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Unsere Tipps, um bei einer Campervan-Reise Geld zu sparen:

Looking for gift ideas for your next campervan adventure? It’s that time of the year to start thinking about gifts for your campervan lovers and travel enthusiasts! Here are some great gift ideas to make them a touch happier while on the road.

Campervan Christmas List

Easy Drinkware Gift Ideas While on Campervan Trip


Sometimes you want to sit by the fire but others times you have a long day of travels ahead! Get your traveler something they can take their coffee or ice cold coke on the road! Plus: Tumblers for kids.

Camping Wine Glass

Got yourself a wine lover? This is the perfect way to tell someone to relax! They have lids so you can keep the campervan stain-free, and even optional straws if you want to feel reallllly classy.

Entertainment Camping Gift Options

Bluetooth Speaker

We all need some theme music for ourselves.. especially while on the road & camping! This is the perfect way to get things rockin’!


Instant pictures! What’s better than instant captures for your epic travels?

Bath Must-Haves For Travel

Quick Dry Towels

Best invention for the outdoorsman… ever? If you are still bringing your regular bath towel on the road with you, you need to get with the times! Normal towels take hours to dry, and that is if you are hanging them up somewhere outside. If that is the case, you likely deal with wind potentially blowing it away, and maybe a raccoon or squirrel who see a new cozy blanket in their future and seize the opportunity. The struggle is real. These quick-drying towels dry incredibly fast and take up far less space. Win-win!

Campervan Christmas Card

Shower Squid

This is the most random helpful item you could get. But they can come in handy for those sometimes-not-so-pleasant campground showers. If the thought of being alone in a shower these little buddies with no eyelids creeps you out, maybe move to the next item on the list.

Essentials For Out On The Trail

Hiking Shoes

Do some research, sneak and get their size then get them some shoes that will make their adventure all the better. Happy feet = happy human!

Backpack with Hydration

This is a great gift for anyone, but especially those who love to hike! Pack up and stay hydrated on the trail. 

For Travelers With Babies

Cloth Baby Pack

Easy to pack and easy to throw on for all your traveling needs!


An Escape Campervan trip which includes memories of a lifetime! Book your campervan trip from any of our camper van rental locations and be sure to bring along some of the gift ideas mentioned above. 

Happy shopping and happy camping!

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