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Unsere Tipps, um bei einer Campervan-Reise Geld zu sparen:

By Care Willink

If you’re anything like our family we love going on adventures, traveling and finding new places to explore! But during these times, the best place for fun adventures is at home. So in between planning your next Escape Campervans trip, here are some ideas to spice up your time at home. 

Two kids watching a POV carosel.

Plan an At Home Amusement Park Day

Pump up the kids before starting your fun adventures at home!  The night before or the morning of hand out tickets, sunglasses, swimsuits & towels & maybe a barf bag. Start with a point of view (POV) roller coaster Go to YouTube and enter „Roller Coaster POV.“ Our favorite one is here. Get a rocking chair or put towels under your chair for a better experience.

Build an In-Home Water Park 

I’m not going to lie, this was difficult… but oh totally worth it! Get your summer pool pumped up and take it to the basement.  We hooked up a funnel to the showerhead and then two pipes to where the pool was located.  After filling it up we put out our favorite beach tent, the slide, and some beach chairs… It was all coming together! Tell the kids to get their suits on and grab some drinks… off to the pool you go! 

Pro tip: the water gets cold fast being in the basement. Be sure and use the hottest water you can while filling up. 

We ended our night riding a carousel on our play horses!  Check out this YouTube POV Carousel

Kids playing in a pool at home.

Try Some Backyard Camping or a Scavenger Hunt 

Another idea for some fun adventures at home– set up a campsite in your own backyard!  We have some great ideas to make it extra special that we found on the Third Coast Tribes websitePlan a fun scavenger hunt, just make sure you screenshot the list before you head outside.

Take a Hike and Paint What You See

If your local hikes and trails are opening up, this is a great idea for you! Pack up some canvases and paints and take them to your favorite local trail. Stop wherever your favorite overlook is and paint what you see! 

Pro tip: be sure it’s towards the end of your hiking because you need to carry wet canvases back. 

Kids camping in a backyard.

Discover Other Fun at Home Activities & Play Ideas

Obstacle Course: Set up stations in your yard or a large area in your home and time yourself! Time each other to see who wins or try to beat your own time.  Some station ideas include:

  • Head on the top of a bat and spin 5 times
  • Frisbee toss  
  • Hula Hoop 
  • Hopscotch area with chalk 
  • Slides/Tunnels/any play items 
  • Hitting golf balls
  • Throwing Baseballs 
  • Bike Ride (even better if you have a tiny bike with bigger kids :))
  • Tunnel- make a tunnel out of pool noodles 
  • Bounce on an exercise ball  
  • Buckets in a line – throw in a ping pong ball to each bucket
  • Laser Beam Strings (see below how it works)

Laser Beams: This is a great activity all on its own! Inspired by @weelittlenomads you can find a room or hallway you can wind yarn around.  Tell the kids (or adults) to try and slide through the yarn without touching the “laser beams!” 

Family Yoga: YouTube your favorite or you can watch our family.

Fort Time: Make a tent using your own furniture, sheets, blankets, and all! Get creative- this will keep the family busy for half a day!   

Dance Party: Open a large area in your room and put-up lights.  If you have some large mirrors that are movable put those out too. Hook up some loudspeakers and get dancing. Your family will be sweating’ and laughing’ & loving’ life before you know it!

Hula Hoop Competitions: Make a tournament paper and see who has the best hula hoop skills in the family!

Eeny-Einy-Over:  This is a must-play at home or during your next trip to your campervan destination! All you need is your house (or a campervan) & a medium-size ball. Split up your fam on each side of the home (or campervan) into teams. One team has the ball and throws it over the house while yelling „eeny-einy-over.“ 

The throwing team then runs around the house (or campervan) and tries to tag players on the receiving team. Tagged people join the other team. The receiving team tries to avoid being tagged, of course and also can throw the ball at players on the throwing team. Players are safe when they reach the other side of the house (or campervan). The game ends when everyone is on the same team. 

Puddle Jumping: My girls wake up hoping for rain every morning because their favorite front yard activity is jumping in in puddles! Sounds so simple- but this fun, time-consuming experience will make for the best memories!

Kids painting outside.

Incorporate Some Learning and Art into Your Fun Adventures at Home

Start with Body Art: On a large cardboard box or posterboards trace your child. Let them color whatever outfit/hair/face etc. in! This took up 3 hours for us and I bet you can do a better job of tracing your child as well!

Build a Ball Pit: Get your summer pool and fill it up with air or if it’s plastic throw it in a big room. Fill it up with some crush-proof plastic balls.

Try Sand Art: It never dries out and kids love the textures.

Play Q-Bitz: This game keeps certain kids busy for hours! It’s such a good game to learn and play at the same time! 

Get Some Magnet Tiles: So entertaining in every sense! It also keeps them thinking and helps their creativity. You will not regret this purchase. My 13-year-old nephew loves them down to my 2-year-old little girl!

Little girl sitting in a campervan.

Here Is a List of Our Favorite Fun Adventures at Home Crafts and Supplies

  • Sand Art  Bottom Match  
  • Science Kit Jewelry Kit
  • I love Unicorns Kit
  • A Superhero Kit
  • Garden Kit
  • Learn about Space Kit
  • ISPY Books

Many of these ideas are also fun to do during your next family Escape Campervans trip! Go ahead, book your campervan because there are fun adventures at home and right outside your doorstep. 

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