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Where Can I Park a Camper Van Near NYC?


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Where Can I Park a Camper Van Near NYC?


July 1, 2024 Where Can I Park a Camper Van Near NYC?

Taking a camper van for a trip to New York City is a great choice to make it more affordable and convenient since you can sleep and fit all your essentials in one space. However, with how busy it is in NYC, you’ll probably wonder where you can park your camper van overnight.

In this article, we’ll outline everything you should consider about camper van parking in New York City to help you get the most out of your trip and class B RV rental

Is it Legal to Park an RV in NYC? 

Before you consider options for van parking in NYC, you’ll first want to understand the legality of it. In New York, class B camper vans are considered commercial vehicles by law since they’re oversized. That means you have to follow the regulations for commercial vehicles while planning where to park. 

The basic law states that all commercial vehicles, including RVs and camper vans, can park in city parking spaces for no more than 24 hours. That law sounds pretty straightforward, and it can make van life in NYC feel more accessible. However, it’s important to consider how busy and compact all parking and driving areas in NYC are. 

It’ll be very hard to park and exit your parking space in the busy New York roadways. So, while it’s possible, it’s not recommended for the average person who isn’t well-versed in driving and parking in busy cities. 

Where to Park a Camper Van in NYC? 

One of the top options for parking a camper van in NYC is Van Alley in Brooklyn. It’s just a 30-minute drive from NYC in a quiet area with a bustling van life community. If you’re looking for free RV parking in NYC, you can’t go wrong with checking here to see if there are any open spots available during your trip. The Van Alley Brooklyn address is at the corner of N 11th St and Kent Ave. 

Some other parking options for RVs near NYC are:

  • Local campsites
  • Public rest stops or truck stops
  • Big box store parking lots, like Walmart that allow overnight parking for a single night
  • Public lands for boondocking

Where to RV in New York City? 

There aren’t a ton of RV sites or rest stops to park right in NYC, but if you go about 30 minutes to an hour outside the city, you’ll find plenty of options, such as: 

  • Skyline RV Camp
  • Battle Row County Campground
  • Croton Point Park
  • Liberty Harbor RV Par

Are There Van Life Communities Near NYC?

There are several van life communities near NYC, which will provide an extra opportunity for socialization with like-minded travelers during your journey. Many of these communities are easily accessible, such as van lifers who live at Van Alley in NYC

Some other places where van lifers commonly park and spend time near NYC are:

  • McCarren Park in Brooklyn
  • Flatbush Avenue at Prospect Park in Brooklyn
  • Red Hook in Brooklyn
  • Rockaway Beach in Queen

Most of these are quieter spaces in the city with large parking spots that can accommodate oversized camper vans and RVs. 

Rent a Camper Van in NYC from Escape Camper Vans

When you’re planning a road trip in NYC, Escape Camper Vans has you covered. We have a pickup and dropoff location just outside of the city for your convenience. Or, if you want to start your trip somewhere else, we have ten other locations across the U.S. 

Our NYC camper vans come with helpful features like:

  • Propane stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink with a water tank
  • Extra storage
  • Queen size beds
  • Foldaway tables and benche

You can reserve yours today or contact us with any other questions. 

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