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Where Can I Park My Camper in Colorado?


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Where Can I Park My Camper in Colorado?

  Class B RV Rental

July 1, 2024 Where Can I Park My Camper in Colorado?

A road trip through Colorado is a terrific choice, from some of the best skiing and hiking to the picturesque rocky mountains. However, if you’re taking a camper van as transportation and sleeping space, you’re probably wondering where to legally park it to sleep overnight. 

We’re here to help you make the best travel decisions when you choose class B RV rental. Let’s explore the laws regarding parking your camper van and the best places in Colorado where you can park yours. 

Can I Park My RV Anywhere in Colorado? 

Colorado RV laws and ordinances limit where you can park your camper van overnight. It’s illegal to park on residential streets, roadways, or parks overnight. Illegally parking your camper van in these areas may result in a ticket and fine. 

One of the best options for overnight parking that aligns with RV parking regulations is to rent a campsite. Many campsites in Colorado are relatively affordable at $20-40 per night on average. 

Some other options include:

  • Public lands that allow free overnight parking for RVs
  • Big box store parking lots like Walmart, Cracker Barrel, and Cabela’s that allow free overnight parking for a single night
  • Designated RV rest stops or truck stops. 

When choosing one of these locations, review their regulations and ask for permission to park when needed to avoid unnecessary troubles. 

Can You Live in a Camper on Your Own Land in Colorado? 

In most areas of Colorado, living in a camper as a permanent resident on your own land isn’t allowed. However, you can live in one on your property for a limited time each year. 

Zoning laws and property regulations state that you can only live in a camper on your land for 15-30 consecutive days before you need to make other arrangements. This is because a camper van is a vehicle, so it can’t be registered as a domicile with a permanent address. Plus, it can violate building codes and community planning efforts in certain locations. 

If you’re seeking longer-term living options in your camper van, try looking for RV parks. That said, even the best RV parks will still have limitations on how long you can stay in most cases. The limit is usually six months, and some will allow you to stay for up to a year. Check out how much is a camper bus in the USA.

Where Is the Best Place to Camp in Colorado for an RV? 

There are several great Colorado camping sites that can accommodate RVs and camper vans. Some of the best RV campgrounds in Colorado are:

  • Glacier Basin Campground: It’s near the Rocky Mountain National Park, costs $30-60 per night, and can accommodate RVs up to 35 feet long. 
  • Chatfield State Park: Located just outside the metropolitan area of Denver, it provides easy access to explore the city while offering a quiet sleeping atmosphere at $36-41 per night and accommodating up to 60-foot RVs. 
  • Monument Lake Resort: An upscale camping experience in quiet southern Colorado that only costs $21-45 per night and accommodates up to 50-foot RVs. 
  • Zapata Falls Campground: Near Great Sand Dunes National Park, this campsite is a perfect fit for those who like a more bare-bones camping experience next to a beautiful waterfall. Sites cost $5-45 per night and can accommodate up to 50-foot RVs. 

Can You Boondock in Colorado?

There are several opportunities for legal boondocking and dispersed camping in Colorado. Some of the best boondocking or free camping spots in Colorado are:

  • Halfmoon Creek Road
  • Hanson’s Mill
  • Trout Creek Recreation Area
  • Sawmill Creek Campground
  • Browns Canyon National Monument
  • Clear Creek Canyo

Regulations can change, so check with each site to ensure it still offers free camping before planning your trip. 

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