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Campervans vs Motorhomes: Which is better to rent?

The question of whether to rent a van or motorhome is different for every person and every trip. When considering renting a conversion van, mini RV, trailer, or full-blown motorhome with all the bells and whistles for your next road trip, there are many advantages to choosing our unique camper rentals vs. motorhomes.

Escape Camper Vans offers the best value alternative to traditional motorhomes without sacrificing comfort. Experience the adventure of the open road with our campervan rentals in the US and Canada.

Save up to $1600 by renting an Escape campervan instead of a motorhome

Includes daily rate, standard extras, miles, insurance, gas mileage, and average campsite costs for a 4-person trip compared to the top motorhome rental company.

  • Do you want to drive through North America’s most iconic cities with no stress?
  • Take off-the-beaten-path detours on a whim?
  • Sleep under the stars with no one else in sight?
  • And save money on campsites and fuel while you’re at it?

A campervan trip may be just the thing for you.

Escape Camper VansTop Motorhome Rental Company
Google Customer Service Ratings4.83/53.43/5
Sleeps2-3 (4-5 with rooftop sleeper)3 (C19 model)
Parking RestrictionsStandard parking spaceRV parking only
Camping Costs$0-$25/night
Tent sites at most state & national parks. FREE dispersed camping.
NOT ALLOWED at any tent sites at any park. RV sites at most state & national parks.
Fuel Costs$13.05/100 miles
19 avg. mpg, 35 gal tank
$24.79/100 miles
10 avg. mpg, 40 gal tank
Miles$19 per day for 100 miles$35 per day for 100 miles
Kitchen & Cookware$40 per trip$110 per trip
Bedding$40 per trip (2-3 people)$120 per trip (2 people)
Interior Height (ft)4.5 (Mavericks model)6.5 (C19 model)
Exterior DesignHand-painted by renowned artists in LACompany logo/branding
Open 7 days/weekYesNo (closed Sundays)
"Highly recommend Escape Camper Vans! I’ve rented vans from both the Seattle and Vancouver locations. The staff is as helpful and friendly as they come, and the vans are clean and fully outfitted for a perfect vacation. I prefer a camper van over a boxy RV as you can fit into almost any campsite, it uses less gas, and you don’t have to plug in or stay at noisy RV camps. This has become my favorite way to vacation. Happy camping!" - Anna Penn

Why Choose Escape

1. Drive anywhere!

People love campervans because of the freedom they offer to get off the beaten path where motorhomes can’t go. Parking is a breeze, city driving isn’t stressful, and winding mountain roads are no problem!

2. Affordable and transparent pricing

Save up to $1600 by choosing to rent an Escape Campervan vs. a motorhome. Our rates are competitive with motorhome companies, campervan companies, and even hostels & hotels. We have flexible add-on options so you can customize your trip to fit your needs, comfort level, and budget.

3. Artwork

Why have your home on wheels be an advertisement when it can be beautiful artwork? 600+ of our vans are unique, colorful, and hand-painted by talented local artists in LA. Our designs are family-friendly and eye-catching (in a good way)–you’re sure to make some friends on the road!

4. Fuel efficiency

Spend half as much on gas in a campervan compared to a motorhome. Our fleet is among the most fuel-efficient in the US. Compared to gas-guzzling motorhomes, this is going to save you the big bucks in the long run.

5. Space-efficient vehicles

Our spacious campervan interior, large bed, and extra storage space make for a more comfortable experience without sacrificing drivability.

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"100% recommend Escape Camper Vans. We were originally planning to rent an RV for the 4 of us but the astronomical prices proved too much and I'm SO glad we found this alternative. Everything was so straightforward, incredible customer service, great price, the van was a dream with everything we needed and so much easier to drive than an RV! We had plenty of space with 4 of us in the Maverick! We were so sad to give it back after 9 nights, I'm already starting to plan another trip and can't wait to use Escape again." - Keira Smalley

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