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How Much Does an RV/Camper Van Park Cost in Las Vegas?


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How Much Does an RV/Camper Van Park Cost in Las Vegas?

  Class B RV Rental

July 1, 2024 How Much Does an RV/Camper Van Park Cost in Las Vegas?

When planning a road trip to Las Vegas or considering living in a camper van for an extended time, it’s common to wonder about costs. In this article, we’ll review everything you should know about RV park costs to help you make informed decisions about class B RV rental

How Much Do RV Parks Cost in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas RV park monthly rates range from $750 to $1,400. However, it’s important to note that Las Vegas RV park prices can vary depending on the time of year. Prices are often higher in the spring and fall when the most tourist traffic comes through the city. 

Plus, some parks have extra fees, such as electricity expenses, which will add to monthly costs. You might also see some parks with premium amenities like pools, fitness centers, and high-speed WiFi that charge higher monthly prices to live there. 

Some of the best RV parks in Las Vegas are:

  • Las Vegas RV Resort – $32 per night or $960 per month
  • Duck Creek RV Park – $38 per night or $1,140 per month
  • Thousand Trails Las Vegas – $45 per night or $1,350 per mont

Where Can I Park My RV Overnight in Las Vegas? 

When you’re just stopping by in Las Vegas for a few nights, renting a spot at an RV park isn’t your only option. 

Some places where you can find free RV parking in Las Vegas are:

  • Public rest stops and truck stops
  • Public lands that allow boondocking
  • Big box store parking lots like Walmart, Target, and Costc

Be sure to check the rules and regulations for any of these spots before parking overnight. For instance, most big box stores only allow overnight parking for a single night. 

Another option, if you’re willing to pay for parking, is to look for campsites. Many Las Vegas campsites offer affordable nightly prices between $20 and $40. 

Can You Find RV Parking on the Las Vegas Strip

It’s common to look for RV parking right on the Las Vegas Strip to easily access casinos and popular attractions. However, since RVs are larger vehicles, you won’t have many options in this compact and busy area of the city. 

One of the top options for parking on the strip is the Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel. They’ll rent you an overnight RV parking space for around $90 per night, subject to change during busier times of the year. 

Can You Live in an RV in Las Vegas?

Living in an RV in Las Vegas is possible as long as you consider the city’s laws and regulations. Due to zoning laws, you can’t just park your camper van or RV anywhere in the city. It has to be in a designated parking zone. 

One of the best choices is to look for long-term RV parks in Las Vegas. However, most parks usually limit how long you can stay, between six months to one year. So, you’ll still have to move around to different parks a couple of times each year to continue living in the city. 


As long as you plan for expenses and look for cheap RV parks in Las Vegas, you can plan an affordable RV trip or lifestyle here. Remember to follow all laws and regulations to ensure safety and avoid complications during your journey.  Learn more about what is the least expensive way in a RV.

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