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Unsere Tipps, um bei einer Campervan-Reise Geld zu sparen:

By Victor Scarpelli, 

As the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic finally seems to be winding down, many Americans are ready to get out of the house and take a long-awaited road trip. After nearly two full years of isolation and quarantine, it is no wonder that a lot of people are looking forward to something big and life-changing. For many, that means taking a trip abroad. However, I want to present our readers with an additional option. Instead of taking a flight to another country, why not explore the United States, on a campervan road trip!

Escape Delmar Campervan

Why A Campervan Road Trip Makes Sense

Certainly, unique experiences await abroad, however, the advantages of an old-fashioned American road trip should not be underestimated. Europhiles may make much of the unique cultural, natural, and historical schwa de vie in the old country, but it is easy to overlook the fact that America is full of equally unique experiences. 

If you are interested in nature, the Grand Canyon provides views that are every bit as awe-inspiring as the Swiss Alps. If you are interested in getting some cultural exposure, the United States provides literally hundreds of diverse cultural experiences. For example, take a drive from Orlando to Phoenix along the south coast and you will experience a brand of Americana totally unfamiliar to those of us who live on the East Coast. If you are more interested in the historical experiences of a city, why not travel to one of the dozens of towns and cities across the United States that have stood for well over 300 years.

Delmar Campervan Kitchen

The Economics Of A Campervan Road Trip

There are practical advantages of taking a campervan road trip too. The average American trip abroad costs upwards of $4,000. This is a staggering cost to citizens that are dealing with tepid economic growth and spiraling inflation. By comparison, a road trip with a Camper Van provides a great way to enjoy everything that America has to offer without needing to worry about the expense of hotels or the hassle of arranging flights. But perhaps the best thing about an American campervan road trip is the ability to avoid compromising on what a trip has to be. If you want to experience great natural scenery, you can do that. If you want to check out a fancy restaurant in a major city you have never been to on the same trip, you can do that too. 

A road trip offers something for everyone. Take for example the previously mentioned route from Orlando to Phoenix. This trip offers a great chance to explore the seldom traveled southern heartland of the United States and provides a great opportunity to stop in some of the best cities America has to offer. Stop off in rustic American towns with unique cultural and historical landmarks or explore the bustling cities of New Orleans and San Antonio. The best part is that in a Camper Van you have no obligations to anything, but you have the opportunity to do anything. The versatility of driving in your hotel means that you will not be bound by any reservations and will have the freedom to create your own route. 

Delmar Escape Campervan

Book A Campervan And Release Your Inner Wanderlust

I can understand the reluctance of some readers to take the seemingly drastic step of committing to a “vancation.” If you are unfamiliar with van life, the idea of driving hundreds of miles while sleeping in your van might be a bit intimidating. For many, the freedom of driving a Camper Van can feel suffocating as you scramble to plan a route or find appropriate campsites.  

Fortunately, Escape has you covered with a massive database of itineraries and pre-planned trip ideas so that you can travel with confidence. For that reason, I urge both van life veterans and newbies to consider making their big post-COVID vacation a “vancation” and book a campervan! It is easier than you think, and you will see, and experience more than you can imagine.   

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