter camping because it keeps your wet boots separate from your warm clean clothes. 

Woman cooking while on a winter road trip

Things To Do At Night In A Campervan

Once you have reached your desired destination and are settled in, here are a few things you can do at night inside the campervan, especially if you have the kids!

  • Kids Jazz & Activities  
  • Lots of Books (tip: if you are saving weight, bring paperback books.)
  • Road Trip Games (Check out the Escape Blog for great ideas!)
  • Doodle Book Set
  • Stick Figure Fun (find sticks and make stick figures & stories!)
  • Travel Mini Games
  • Puzzles 
  • Sticker/Coloring Learning Pages
  • Learn about National parks books for kids.
  • Free Coloring & Activity printable sheets for your next Escape Campervan adventure!

Plan Your Winter Road Trip and Book Your Campervan

We know this list seems intimidating, especially with kids. But we know first hand that the memories you make are unremarkable and truly once in a lifetime! Book your Escape Campervan and hit the road today!

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