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What Are the Disadvantages of Campervans?

  Class B RV Rental

May 13, 2024 What Are the Disadvantages of Campervans?

Camper vans, also known as class B RVs, have many advantages, making them a great vacation rental choice. However, like every vehicle, they have disadvantages and won’t be right for everyone. 

Before you choose class B RV rental at Escape Camper Vans, we want to help you make an educated decision. Here’s an overview of the disadvantages of campervans and other essential details you should know before renting or buying one. 

What Are the Downsides of Campervans?

When you compare the pros and cons of camper vans, one of the most significant downsides is the size. Class B camper vans are smaller than other types of RVs. Namely, Class C RVs are slightly bigger than camper vans, and Class A RVs are the largest option. 

Larger options will have more storage space, more room to relax, and features like a fully equipped bathroom. They will also be much more expensive than a compact camper van. 

Some other downsides to camper vans are:

  • The high initial cost of purchase: When you see a camper van for sale, you’ll notice it’s a pretty significant investment. New camper vans cost about $100,000 or more, especially for models with many amenities. However, even a nice camper van is cheaper than buying class C RVs for $200,000-300,000 or class A RVs for $500,000+.  
  • Finding parking spaces for overnight stays: While camper vans provide sleeping space, you can’t just park and sleep in them wherever. You must always follow local laws, regulations, and signage. You’ll have to rent a campsite, find a rest stop, or camp in store parking lots where overnight parking is allowed. 
  • Maintenance and repair costs: Like every vehicle, camper vans require routine maintenance and will inevitably need repairs. Since these are large vehicles with complex parts, repair costs can be more expensive than those of a regular car. 
  • Seasonal and geographic usage limitations: Camper vans aren’t the best fit for every location or use case. Those who live in northern regions of the U.S. with colder winters probably won’t want to take a camping trip when it’s below zero. Camper vans aren’t the best for off-roading or driving over rough terrain. 

Renting Camper Vans Reduces Many of the Downsides

The good news is that renting a camper van instead of buying one can minimize many of these disadvantages. 

At Escape Camper Vans, we aim to offer affordable rentals. That way, you don’t have to pay a high up-front purchase cost. We also take care of storing and maintaining the vehicles, and you can rent one whenever you want to take a trip.

What Is the Lifespan of a Campervan?

When you’re wondering, “Are campervans worth it?” you also want to consider the lifespan. Depending on how you plan to use your camper, this can vary quite a bit. Usually, the lifespan will range from about 10 to 30 years. 

Those who use their camper van as a main living space or travel frequently will see a reduced lifespan of closer to 10 years. However, if you use it a handful of times yearly for camping trips, expect it to last closer to 30 years. 

Maintenance is also a factor. You must maintain the mechanical components and interior fittings on campers to ensure they’re in top condition. Bringing them in for routine maintenance at least once yearly will help extend their lifespan.

What About Depreciation Over the Camper Van’s Life?

Additionally, like every vehicle, camper vans will depreciate over time as they gain wear and tear from normal use. Plus, new technology is always coming out, such as better water tanks, more fuel-efficient options, and integrated smart home systems that decrease the value of older models.  

Is It Worth Having a Campervan?

It is worth having a camper van in many ways, especially when renting one rather than buying one. Some of the main reasons why it’s worthwhile to have one for your trips are:

  • Affordable daily rental prices for a vehicle and sleeping space all in one. 
  • Many camper vans come equipped with kitchen equipment. Cooking your meals rather than eating at restaurants all the time on vacation can save money. 
  • You get a convenient space to store all your essentials. 
  • Whether you buy one or lease one for a longer term, the campervan lifestyle can help support a more affordable and convenient life of ongoing travel. 

Do You Really Need a Toilet in a Campervan?

When weighing the pros and cons of camper vans with different features, a common consideration is whether to get one with just a toilet or a full bathroom. While it’s nice not to have to stop or find bathroom facilities, many people will find that having one in their camper van is more of an annoyance. 

Due to the compact space, using a bathroom in a camper van won’t be the most convenient. You also have to deal with maintenance if you plan to buy one or rent one long-term, such as emptying the toilet tank (which will be gross), and it’s more common to have plumbing issues with compact toilets. 

Our camper vans at Escape don’t come with toilets, and most people prefer that since many campsites have public facilities. You can also get away just fine using leave-no-trace principles while camping. 

Why Renting From Escape Camper Vans Is the Right Choice

At Escape Camper Vans, we aim to offer a service that minimizes the downfalls and increases the advantages of camper van travel. Our uniquely painted vehicles have many great features, including kitchen equipment, queen-sized beds, a solar-powered refrigerator, a water tank with a sink, and extra storage space. 

When you rent one of our 600 camper vans from our 11 locations across the U.S., you can rest assured that you’ll get a well-maintained vehicle from a friendly staff who’ll be here to help if you need anything. 

You can reserve yours today or contact us with any other questions. 

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