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How Much Is a Camper Bus in the USA?


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How Much Is a Camper Bus in the USA?

  Class B RV Rental

July 11, 2024 How Much Is a Camper Bus in the USA?

When you’re considering buying or renting a camper van or bus, one of the biggest factors in the decision is price. After all, getting affordable transportation and sleeping space can help you get the most out of your vacations.

Camper prices can vary significantly based on location, such as higher shipping costs for campers located in California.

How much is a camper bus in the USA? We’ll break it all down in this article, from the prices of class B RV rentals to how much it costs to buy new and used campers. Stick around to learn how to choose the best option for your needs.

What is the Cost to Buy A Camper Van in the US?

On average, used camper vans in the U.S. cost $60,000+. However, USA camper prices, or RV costs, can vary depending on the state you’re in, the number of miles the vehicle has, and the features it comes with. The overall cost of an RV is influenced by factors such as built-in transmission, suspension systems, and on-board generator. You’ll need to look at vehicle dealers in your area to learn what options you have available.

text image with question how much does a camper van cost in the us, and the cost of $60,000+

The Average Prices for Different Camper Van Models

Camper van costs can vary depending on the model you choose. Three common models are the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Dodge Ram Promaster.

Used Mercedes Sprinter camper vans often come at a higher price due to the brand name and features. You’ll see a lot of them go for $80,000+ when they’re in good condition. A big part of that is the Mercedes brand name attached to them. You’ll also see Mercedes Sprinter options typically cost more when you’re looking at rental options.

When used and in good condition, Ford Transit and Dodge Ram Promaster camper vans will be closer to that $60,000 price range. Many people will find they prefer Ford Transits since they get better gas mileage, which will make them more affordable in the long run.

Several of the camper vans we have available for rent at Escape Camper Vans are Ford Transit models. They provide an affordable rental option with good gas mileage, and our customers generally say they’re easy to operate and drive.

Other Factors That Influence Camper Van Purchase Costs

As mentioned, several factors go into the costs of buying a used RV, such as amenities and how many miles have been put on it. Let’s review those details to give you an idea of why some used vehicles may be more expensive than others. All these factors contribute to the final price of the camper van.

How Many Miles Are on the Vehicle? 

One of the biggest factors influencing costs is the number of miles already put on the vehicle. As RVs get more used, they’ll need to undergo more maintenance, which impacts used vehicle prices accordingly. 

You might see newer class B RVs with 10,000 miles or less going for up to $200,000 since they haven’t gotten much use yet. However, options with 150,000 miles or more on them might go for closer to $20,000 since these vehicles are nearing the end of their lifespan. 

Class B camper vans can last for more miles than a standard car since they’re built for travel. Usually, you’ll need to replace them after about 200,000 miles compared to a car where you might be thinking about getting a new one after about 100,000 miles. So, when you see used campers for sale with 75,000-100,000 miles on them, it doesn’t mean you need to avoid those options. 

What Features Does it Come With? 

The features and amenities that campers come with can also impact purchasing costs. 

On the high end, you’ll see premium campers come with full bathrooms and high-end kitchen equipment. These vehicles will typically cost much more, in that $200,000+ price range. 

On the lower end, you might see vehicles with just some dedicated sleeping space, storage, and basic kitchen equipment. 

When choosing a camper van, you’ll need to decide what’s essential for your vacations. It’s worth noting that many people will find that they can get away with less. For instance, while a flush toilet can seem like a nice feature, it also needs a lot of maintenance, and compact plumbing systems can break down easily. So, some will feel like it’s more of a hassle than a benefit in the end. 

How Fuel Efficient is the Vehicle? 

Fuel efficiency also plays a role in camper van costs. RVs that are more fuel efficient will typically cost a bit more to buy but will save you money on gas expenses in the long run, so there’s a balance there to choose the ideal option for your needs. 

The Ford Transit, T-350, E-150, and Jeep Sahara models we have available for rent at Escape are all some of the most fuel-efficient camper vans on the market, giving you affordable options that you don’t have to fill up all the time. 

What Does the Vehicle’s History Look Like? 

When buying used vehicles, you should review their ownership, maintenance, and accident history. Well-maintained RVs typically command higher prices, but it’s usually worth paying more for a reliable travel vehicle that won’t leave you stranded at the side of the road. Also, review whether it’s been in any major accidents, as those can significantly shorten an RV’s potential lifespan. 

If you’re looking for a reliable choice, choosing a good rental company might be better than purchasing a used vehicle. At Escape, we ensure all our vehicles undergo a detailed maintenance process every 5,000 miles, so they’re good to go when you pick one up for your next vacation. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Camper in the US? 

The industry average price to rent a camper in the US is between $75 and $150 per day. However, these prices can vary depending on location and the time of year. During busy seasons, you might see camper prices much higher since there’s a lot more demand.

Most camper van rentals will also have mileage fees per mile you drive that generally range between $0.30-0.40 cents per mile. This is an industry standard that pretty much any rental company you come across will have as part of its pricing structure. It’s meant to account for maintenance needs as miles rack up on vehicles and bases rental prices more on how much you actually use the vehicle.

Many people will find that renting camper vans for a week or leasing a campervan for a month is a better choice than buying them due to their high purchase costs. Renting can be a more affordable option compared to the high costs associated with an RV purchase, including additional costs such as taxes and maintenance. Rather than putting all the money down upfront and having to store and maintain the vehicle, it’s usually better for most people to pay affordable camper van rental prices and allow companies to take care of all the annoying maintenance aspects.

Plus, most people only use their camper three or four times per year, so it can feel like a waste to store it and have it going unused the rest of the time.

How Much Is a New Camper Van? 

On average, new campervan prices are around $100,000+. High-end options with premium features can sell for up to $200,000+. A brand-new campervan costs more, but you will have fewer maintenance expenses early on, other than annual check-ups.

That said, this is still a steep price range for the average person who takes a few vacations per year. In most cases, you’ll find that paying for a camper van rental when you need one is a better choice.

What Is the Price of a Luxury Motorhome Bus? 

Luxury motorhome bus prices can be pretty expensive, averaging about $300,000. You’ll even see high-end camper bus costs that are $500,000+. 

These vehicles are usually best for those who want a high-end travel experience where their vehicle feels like a decked-out home. They’ll typically come with things like a full kitchen with premium appliances, a full bathroom with a shower, and washing machines and dryers. 

Most people can get away with more minimal vehicles, especially when you’re going on a camping trip where the goal is to get away and take in nature. You probably won’t spend all that much time in your camper anyway. Plus, luxury camper buses are very big and bulky, so they’re a lot harder to drive than more compact camper vans. 

To read more about campervans vs RVs check out our blog!

Overall, camper van pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the type of vehicle you choose and its condition when you buy or rent it. Different RV types, such as Class A, B, and C, impact the cost based on size, features, and construction materials. Additionally, sales tax should be considered when budgeting for an RV purchase.

Here’s a quick camper bus cost summary of what goes into pricing:

  • Vehicle mileage
  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Features/amenities
  • The size of the RV
  • Maintenance
  • Mileage fees (during rentals)

In most cases, renting a camper van will be the best choice since you can pick one up when you’re planning a vacation and don’t have to worry about annoying maintenance or storing an oversized vehicle all the time.

Rent from Escape Camper Vans

At Escape, we aim to offer an affordable choice when you need a reliable camper van for a vacation. Renting from Escape Camper Vans can help you save money compared to buying a camper van. We have 11 locations across the U.S. in popular destinations, and we have over 600 unique hand-painted vans to choose from.

Our vans come with several helpful features that will make your vacations easier, including:

  • Queen size beds
  • Bucket seats that you don’t need to collapse to make your bed
  • Propane stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink with a water tank
  • Extra storage
  • Foldaway benches and tables

Ready to plan your trip? Reserve yours today, or contact us with any other questions.

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