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What Is the Best Composting Toilet for Campervan?


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What Is the Best Composting Toilet for Campervan?

  Class B RV Rental

May 27, 2024 What Is the Best Composting Toilet for Campervan?

When you’re considering a class B RV rental (also known as a camper van), you may have realized that many options don’t include a toilet. 

That’s probably led you to look for alternative options, such as purchasing a portable composting toilet. Composting toilets are the most environmentally friendly solution since they reduce waste and help prevent ecological damage that comes with dumping waste from RV toilet tanks. 

In this article, we’ll break down whether using a composting toilet in a camper van is a good option and what to look for when choosing the best composting toilet for your needs. 

Can You Put a Composting Toilet in a Camper?

Yes, you can put a composting toilet in a camper van, but you should consider space. Composting toilets are a bit bigger than other options like portable or cassette toilets. You’ll want to have a dedicated space of at least two feet by three feet to use it comfortably and learn how to use bathroom in a campervan.

When you bring a portable composting toilet in a class B RV, there won’t be much setup required. The only thing you may need is a 12-volt power source to plug it into if you want to use the fan that comes on most toilets to eliminate odors. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Composting Toilet in a Campervan?

The main benefits that come with using a composting toilet are:

  • Reducing environmental impact: The primary benefit that draws many van lifers to using a composting toilet is reducing environmental impact. They use a lot less energy and water than with a traditional toilet. Plus, you’ll know you aren’t harming the environment when you dump the waste somewhere. 
  • Low maintenance costs: Once you’ve installed and set up a composting toilet, there are very few maintenance costs involved. You’ll just need some cleaning products and occasionally have to replenish the enzymes and bulking agent to keep the composting process going. Since there are very few moving parts, these toilets rarely break down or have usage issues. 
  • Easy installation: As mentioned, it doesn’t take much to set up a new composting toilet in your van and prepare it for use. All you’ll need is a two-foot by three-foot area to place it in the van.
  • Convenience: When you put a portable composting toilet in your camper van, you will have a convenient bathroom to use wherever you go, so you don’t have to rely on finding public restrooms. 

What Are the Drawbacks of a Composting Toilet? 

The drawbacks of a composting toilet are:

  • Regular cleaning required: To reduce the smell and keep your space sanitary, you’ll need to clean your composting toilet regularly. It’s usually recommended to wipe it down quickly after each use and thoroughly clean it once per week. Those just trying to relax during vacation may find that having to clean their toilet is a nuisance. 
  • High upfront purchase cost: The initial purchase price of composting toilets is higher than that of other portable or cassette toilets you might put in your camper van. Before buying, you’ll want to make sure you’ll use it enough and that it’s the right fit for your needs. 
  • You have to empty the holding containers: About once per week, you’ll need to stop at a chemical disposal point or RV dump station to get rid of the waste in the toilet’s holding containers. Dumping out a composting toilet isn’t as gross as other portable toilets, but it can still be a hassle to stop and take care of it. 

What Is the Best Composting Toilet for Campervans?

When you’re researching portable composting toilets for camper vans, the Compo Closet Cuddy or the Trelino are two great options. 

Trelino offers more affordable and smaller options, but they don’t have as many features. On the other hand, the Compo Closet Cuddy is larger and has more features, but costs a bit more. 

Both are portable options that you don’t have to mount in the van, which is great if you plan to rent a camper van. They also both get great reviews from users. 

How Do You Empty an RV Composting Toilet?

As mentioned earlier, you will have to empty a composting toilet about once per week. 

Emptying composting toilets is pretty easy. Most models have two holding containers. One container holds urine, and the other holds solid waste. 

To empty it, you’d remove the holding containers, or some models have a cap you’d open to dump the contents. Then, dump the contents at a chemical disposal point or an RV dump station, thoroughly clean the containers, and reattach them to your toilet. 

Where Do You Put Toilet Paper When Using a Composting Toilet?

When using a composting toilet, it’s ok to put the toilet paper right in the solid waste compost. It’ll break down with the rest of the pile, and you can dump it out safely at a disposal point with the rest of the contents. 

However, do note that you shouldn’t put wet wipes into your compost pile, as they will remove good bacteria from the mix and disrupt the decomposition process. They will need to be disposed of in a separate trash bag.

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